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Hey Skin Care Lovers!!!
Winters here and skin needs allot of care, moisture and above all it needs "Love". Here I am sharing my skin care routine this Winters with you all right from Head to Toe. Hope you will find this post interesting. To know more Read more!!!

I always loved caring for my skin since the time I could afford my own body care products. But now being a mother, housewife and a beauty blogger I get very less time to care for my self. For me caring for my self and skin is like LOVING my self I love to do it as a ritual. I love adding products full of moisturizing and fragrances, which ends up making me feel soft and smell good rather best. As with baby I have less time to enjoy this ritual, but now I have made a routine that every weekend I manage to take out time, by handling over the baby to her Baba or by making her sleep. Take all my beauty body care products and lock my self in my washroom and then starts my most beautiful time in which its me and my self alone loving and caring my skin. This ritual becomes more important in Winters when the skin and hair are more sensitive and prone to the dry and harsh weather.
It is not that I come out of my bath glowing rejuvenated but HAPPY :)
One thing I want to add that only adding best and beautiful products in your skin regimen is not enough. The most important thing is your DIET so also take care of your diet. I have never been a foody person at-all all my life, but now my falling hair and shattering skin made me worried as it is too early to get old so I am focusing on my diet trying to eat healthy food as Winters is also a good time to eat and increase your protein intake, as in Summers eating much is impossible for me esp. So enjoy dry-nuts and Fish and all you can take like fresh juices. I am not saying I am getting it all but trying to...lolz as actual beautiful skin is "SKIN DEEP".
Most of the products mentioned in this post have been purchased in my recent skin care HAULS so for prices details click here and here too.


Herbal Essence Body Envy Shampoo
Starting right from my head. Sunsilk Hair fall shampoo was the last I was using as I am having immense hair fall since a long time, you may call it baby blues or my own bad eating habits. Well, I was looking for a new shampoo as they say keep on changing shampoos so Hair can't be only damaged by one shampoo but have many to get them dead...lolz just kidding! I was looking for H.E Twist shampoo for curly hair, that suited me well when I used it but couldn't find it so got this one " Body Envy Volumizing Shampoo". I never used this before and never ever used any volumizing shampoos earlier. I believe that the shampoos with transparent consistency, tinted one too, suites me way better than any milky pearly formula and the ones which claims to have conditioner added are a disaster for my hair like Dove.
This one is going fine, after the first wash it gave me such a volume that my hair seemed blasted but after second wash onward it is behaving FINE. My scalp is having lesser scaling i.e dandruff. It is not coping with my oily scalp as my hair looks oily if I do not wash for two consecutive days. I am satisfied with this shampoo and soon will finish the 355 ml I started using last month.


Hair-Vit Capsules 
 I started taking this on my dermatologist recommendations. Did not notice any vital changes as in like magical changes but yes my hair-fall is under control and new hair are popping out. But as earlier I said it is not all about medication it is about healthy diet so I am also taking care of that. Doctor advised me the medicine for two months but the Lazy bug like me, I haven't even finished these 30 capsules and it is more than two month snow...lolz


Freeman Moisturizing Cleanser
Now comes turn of my face and facial skin. I saw this FM cleanser with KIWI and YOGURT. I am not sure about Kiwi but Yogurt is a good cleanser I know. FM products smells so good and give a very  soft feeling so added it in to my cart and now to my skin care regime. It is going fine, not good to remove makeup esp the waterproof mascaras. But cleanse skin thoroughly and skin feels soft. Do not gives much hydration as I feel like having my cold cream instantly as my skin dries. But for the price and the joy of having clean skin and that too at home it is worth it.
D.I.Y: Add 2 tbsp of Yogurt into 1 tbsp Gram flour (basin) mix it well, if you have acne prone skin add a pinch of turmeric too. Spread over your face leave until dry wash with luke-warm water and her you get a cleansed skin, so smile:)


Freeman Detoxifying Mask
 I always wanted to have this mask since the day I spotted it in a fellows blog, but as it is for dry skin I got it for this Winters. Can't explain how yummy is this one really wanna eat it, really had to stop myself, being a chocolate maniac. Although strawberry is also one of the components but its presence is hardly noticed under the over-powering chocolate smell. This one is also good at its work. soothes the skin and provides a cooling effect, may be that is where all the strawberries are busy:) I am not saying these products will do any magic but I am loving how lovely they makes me feel. At least I feel taken care of:)
Not to forget here below is my new sponge loofah for face to assist me in facial ritual.
Facial Sponge loofah

I am using L'Oreal White perfect milky foam these days to read the review click HERE!!!


Physiogel Cream
 This was also advised my my doctor for my flaky skin. It was good until the harsh Winters finally approached so now I am using my Pond's Cold cream to cope with the extra dryness of this chilly cold weather of Islamabad. It smelled like a homeopathy medicine as it is a medicated cream. Nothing to say much about it it was good but my skin need extra protection.


Body Luxuries Dancing Waters Hand wash
I love using hand washes, I liked it blue colour and got it. It claims to be anti-bacterial. But I am feeling it is drying my hands may be, as it is deep cleansing but no hydration promised so have to dab my hands in layers of cream. The fragrance is so good that I can't leave using it:p

NATURALS Hand & body Cream:

Naturals Hand & Body Cream
 I won this in a giveaway from Rabi Makeup glitz. Last year in Winters I used Oriflame Hand cream for dry hands which was very well. I just ended using Oriflame Milk & Honey cream it was fine for my hands. But as it ended so I started using this one. It is an average product doesn't easily sink in the skin, makes my hand shiny and is not coping the extra dryness. As you all know hands are the most washed part of the body you wash dishes or clothes or do other home chores I bet your hand being washed once in every hour and if in between you have to change baby diaper, so it is you have to wash the hands thus after all this washing craziness hands loose moisture the most and you need something to balance it out. Do not forget your hands are the first thing any one notices, as ladies have habit of talking with hands, so to give a neat and tidy impression hands must be well moisturized and taken care of.

ST.Ives Mineral Therapy body wash:

St.Ives Mineral Therapy Body wash
Skin nourishment and hydration is much important in Winters as if the skin is getting drier it will make it crack. I prefer a good moisturizing body wash over a regular soap in Winters. This time I chose this one and do not regret. It is a pearly off-white fluid, smells good and provides hydration to the skin very well. I am loving it as it is really giving me MAXIMUM Moisture it claims. 523 ml is more than enough for me and that too in reasonable price of Pkr 400.


FM Replenishing Body Lotion
With the combination of Shea butter and Lemon grass this body lotion smells really good. Sinks into the skin very easily. Gives a good smell and soft feel to the body and I feel well taken care of. Stearic acid in the ingredients worried me but after Google search I got satisfied that it is also derived from vegetable sources like shea etc., so it is HALAL. 400 ml is more than enough using it since October.

FREEMAN BARE FOOT Heel & Callus Balm:

Freeman Bare foot
 This has always been my love. As genetically I belong to a family of hard, dried heels people:( I can't help it even in Summers I have cracked heels, IF I do not care. You can imagine now how hard the Winters can be on my heels. I trust it although I also use Vaseline but at night before I sleep I massage my feet with this one, the soothing fragrance, tea-tree oil, peppermint and plum, help my tired feet feel relaxed and the proper hydration goes into my heels too. I love this one allot.


Fragrance duo
 Like Summers I believe it is equally important to smell good and fresh in Winters. Under all that load of sweaters one must smell good and tolerable. I prefer Body mist as it really sticks and sinks in the arm pits and around I got Body Luxuries Body splash in "INTO THE WILD" I am loving it. It makes me smell fresh all day long. Over my clothing and esp around my neck I spray this Pink COLOR ME Deo-spray.
So MY SKIN CARE RITUAL gets complete. The whole regimen doesn't have any high-end brand or expensive things but I am loving it as it makes me feel loving my self and that is important:) I do not come out of my bath rejuvenated but HAPPY!!!

Hope you all like my Winters skin care regimen for year 2012. Do comment, share, like, tweet, G+ and Pin IT.

Do suggest a good hand cream/lotion please.

Remember me in your prayers.

Have a happy fresh and soft Winters!!!

Take good care of your skin all over as its YOU!

Note: All products are my own purchase.

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  1. Great selection of products, I love herbal essences!
    I would recommend Neutrogena had cream, it's great :) Xx

    1. Thanks dear will check ur recommendation:) Keep following:)

  2. I have heard that hair vit tends to gain weight few of my friends used them just wana know your opinion on that??

    1. Dear Samara I didnt notice any wieght gain, may be I did not take it regularly and most imporatntly every medecine and product has different effect on an individual, u know its all about hormones etc...

  3. loved your today's winter regime do agree with the fragrance thingee... should smell always good. Should be hygenine concious as well

    Andrea Sachs

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed this post! You could check out Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream -- it sinks into the skin and also moisturizes quite well. :) x

    1. You "enjoyed this post" means alot to me, thanks for making my day and inspiring me. I will check the store for this hand cream:)

  5. all are amazing picks.. yes you almost done everything for you.... look the things you will use you will use with hands so i think you hands will already be mosturized... what do u say?

    1. Thanks honey.
      Dear as you know hands need moisture the most as they are the most washed part of the body, doing home chores, washing dishes and clothes, and changing nappies etc, one has to wash the hands every hour, so need a separate moisturizer for them, I hope you understand now? <3

  6. too bad... dancing water kitna refreshing am hai.if it had been a lil moisturizing.i would haev bought the heel sis gifted it n i still thank her for that.great post.i will look out for st ives therapy :)

    1. Do get the St.Ives therapy I am loving it the most, this hand wash is amazing with its fragrance but over drying for me, do get it in Summers:) I will have it again then:)

  7. Great picks! :)
    i have used herbal essence body envy shampoo and conditioner..but unfortunately it caused alot of hairfall :(

    1. Thanks! You know dear every product has different turn out on individuals...:) I didnt try there Conditioners as any conditioner make my HAIR FALL...:)

  8. awesome review..i m following ur blog...follow my blog also

  9. wowww you gt some great picks .... thanks for sharing :)

  10. love your picks! im very intrigued by the vitaminsfor hair growth. if possible could you tell more about them, or email me? my email is im having a giveaway on my blog featuring goodies from victorias secret, elf, wet n wild, revlon incase youre interested :)

  11. Lovely picks but im very lazy to pampare my skin :(


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