MUA Brush-on Concealer Pen "Radiance" ~Review & Swatches with PROOF

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Hey Concealer Lovers!!!
Why would I need a concealer? This is what I thought while upgrading my stash last year. But I needed one to do miracles and wonders, now I know. Is MUA brush-on concealer pen a real miraculous product and did wonders for me? To Know More Read More!!! (with a PROOF)

MUA Brush-on Concealer Pen "Radiance":

You might have seen some more expensive versions of these in the beauty world but the joy of MUA is that we’re just *so* good at creating versions that are just as good but a tiny fraction of the price! (You can thank us later.) Brush on the concealer across any imperfections and blend gently with your finger to create a gorgeous, flawless face!
Available in two shades. I own "Radiance".

MUA Brush-on Concealer Pen "Radiance"

I like the Hard-paper packing  from which a part of product can be seen and even touched. The main product is a black beauty, ALL BLACK with silver inscriptions here and there. On one side there is a twisting bottom and on the other is the Brush head. The shape is of a pen. It has a click lock cap, that's black too.
Net wt. 1.3 ml and will survive for 12 months.
MUA Brush-on Concealer Pen "Radiance"

Applied and blended on hands.

MUA Concealer Pen "Radiance" Swatch
Applied and blended on under eyes area.

MUA Concealer Pen applied under eyes area
Concealed two big brown scars on my chin when preparing to attend a wedding. (Read details in MY EXPERIENCE section plz).

Spot the scar??? :D

Last November, 12' I had an all MUA Haul from Just4girls. As usual I had a long list but ordered few things which I urgently required for my use and also for review purpose. I chose this as a concealer was missing in my stash and also it was the only affordable concealer which has got few good reviews too. When I got it I was not sure what to do with it as I do not have those scary black under eye areas yet, *touch wood* and no other major concealing issues, *touch wood again*. It was Winters and due to chilly cold the consistency of the formula was thick and a little more quantity made it cake-y. I thought that it will be resting in my stash 4ever. Until one day something worst happened for good! In March I had to attend a wedding and one day before the function I waxed off unwanted hair from my chin with the new waxed strips, which I was using for the first time. In getting that one-stubborn-hair out of my I reapplied the same strip many times, may be I was not stretching my skin properly or whatever, after an hour the area was reddish and looked badly bruised. To my awe the other day I had two Brown scars on my chin:( It was my sheer bad luck. But I thought of applying my MUA concealer for the first time officially, in a function. Luckily few days back I saw a picture tutorial on hiding red spots with green concealer. I did the same procedure with this one. Let me clear the steps:

  1. I applied primer all over my face,  left it dry for 2-5 minutes
  2. Then I applied a reasonable amount of the MUA concealer over the scars
  3. Blended well with a concealer brush, left to dry for 1 minute
  4. Dabbed translucent loose powder on the spot, left it for 3-5 minutes, this is to make it stay
  5. Applied foundation all over my face and neck but applied it with very soft hand on this area
  6. Blended and buffed the foundation all over my face and neck but did not touch this area, just a little dabbing
All set!
I was very astonished myself. Even all those aunts who can spot any negative thing in you, although they have lost half of there eye-sight, could not spot those scars. Can you??? :p MUA brush-on concealer pen really rescued me and saved the day. I applied it the same way on the next day too and enjoyed the function total flawless. It needs a trick to use concealer to hide any scar or spot, but with practice any open can master it I am sure if I can do it the first time you all can do it much better. It is not that effective on the moles esp those black ones. Now the weather is changed so the consistency of the liquid formula is not that thick, therefore it is easily applied. DO NOT APPLY ACCESS of it as it can turn cake-y and crack can appear too (esp in Winters). If you apply it under your eyes area then do not pat any powder on it or it will crack or will stand out. I would suggest using it like I do:
  1. Twist the bottom to get the required amount out of the brush, take very little first
  2. you can directly apply it on the required area OR
  3. Dab it on the back side of your hand, so the access can be merged and liquefied
  4. Apply it on the required area, with the same brush or your own concealer brush
  5. Blend in well with the concealer brush if you have, as this brush is not that good for blending as it will make the quantity access than required

I used this Concealer pen in my Eye makeup looks herehere & here. In case if you are wondering about the eyeliner I have on my eyes it is by Revlon check here.


  • looking for a wonder concealer
  • you want an affordable concealer
  • it suites you
  • you love to hide and conceal
  • you have mastered the trick to conceal
  • you want to hide any spots or scar on your face
  • pocket friendly
  • travel friendly


  • you don't want a concealer any way
  • you don't like the formulation being thick in Winters
  • you don't like that it can look cake-y if applied more than required
  • you want to hide your big-black moles, it will need extra effort


4.5/5. I am really satisfied with this concealer, esp the wonder it did with me.


I got it for Pkr 350/£1.00 from Check MUA website, they ship worldwide.

For updates of MUA join Makeup Academy Pro Facebook fan page. Do visit the website.

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Which is your favourite concealer? Why?

Stay blessed.
Remember me in your prayers.


Note: This is not a PR post/product. This is my own purchase.

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  1. nice review ....will try this out

  2. oh wonderful! it works really well on u! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Hiding a scar can be really tricky. I'm glad it worked for you! xx

    1. I agree that if u kno wthe trick of the trade any thing can work for u:)

  4. I am glad it worked great for you. I love how MUA's products are so affordable and yet they hardly disappoint anyone. xx

    1. U r rite most of the products I bought are a hit just few are a miss:)

  5. MUA products always look good to me<3

  6. Good to know it worked for you! MUA has a really good range now:) xx

  7. Have it and it worth the money you give and more.

  8. I have been meaning to try these.Thanks for sharing:)

  9. Mua products are realy great . I am using their face primer and its amazing xx

  10. This sounds really impressive! :)

  11. Inspired.. Thank you for telling me about this review.. best part affordable..atleast one will not disappoint

    1. Good you liked it, it is very affordable and effective too :)


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