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Hey all Daughters Out There!!!
Do I, as the only daughter, of my mom need to shout out loud to the world that I LOVE MY MOM THE MOST!!!??? No that is not necessary as we all know how the mother-daughter relationship is one of the best and strongest BONDs in this world and even hereafter. Every girl shares a special bond with their own mother but I have a unique bond with my Mom, I call Maa (although I am in habit of calling her in different names like Matay, mamno, mamiyos etc she hates to be called "mummi" and on that I tease her). How unique is our relation and what this blog series is about? To Know More Read More!!!
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Me & My Mom (Maa):

Although it is very difficult for me to describe our relation and more difficult to reveal what we both have been through still I try to make it simple for you all to understand. Note: Do not make a movie or drama on our REAL-Story...lolz. I am the eldest and the only girl of my Maa. Most of my life I lived away from her due to reasons I ca not reveal as you won't understand and will make me drench in tears. But I always longed for her, even a child in Africa or China would do, its universal. Due to this my Mom always had a Fairy-tale, mystery Godmother type of appeal to me. The one who is sending you gifts whatever you ask her on the phone and you really dream to fly to her and hug her. I used to watch stars and assume that my mom is watching me from there and I would cry for long hours. Life never treated us, esp her so well but she has always been blessed as till date you will never see her crying on her loss she will meet and greet you with a BIG smile on her beautiful face. That doesn't mean she is insensitive she is the most sensitive person and being a very sensitive person my self I know how difficult it is to hide your inner emotions from the world. Now when I am a mom of a girl I can feel the relation of us three flourish more. Life has not still become a bed of roses as life is life! But we are living it with more ease together. Sometimes my mother behaves as if I am her mom, she won't go shopping without me, she will not buy new things without my approval or help in  making choice, she asks advice from me. I remember when last year she resumed to complete her MA degree how childishly she bullied me before going to academy, every day I had to convince her that "MAA you can do it!" and when she cleared Part-I she told me that it won't have been possible if I won't have taken her responsibility as a Mother-like figure...lolz...
This time when I visited her she was worried for her visible ageing, she 45 plus. Like ever she was waiting for me to shop her few things to help her age gracefully. We went to shop at our favourite place Al-Fatah in Lahore. I bought few things which I will review according to her experience in the next few posts. Here is a sneak peak of the products we bought:

In the End I would only like to say MOM you deserve the best. Love you! May Allah bless you with health, wealth, prosperity and peace of mind. Maa you are the most Graceful, beautiful, cute and the best person I ever met. I may not be the best daughters but you for sure is the best MOM in this world. MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU WITH LONG LIFE ameen.
I can dedicate my whole life to you, this is just a BLOG Series....
Maa you deserve the best in life.
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I hope I didn't make any one of you cry... Do love your mom's they are the best gift from God.
Stay in tuned for the reviews of the products My Mom is using and loving..right from My Mom'z Diary!

Stay Blessed.
Remember me and my Mom in your prayers.


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  1. thats a lovely post, and you're lucky to have your mom wih you, as long as Allah keeps her with you cherish her greatly! mothers are just so precious! <3

    1. May Allah bless her with long life...ameen..I understand your pain May ur Mom has the best place hereafter ameen.

  2. Awww such a lovely post. Mother is no doubt a great gift from ALLAH . I also love my mother a lot and same happened to me and my mother when my younger brother died in a accident. I can feel the pain what you and your mother are feeling :( .

  3. A to Z very a beautiful & sentimental story of your's !
    Sad for Your bro & happy for Maa's success (obviously for her MA ) she seems very passionate & determinant lady .
    Love YOu All Mom's existing on earth & May all stay Blessed always. Ameen

  4. Wonderful post Huda, very sentimental and beautiful. Thanks for sharing this part of your life with us, Im looking forward to these series now:) *hugs xx

  5. Loved reading ur post Huda <3 MAY UR MOM BE BLESSED WITH A LONG HAPPY LIFE AMEEN.U r lucky MASHALLAH u have her with u

  6. m def gonna cry after reading this post .. may ALLAJ bless u both Amen


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