Taming MUA JUICY(15)~ Tutorial

Friday, December 21, 2012 Sparkling Palette Blog 16 Comments

Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
Recently I reviewed MUA Lipstick in Juicy shade number 15 and after reading the review you must have known that it is not-ma-kinda shade, but there I told you all that I take this shade as a challenge and will tame it. So here is the promised TUTORIAL ~ a first tutorial from my side. Hope it will be liked and appreciated. To Know More Read More!!!


  1. MUA Lipstick in "JUICY", you can have any lipstick of your choice which doesn't suites you or with which you wanna experiment "MIXING" Shades.
  2. Lip pencil in "MOCCA" reviewed here, here you can also have a shade of your choice.
  3. Lip Brush from my unbranded brush set, reviewed here.
NOTE: Excuse me for my poor skill in "paint" I have to do for diminishing my upper lips hair, I guess removing them with a thread will be much easier as my favourite editing site has started subscription meaning "NO MORE FREE SERVICES" suggest any other site if you can please!


Here a look of my bare lips, now lets start TAMING THE SHREW oops I mean "JUICY" :p


Line the lips in bold line with the brown lip liner/pencil mine is MOCCA.


Fill in the brown shade all over the lips.


Apply JUICY shade 15 of MUA.


Blend the lipstick and the lip pencil shades together with the help of a lip brush, here a round tip one will help better. Blend thoroughly and evenly.


TADA! Here I have achieved my desired result of neutralizing the really Popping shade of peachy pink "Juicy". Now it is not that uneven also as provided with a matte base it is not settling into my Lips crease and looks more creamy and settled ALL WHAT I WANTED!!! You know what it is resembling my favourite lip color #103 of Golden Rose, reviewed here.
To make it look glossy you can also add up a transparent gloss..totally your choice.

You can also play with mixing two or more lipstick shades or mixing a lipstick with a lip liner of another shade to test your creativity.

I hope you will like this FIRST TUTORIAL on my blog. Your appreciation will make me bring more tutorials for you in future.
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Remember me in your prayers.


Note: These products and Lips are all my own...lolz..:p just kidding to keep you smiling :D

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  1. now that looks a very nice neutral shade :)

  2. Haha, nice post! I like it. I think you should do it more often! :)

    Sana xx

  3. Good job...u have created a very beautiful neutral shade n i can feel the texture smooth as well...

  4. I would totally do the same for this shade. Very nice and helpful tutorial :)

  5. Really like the tip of blending the color with lipbrush , very few of us follow it .. and i must say it is a very helpful tip ..

  6. very nice girl... thanks God now i can use nectar 16 too

  7. wow....i am definitely going to do this with my MUA shade 15 ....thanks alot girl!!

  8. this seriously looks good. a job well done

  9. Thanx all for ur immense love and appreciation and I am glad that you all are finding this tutorial as a great help to cope up with the problem of wrong shades in your stash... I am highly obliged and promise to do more tut... in the Future IA. Just stay intuned <3

  10. Wow you did perfect on applying it. The lip liner is blended so well. The shade is pretty too. :) xx

  11. Great post ... I've peachy nude shade by Liole Cosmetics now I can pair it up with my chocolate brown lip pencil :) Thanks for sharing doll <3 <3 xxx

  12. Loved your taming! I do thins all time, its very rare that I find a lipstick shade that I actually can wear without mixing it with another. Good job:)

  13. great tutroial.keep em coming :) i do this with my rimmel airy fairy

  14. This was a idfferent post. really liked the idea :)


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