EOTD: Winter Eve smokey eyes~ Step by Step Tutorial

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Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
Recently I posted a FOTD, the first one from my side. I wanna thank all for appreciating my effort although mostly the Lips were praised but I wanted to bring to you this Look's Eye makeup step by step Tutorial  Have A Look, Read More!!!

Step 1: Prep and Prime:

Clean the eyes area. I always wash my face before doing makeup then I apply moisturizer, Then I use wet tissue to clean the eyes area specifically so any extra moisturizer around this area can be wiped of. After this I apply the eye shadow Primer, which is evenly blended equally all over the lid.
MUA eye shadow Primer and Sigma P-82 is used.
Prep and Prime
Step 2: Base colour:

I used "The Mail" from my Sleek Makeup's Oh So Special. applied evenly from inner corner of the eyelid to the outer one.  Sigma P-82 is used.

Base colour
Step 3: Line and Define:

I used Karaja Kohl Pencil in Black to line my waterline, along with the inner side of upper lash, and also to line the eye, with a little wing'y thing'y. For lining my eyes I used luscious Black Onyx.

Line and Define
Step 4: Crease Line:

I used "BOXED" mixed with little "The Mail" from my Sleek Makeup's Oh So Special to shape my crease using pencil brush from Luscious. I blended the shade along the outer corner with the black kohl line during defining crease.

Crease Line
Step 5: Smoke it:

This one is a smokey eye makeup so add some smokey shade. I used "Smoke" from single eye shadows of Luscious. From the outer corner,touching the crease to the one third inner side of the eyes, so to make it light not heavily smoked, there for I didn't use a dark black shade here. This one is Small shader brush from my Luscious 12 pc Deluxe Dive brush set.

Smoke it:
Step 6: Blend! Blend! and Blend!!!

Blend it all with Luscious Blending Brush. I picked "The Mail" as main shade to blend it all as one, from the eye line to the crease not upper than this.

 Blend! Blend! and Blend!!!
Step 7: Line Lower Lash Line:

Used "Smoke" with Luscious eyeliner brush. Clean the excess mess with the help of a Q-tip/cotton bud(better wet or dipped in cleanser).
Line Lower Lash Line
Step 8: Highlight and Winged Liner:

Its time to highlight the brow bone, I used Just gold shimmer, the lightest shade. To add a little shimmer to the whole eye makeup I applied the shimmer all over my eyes, after all this is evening makeup. Then I used The gel liner in my Beauty UK Amazon palette to make a Line along my eye line with a little wing.

Highlight and Winged Liner
Step 9: Final touches Smudge, eye brows and Mascara:

Finally time for final touches. Smudge the line with Luscious smudge brush. Define the eye brows with Rimmel Brow pencil. Give life to the lashes, I used Essence Multi Action Mascara. Do line the woterline again if needed, as my eyes are very watery I need to do that again.
After completing my eye makeup I wipe off all the mess under the eye area with a wet tissue and then I apply my base, foundation on face and concealer on under eye area.
Final touches Smudge, eye brows and Mascara
Here is the final Look. hope you will Love it do comment:)

EOTD: Winter Eve smokey eyes

Products used
Product Used:

  1. Sleek Makeup "Oh So Special"
  2. Just Gold eyes shimmer palette
  3. Essence Multi Action Mascara
  4. Luscious Cream liner Black Onyx
  5. Rimmel Eye brow pencil in Black Brown
  6. Luscious Single eye shadow in Smoke
  7. Karaja Black Kohl Pencil
  8. MUA eye shadow primer
  9. MUA concealer pen in Radiance 
  10. Luscious 12 pc Diva Brush set
  11. Sigma Precision Brush P-82
Hope you all like my EOTD and the first eye makeup Tutorial. Do comment your encouragement will motivate me to do more for you all in the future.
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Remember me in your prayers.


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  1. fantastic make up....and simply tutorial...
    thanks for sharing
    kiss and happy day

  2. thank u so much for easy pictorial

  3. Nice step by step tutorial. Loved it. <3

  4. Really nice. Loved it! :) xx

  5. I adored your eye makeup in the previous post too, it's very wearable specially for young girls! And I love Smoke by Luscious; such a pretty shade to smoke out your eyes!

  6. Love the eyeliner, looks very soft and pretty! Great look <3

  7. Nice :)


  8. nice work Huda... Your eyes are looking beautiful... :)

  9. Very nicely done..so subtle n wearable:-)

  10. Thank you all for ur kind words and will surely do more EOTD's in future IA:) Love to all


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