BeautyUK Striped Blusher in PINK~ Review & Swatches

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Hey Blusher Lovers!!!
It's been really long when I had my June,12' HAUL in which I bought few beauties from BeautyUK of one which was this Pink striped Blusher. Has it been a HIT or a MISS in my stash? To Know More Read More!!!


This ever popular striped blusher in pink gives your skin a healthy shimmering glow. Use the lighter shades as a highlighter and build the colour to suit your desired look.

BeautyUK Striped Blusher in PINK

 It is a Black Plastic packaging with a transparent lid, the rims are black too. It has a screw-open lid. The Blusher shades are in strips from dark to light.
Net wt. is 9.99 g and survival life is 24 months, well that is much time to finish this beauty:)

BeautyUK Striped Blusher in PINK

Swatches in all sort of lights:)

Pink blusher was missing in my stash I was looking for a one that can serve my need of PINK & SHIMMER at the same time. I spotted it and bought in my June,12' HAUL from Just4girls. To tell you the truth I didn't regret the purchase:) I fell in love with this one. The pigmentation is really good gives you a full colour pay-off, and the powder is well-pressed in the pan, you know what I mean? NO POWDERY FALL OUTS at all. The formula is really fine and it feels more softer than even a powder. It is one's own choice to use the darker strips or the lighter ones for highlighting, individually, or just swap the blush brush all over the strips and get a unique Pink shimmery/glowing blush every time. I usually mix all the strips to make a healthy shimmery pink glow for my cheeks every time. The only uncomfortable part for me is the screw-open cap/lid, that is not helpful in quick make overs. I personally prefer click-open lids they are less messy and provide one a total freedom of being a little careless in handling the packaging, like you just click the lid lock and put it any where until you return back home:) It CAN BE used as an eye shadow esp the lighter shade for highlighting the brow bones.
I am loving it still for being such a beauty. <3


  • you want a pink blusher which gives a variety of blushes with a glow
  • you love the idea of strips, that can be used all in one or individually
  • you want a blusher with less powdery fall outs
  • you think the price is quite reasonable
  • you expect a total colour pay-off from your blusher


  • you can't stand the idea of strips blushers
  • you don't want a shimmery pink blusher


4.5/5. The half point is cut for the screw cap lid that's not comfortable for the usage in a hurry or on-the-go.
The rest I am loving it <3 <3 <3


Pkr. 495. I bought it last  year June from They have all range of Beauty UK on board.
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I hope you all like this post and would give this striped blusher a try.

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Stay Blessed
Remember me in your prayers.


Note: This is NOT a PR post/product.

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  1. I love pink blush on and the shades in this pan are gorgeaus. thanks for posting xx

  2. i wanted to get this at one point but it was out of stock then! looks great though!! x

  3. wow.sounds great.I wanted to buy it but i thought it might be too dark.good swatch

  4. I like the sheen it has, gives you a nice glow. :)

  5. Thanks all for ur lovely comments this product is indeed a beauty:)

  6. So many shades in one, love it:) I'm thinking of gettin this now, nice review. xx


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