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Hey Hair care Lovers!!!
I am sure I am not the only one concerned for hair care with allot of hair related issues. I don't even exactly remember since when I am concerned about my hair issues like hair loss, dry hair, split ends etc. Recently I made a resolution that I will not take tension about hair rather take Good Care of my Hair, as tension will make my hair more worst. So whats I am up to??? To Know more Read more!!!

MY HAIR-STORY (history):

I am also one of those fairy tale struck girls who always wished for long tresses. But as life is not a fairy tale, and reality is that what is REAL. Most of my childhood I carried a boy cut, due to some elderly advice I guess. Then my hair were wavy-curly means totally unmanageable so always had tied them in a pony-tail. They were well taken care of only by my granny who oiled them then I shampooed with J&J Baby shampoo. But I personally never even dare to oil my hair and only thought that different shampoos which suites my other class fellows can do wonder for me. Nothing worked so I had a short hair cut again, the only best solution to avoid the mess. So I avoid heat-styling and my hair are tied in a pony tail most of the time. With a burnt heart and total mess hair I always wished that Ms Rapunzel, the fairy tale girl with the longest hair locks, must have got a Fat man climbing up the tower with the help of her hair instead of that slim Prince Charming, so she could loose all that long golden envious tresses in just one thud of weight. I have the most problematic hair, they are thin, weak, have split ends, dry scalp and if not washed within two days the scalp is very oily. Recently I spotted a sudden spring of grey hair too and not to mention the HAIR FALL.
Hair-Fall is the biggest issue I am facing like many of you. Every season is a Fall season for my hair, as in Spring the fall as it is the budding of new shoots so the old must fall, in Summer it is the humidity and heat which makes them die and fall, in Winters it is the dry scalp which makes them fall and in the season of FALL they fall as the season says "FALL!!!"
I have calculated few reasons for my hair-fall:

  • Stress: Anything almost anything can make me tense and all the tense vibes make the already thin hair weak and they fall
  • Lack of proper diet: I am not a foody person, have no healthy diet chart and thus no proper nourishment gets into my hair
  • Lack of rest/sleep: I am a hard to wake-up and hardest to make sleep kinda person and now with a baby proper sleep is like a DREAM
  • Lack of proper care: No oiling, no conditioner, no mask, no serum then still I think my hair will be tamed...what a day dreamer I am.
  • Disturbed Hormones: I think Hormones are like DEMONS they make our lives worst being a women. You have babies they are disturbed you don't have babies they are disturbed, married or un-married they are playing tricks along with menstrual cycle making your personal life a CIRCUS. They effect skin, hair, nails almost everything.
After spending most of my life with my messy hair NOW I FINALLY decided not to take tension for my hair as the tension, even for hair will make them worst. You know the mantra of beauty from with in??? same goes for hair, Healthy people have good hair. So now I decided that I will take proper care of my hair, along with proper diet and healthy life style, as much I can with a baby around. I have few remedies and tips for that which I want to share with you guys:) Today I will share a DIY mask for multi-benefits. Hope this works for you as it did for me:)

D.I.Y MASK for Multi-benefits:

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  • 1 Egg
  • 1 tbs Henna powder (mehndi powder)
  • 1 Tbs Yogurt (fresh-home made)
  • 1 Tbs Olive or Mustard Oil, you can add both, but as they both have different properties its better to choose one
  • 1/2 Tbs Almond Oil
Directions for use:

Wear an old shirt or cover your clothes by placing an old towel on your shoulders. Mix these all ingredients well and apply all over your hair from root to the ends, by parting your hair into section. Avoid your neck, forehead, ear etc as it has henna that will leave colour, I am sure you don't want to  have a CHEETAH print. Make a bun of hair and put the rest of mixture over it and tie a band (old one). Cover your hair with a plastic shower cap or a plastic shopper. Leave for minimum 1 hour and maximum 2 hours. Wash with luke warm water then do your regular shampoo. Let the hair dry naturally, NO Towel rubbing and NO Blow-drying.

Final Result:

I am amazed how this mask has worked so well as My hair are shining and and frizz-free. The 6-7 grey hair are gone as they acquired a tint from henna and settled into my brown hair, saved me from dying hassle. This mask with all its useful natural properties is no doubt a treat for your weak and dull hair. Now lets discuss the ingredients separately:
  • Egg: Full of proteins and nourishment, I know the smell is awful but with Henna in ingredients you won't be bothered by its presence even.
  • Henna: It will dye your grey hair, I had 6-7 greasy hair in my crown area they all are settled in my brown hair, I am not sure if it can work the same for a person who has over 50% grey hair.
  • Yogurt: This Dairy product is good for cleansing and provide natural nourishment.
  • Olive Oil: This Oil provides shine and strength.
  • Mustard Oil: Nourishes hair and make them frizz free.
  • Almond Oil: This is very beneficial oil it tames hair much better than any other oil makes them smooth and no comparison for its nourishing powers.
 I am sure you will like this mask I do recommend it to all those who share the same issues I have. But along with this mask do take proper diet full of nutrition, proteins and don't forget to munch on all those dry nuts. As proper and healthy diet will work much wonders than any chemical conditioner. When the Hair will be healthy from the scalp they will grow long and will not FALL.  Do share your views or tips in your precious comments. Soon I will share another post regarding hair care. Do let me know how you find this mask after use:)
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Stay Blessed.
Remember me in your prayers.


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  1. thanks for sharing....i never used heena.. i think i must try

  2. Few years back i tried egg and yogurt mask for my hairs and it works for me . Thanks for your lovely tips <3

  3. i really love this recipe.I have tried it without egg but will def try with egg now.Henna achi wali kahan se miley gi chemical free?

    1. Pansaar shop the one which has all hakeemi and herbal products...:) Thanks

  4. loved this post. im also effected by hair fall ugh

  5. iloved this post! i ave almond oil at home so ill definetly try this mixture but without the henna. cant stand that haha plus i dont want my natural color to be affected by anything

  6. Egg and yogurt works really well for me, however with premature balding adding the henna powder is a great idea. Great post! :) xx

  7. love the post...i already have tried this many times and yes it really do wonders.....

  8. Great post! I love natural products for hair tratment :)

  9. great post , def gonna give it a try , if only my baby would let` me !:/


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