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Hey Skin Care Lovers!!!
Hands are the most noticeable part of one's body after face, esp if one talk with expressing through hands, like I do allot. What if your face is taken care of according to the weather but your hands presents another story of negligence? TRRRrrrash!!! all impression bombed. I found a good option to save my self from such a situation: Essence 24 Hr Hand Moisture balm. To Know More Read More!!!


This 24h hand moisture balm provides non-stop hydration for your hands. The formula with yoghurt and green tea smoothens and regenerates dry skin immediately. 24h moisturizing effect. Is absorbed quickly without leaving an oily film.

  • Provide long-lasting Hydration
  • quickly absorbed

Essence 24 Hr Hand Moisture balm~ Moisture promised

This one is a cute little plastic squeezable tube. The color of the cap and the design give a cool effect. I am glad they designed a beautiful face on it instead of hands alone, as usually the hand creams have. The cap is flip open, the nozzle is tightly closed with the pin in the lid, making it travel-safe. 75 ml product will survive for 12 months.
Made in Germany.

Essence 24 Hr Hand Moisture balm~ cap and swatch

As I opened the pack and got it out the first thing I did was to apply on my dried-up hands. The first thing I noticed while applying it was its green tea fragrance, until now I didn't read the ingredients  I was amazed to read green tea and yogurt as its major ingredients, I love it. The second noticeable thing was that how quickly it was absorbed into my dried hydration-thirsty skin. I loved this product the first instance and it is part of my daily hand care routine now. I apply it after morning washing and cleaning and when I am tiring-off at night. It keeps all its promises esp quickly absorbing and no oily film one. Yes it is absolutely non-greasy but good at hydrating. It goes away with water, and if you have to put your hand into water being a mother and a housewife it will surely go, but I don't mind re-application of it after completing all my dirty baby chores etc. The best part is that (if you read the product description) "24h moisturizing effect", yes although it gets washed away in contact with water but it leaves on hydrating effects on the skin as my hand's skin is getting better, no more dried scaling around nails, no DE-coloring of skin etc. If you are not in the job where you get very less in contact with water than it will give you a good staying time. I found this product good all in all provided regular application. All you need is a pea-sized amount every time. The flip open cap's lock is very tight that since I am writing this review my baby, who is master of opening anything to make a mess, is unable to open it, so it is child-safe and travel-safe too.....lolz :p

  • you are looking for an affordable hand balm
  • you love green-tea fragrance, that's mild don't worry
  • it is travel-safe and child-safe (proved through experiment at my home:p)
  • you are looking for a hand cream that leaves good effects in the longer run for your hand's skin
  • you love how quickly it gets absorbed
  • you want a non-greasy hand balm
  • you want a fragrance-free hand balm
  • you want a hand balm which doesn't require re-application (well if you are a housewife then you are wishing upon the wrong star...lolz)


4.5/5. I found this product good enough for the price and quality including its quantity.


Essence 24 Hr Hand Moisture balm is available in stores nation wide for only 170 Pkr.
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  1. I love tht its available in affordable price but my skin is very harsh and dry in winter so i use dove rich moisturizing cream

    1. Dear mine are harsh dry too and this is working good for me:)

  2. and so loving to read about fragrance.... i really love such fragrance.... nice review... and i need it now :)

  3. Ive seen this on a lot of blogs recently, seems like a nice buy :)

  4. wao my hands are really de hydrated these days n need some extra care like this

  5. Sounds more than good! I love green-tea fragrance <3


    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  6. Sounds a great product, but again I don't have essence in my city. *sigh*

  7. Sounds good for the that price tag. Must get it! :D

  8. I love that you can just toss it into your handbag caz of the size. Nice review:) xx

  9. This seems nice, i totally agree with your point that you have to re-apply your hand cream again and again :P

  10. many people reviewing this product.. i think i should i also get it too :D


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