Garnier Color Naturals Creme' Hair Color~ Brown #4~ From My Mom'z Diary

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Hey Ladies!!!
Ageing brings GREY-HAIR, although those silver strings look graceful but for working women it is like a statement that they are ageing and no more young to take up the tasks of modern world, I know this is cruel but true. Earlier I shared Revitalift total 10 repair by L'Oreal Paris and From My Mom'z Diary and today I am sharing my Mom's first hair dying experience, it was mine too as I helped her as an immature hair dying girl. How it turned out? To Know More Read More!!!

Hair dye, grey hair

Garnier Color Naturals Creme Hair Color:

Garnier Color Naturals is a permanent colour cream enriched with Olive oil, that nourishes the hair as it colours.
Your hair is deeply nourished, your colour is richer, more uniform and shinier. The second ratio of olive oil in the conditioner is a real treatment for your hair. Your hair is soft and your colour radiant ... And there is no grey hair!

Garnier Color Naturals~ Brown
Brown shade number 4

  • 1 Developer Milk
  • 1 hair color cream
  • 1 after color Mask
  • 1 pair of gloves
  • 1 step by step guide

kit of Garnier Colour Naturals~ Brown
The kit

When my Mom declared that she wants to dye her hair I was happy and worried at the same time. Happy as my mom is least concerned about her beauty and grey-hair and worried as I have no experience at hand. We surely didn't want to visit the saloon or parlour for this as Mom would never like that Colour CUT procedure in which they bleach all your hair natural colour damaging them all forever. I have heard few good things about Garnier Color Natural Hair colour, so planned to get it as it was affordable, easy to do at home and required no BLEACHING (they call it color cut...lolz). The beautiful packaging had a useful kit including all the required products for the MEGA EVENT me and Mom was going to share. The guide was quite easy to understand and comprehend. It requires an allergy test but I skipped that...plz don't do that if you have allergy prone skin. My Mom has normal wavy hair and we chose the simple BROWN shade number 4 for her. I started on with step 1 and applied it all over my mom'z hair, waited for the required time. Washed it off according to the procedure mentioned in the guide paper. (I am not writing the steps so you read them on the guide yourself and do not miss anything by relying on me :p). One thing I misunderstood about the mask it was written "now apply the mask with olive oil on your damp hair and leave for two minutes" I thought that I should add olive oil in it, so I did...lolz...I am so silly! Actually what they meant was that the mask HAS olive oil in it. But no problem my mother washed her hair with a shampoo and TADA!!! our hair dying experience turned out to be great. My Mom got natural looking dyed Hair and I got experience. We both had fun and that was the best part of it all. My Mom has started using a color protecting Shampoo, which I will review next, so far she is loving the experience as her grey hair are not standing out but settled in to her natural hair colour that is brown. The sad part is that the colour has started fading after two weeks, but what do one expect in PKR 295? If they give colour for all life than who will buy the rest of the stock...lolz. My Mom is happy and will be buying it soon to get the touch ups at hair roots and her crown.
If you have just few countable grey hair you can try this DIY Hair mask with Henna and egg.

AN UPDATE: after a month of application my mother has developed an allergy on the areas where the dye accidentally dropped or touched like her ears, hands and neck. Be careful with this one do not let it touch any thing else than your hair. I will next time look for an ammonia free dye for my mom.


  • you are looking for an easy solution for grey hair
  • you want an affordable hair dye
  • you want to achieve the natural hair colour
  • you want to dye your hair at home
  • you are looking for damage free nourishing hair colour


  • you don't want to dye your hair
  • you want the colour to stay for a longer time


3.5/5. Wish it lasted a little longer than 2-3 weeks.


I got it for Pkr 295/- from Al-fatah Lahore. It can be found easily for all store having Garnier counter nation wide.

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Hope you all are enjoying the experience posts From My Mom'z Diary.

Stay Blessed.
Remember me in your prayers.


NOTE: This is not a PR post. The experience shared is not mine but my Mom's.

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  1. my mom use to use it but yar we had diff packaging.Anyways great post very interesting.root touchup is sucha pain.You will see....

  2. Nice post:) I don't like the garnier dye much though, it has made my hair even more whiter :s

  3. My mom just bought this one :)


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