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Hey Skincare Lovers!!!
All one want is healthy, soft and NEAT skin. Ladies around the world have there own personalized or customized ways of getting there skin neat by removing un-wanted hair all over there skin. I am trying to give some handy tips on Waxing here.
P.S: Please if you have serious issue against such post so do not read further and go and get a petition passed against the "sanitary pads" advertisement on TV as for me they are more offensive to a lady's personal sanctity and dignity than such post whose majority audience are ladies and is meant for them only.
The rest of you can


To my knowledge this way of removing hair semi-permanently is ages old. This is called Strp Waxing in which pre-heated warm WAX (a Caramel like thing made from heating together sugar, lemon juice; adding honey or water sometimes) is spread over the area desired to be waxed, then covered with a cotton cloth, some use LATHA or Jeans cloth too. Now comes the difficult part and that is to take off the cotton strip  hugging the wax laid on hairy area with a SNAP! Do not shout the skin is neat and tidy TADA!
The rest of these info kind'a details can be read here. Or you can Google more for getting into more details.

There are many prevailing hair removing procedures working around i.e, using hair removing cream, Shaving (which is not recommended by me as it makes your hair grow back like that of men thick and tough), Epilation machines that tweezes the hair off the skin, with help of a waxy product (ganda baroza) plucking single hair out, tweezing hair out, using thread and waxing, which is under discussion here, etc.

I personally have used most of the procedures. Let me share what is my experience.

Hair removing cream:
Well it is the quick and pain less procedure these days with the creams available in market that can KILL hair of desired area in just 3 minutes. But as these are chemicals it can cause burns, allergies and senstivity, esp to the senstive parts of body. I got my arms skin burned/bruised once when I applied the famous VEET cream, I  wonder how stron chemical they have added in it.
One major drawback of this procedure is that as the hair are not removed along with there roots they grow back quickly, and thick too. It can be used for quick clean-ups or if you can't take any pain at all:)

Machenical tweezers i.e Braun Silk e'pil:
This is time taking and breath taking procedure. But for quick clean ups and that too from the root of every hair this is effective and most commonly used. Equally done from smaller areas to larger ones but it takes more time and electricity, which is an issue in Pakistan as if there is no electricity the machine is a DEAD BODY. I usually clean up my hands and feet with it, and also few new growing hair on my arms and legs or few hair which were left from waxing time. In summers it helps me get rid off my hair in under-arm/ arm pits area so I can feel fresh every time even if I do not get time for waxing ritual.

Threading and Tweezing:
This is effective along the pain but it is best for smaller areas like face, eyebrows etc. for larger areas it will be more painful and time taking. I get to this only for my eyebrows and upper-lips.

It is time taking, with all that heating wax layering it on skin and taking it off Ouch!!!, painful as a larger area is stripped off from hair and that too along the roots...lolz. But I find it more effective for longer period of time and thorough neatness. Hair growth doesn't seize to be but the hair grow back slowly and thin also, as they are growing again from the root. I tried many brands easily available in market for ready made wax, as making it at home is a mess and no guarantee to get it right every time. Golden Girl's green wax never stick to my skin I don't know why so I found this Brown wax, honey caramel like, Lubna's wax, it comes in a plastic jar which can be heated in Micro-wave for 20 seconds only, DO NOT HEAT MORE THAN THAT, and the wax is ready to use. The packaging varies in sizes and prices from Rs. 45 to 95(the BIG pack), few packaging comes along with an after-wax lotion mini bottle, well that's useless for me. The quantity depends on how much you require. I have my own personal schedule for waxing set for my lifestyle, I won't share as that,s personal :p You can make your own routine and have neat skin that you can love yourself too.            

Lubna's wax
 Earlier I used to take the wax off with Jeans cloth, cut from my brothers old jeans, but I found it sticking sometimes and sometimes too hard to take off small hair. I found these cotton strips for waxing, They are re-usable, after wash with surf and Dettol. I found them more effective than the Jean cloth for smaller and softer hair. Equally good for face and the rest of the body. I found them more workable so loving these, Rs 110 for a pack of many cotton strips, great deal I think. Every strip is cut with zig-zag pattern so the thread doesn't start getting off. I think ill dispose them off soon to get new pack as for hygienic reasons.
Cotton strips for waxing
 Well, I try not using any offensive word in this post and just to provide you guys with the required info or something which can be added in to your personal net-up routine.

Hope you will like the post and for appreciation or any info you want to share do comment,like, tweet, share, G+ and Pin IT.

Remember me in your prayers.


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  1. hey i just loved your post regarding wax..i find warm wax better like they do in arabic counteries as with hot wax during periods the hair growth is slow.it wont pain you that much as periods it self is so painfull that u wont feel pain.i loved the results of their wax. they use the honey and lemon one and keep it heated and apply with either thick icecream stick or wooden spatula. traditionally i would like wax for whole body except underlegs most painfull thing on this earth i must say.When i came to pakistan i used lubna wax and these cotton strips which are easily available in super stores as in the post yes they are reuseable... i dont know about the lotion... epilation??? underarmss.. OUCH THAT HURTS.. my epilation braun silk epil xpressive with torch didnot only tortured my skin by me as well.. left me with dot dot dots on my elbows and arms... never used the tweezing one under arms or under legs but i changed the head and the trimmer and shaver is there but u can get shaving bumps which are really irritating now i must confess... for waxing always use WOODEN SPATULA... i have seen in pakistani parlours ladies getting their face waxed with better knife and i was in this shock state :o I DID NOT GET REGARDING THE SANITARY PAD ISSUE... rest of your blog rocked... loved it... added in my favorites now... :) with looooaaaddsss of love

    Andrea Sachs

  2. hmm nice post.getting rid of hair used to be a BIG problem for me.I have tried all of the above methods and yes cloth n wax still is the most reliable one for me.I started with LUBNA's.it was the best in market but they produced a very bad batch and i started hating it.However,I would like to add something.SHAVING doesnt increase hair growth.Women do it in America with special feminine razors.They dont have any probe.I know some ppl personally who do this,they dont have this complaint.I used epilator in the past bt u r so right electricity probs render it useless :( i love these cotton strips.yakeen nai ata pakistan mai itna sasta strips ka packet lolz

  3. Such an informative post. I think hair removal is mostly a personal preference. Some people have a low pain threshold and they prefer shaving. I prefer waxing too caz it lasts longer. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. greattt post.....:)


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