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Hey Sweaters and Sale Lovers!!!
All this Winters I was waiting for the sale on my favourite Brand "OUTFITTERS" for there Ladies Sweaters and also for Kids wear as I found this one brand giving really quality stuff. So what I got and what I missed have a look...READ MORE!!!

When Outfitters launched there 2012-13 Winter Collection I visited the store at F-10, the prices were really high this time that I could not buy anything with my limited budget and savings. Every other thing was beautiful and there quality I trust as I even have there sweaters, Ladies, from there collection of 2009 which are still not harmed in any way. Last year I picked a sweater from the Winter sale for my little one and that is still in her use and I love it, as it is trendy and warm. So Now I need no more to request my relatives living abroad to bring sweaters for my baby I have "Outfitters".

Grey Front Open Long Sweater:
(Excuse me for I am really unaware of the Sweaters dictionary, do not know the difference between Cardigans and jersies etc.:p)
Well since my first visit I had my eyes on thier Blue round neck sweater, with starry yarn, I don't know was it really out of stock or... well so tried many and got this one. It is a good grey sweater with colorful pattern. This one is a long, front open sweater with a hood minus any pockets. I like the Tiger teeth buttons, not wooden but plastic, looks like from stone age. This is totally my kinda sweater long sleeves, hood, open front and tiger teeth.
The original price: Pkr 2590 after 30% off I got it for Pkr 1815.

Pink hood kids sweater:

I picked around five sweaters for my little princess and after "cut throat competition" among all those I finalized this one. I kinda liked its vibrant pink colour having orange and green used beautifully in the pattern and the coloured buttons are so trendy. the front pockets are also stylish. The beauty and cute part is the bear face on the hood, so kiddish and lovable.
The original price: Pkr 1690 after 30% off I got it for Pkr 1185.

Navy Jeans Shirt for Kids:

I was not in a mood to buy anything else than just the sweaters but this caught my eyes and I knew I will buy it as such a unique garment I never spotted any where so bought it I know it can be worn by my girl till the end of Springs,IA. It is Navy Blue in colour a lighter stuff of cloth and has baby pink buttons on the front and sleeves.
The original price: Pkr 1090 after 30% off I got it for Pkr 765.

Well this was my grab from Outfitters this year Winters Sale. Wanted to get many things but... I still am amazed that even in Sale I had to spend approx pkr 3700 plus from my savings although I had only Pkr 2000. May be my fault I did not like anything that was on 50% off, this is what my hubby says;) Well I have new sweater and kids wear from a trusted brand.

Do visit the sale hope you get something too.

For details visit there site OUTFITTERS. To stay updated join OUTFITTERS FACEBOOK fan page.

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Remember me in your prayers.


Note: This is not a PR post/products.

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  1. Outfitters has nice stuff for kids. :) Cute picks. xx

  2. i got my girl two shirts from their sale, they have good stuff xx

  3. lovely pics... whenever i got to outfitters i enjoy baby section they have most color dresses for babies...

  4. i love your baby's sweater <3 you picked out a nice neutral one :) i will def check it out now.i just passed by their sale in lahore.didnt have time :(

  5. Awww!!! Such cute clothes ... I have seen their stuff whilst doing shopping some time and they have nice stuff but never tried thm xxxx

  6. Thank you all for liking my Picks:) and thanks alot for commenting:)

  7. i m interested in buying jeans but got no time to visit thier outlet

  8. I got a lovely pink coat from outfitters. Loved this post:) xx

  9. Ahan Nice collection


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