Mayonnaise in my hair!!!

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Hey Hair Care Lovers!!!
As I declared in one of my earlier post that Now I have stopped taking Tension for my falling and damaging hair and have started taking Proper Care of them. A week back I tried a DIY Hair mask of Henna and egg which worked wonders for me. My hair felt wonderful, soft, tamed and separated. I almost fell in Love with my hair. This weekend I thought to give "Mayonnaise" a try. Heard allot about it as a good conditioner for making hair soft shiny and bla bla bla!!! Did it prove it claim or was just bla bla bla!!! To Know More Read More!!!
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I had High hopes for this one and after the success of my first experience with DIY Hair mask of Henna and egg, I was sure of this. I applied a handsome amount of Mayonnaise generously all over my hair, from scalp to ends, from Young's Mayonnaise pouch. After 1-2 hours I washed it with Luke warm water and my essence Volume envy Shampoo. During Washing it off I saw an immense hair fall :( Yes after drying my hair had no shine, and the texture was so rough that the ends were entangled and during brushing my dry hair there was hair breakage, and that too allot. My hair were rough and the scalp was dry with few scales of dryness roaming in my hair roots:( and my scalp started itching, So I applied Almond Oil generously all over my hair and washed now I am feeling better. As Happy hair makes me Happy too but Bad hair makes me very very BAD! Sadly its a Bummer for me. It was an awful experience from smelling like a Mayo Sandwich till watching that lot of fallen and broken hair. My hair are thing and wavy- curly.May be it will work for you if you want to still give it a try do it but I won't recommend. Now I will try Ketchup....lolz just kidding!!!
Mayonnaise can be in my Salad  or Sandwich But NEVER on my head, for sure!

Have you ever tried it? Share your experience, Do comment,like,share, tweet, G+ and  pin it.

Stay Blessed.
Remember me in your prayers.


Note: The Mayonnaise was not a PR sample :p 

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  1. heyyoung's mayonnaise has preservatives in it. for a mayo hair treatment you need organic home made myao. Thats what i heard, mayo for food isnt good for hair.

  2. I used it and really enjoy the mask i never had the problem with this mask dont apply it morre than 20-30 mins because it contain salt in packed mayo :)

  3. Oh that is sad.I'd never tried this one.Lucky me!

    Mahnoor's haul

  4. woww u r a life saver .. i was thinking of giving this tip a try bt now .. no way :)

  5. Thanks for sharing and it is not necessary every remedy work for everyone

  6. Awww i thought it would be a good experience .. Sad to hear of so much hair fall .. :( if you still have stitching you can use yogurt (plain yogurt available in shop-not packed one ) two to three tbsp with nothing added because of itching .. it may make you feel better ..

  7. yea i also read a review, years before about mayo treatment but it was a home made sort of thing (i exactly dont remember) but surely it wasnt a sandwich one.

    A Humble request to you, whatever u need to try, firstly try it on a one string of your hair, or do try a patch of your wrist or arm. it may safe you from any infection, allergy or damages. :)

  8. Aww sweetie try homemade mayo! Never ever apply packed mayo that has flavour enhancers, preservatives, food colours and other chemicals in it. It is not meant to be applied on hair. Your heena tip sounds great, I might try it without heena. Also try fresh aloevera gel. I have used it and it worked great for me, but then again, test it first on a small portion of your scalp. Good Luck and all the best for your new hair care regime.

  9. Oh God.. sorry for you. BTW, I also heard that for a mayo hair treatment, u need to take homemade mayyonise. Best of luck for ur hair girl, take care of those tresses! xoxo

  10. Aww too bad about your hair, for me oiling works the best. It moisturizes and prevents breakage.

  11. thats cool. never try mayonise before. but im not sure about the smell >_< dont want my hair to smell like mayonise lol

    im following you on gfc and bloglovin. do you mind to follow me back? :)
    visit my blog ^^

  12. Ahh same happend with me yesterday
    Me too aplied that young wala mayoo...:(

  13. oh thankyou.You saved me a hell lot of trouble and i will not try it now :) thankyou for the post.Waisey beating eggs with olive oil is the recipe of mayonnaise and i think homemade will work great for hair.nice post.
    PS:i have tagged you in my latest post do read and accept the tag and....just visit my blog dear :)

  14. Mayo from the market may have extra ingredients..but if you make it at home, its a mixture of oil and egg..which is a good combo for your hair :)


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