MUA Lip Boom "Doin Good"~ Review & Swatches

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Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
Do I need to tell that I am a die hard Lipstick Lover??? No I don't think so! When Lip booms were launched they were highly raved,I got one, although by chance. Is it a love of my stash or...??? To Know More Read More!!!

MUA Lip Boom "Doin Good"

MUA Lip Boom "Doin Good"

MUA Lip Boom "Doin Good" all 4 peices

MUA Lip Boom "Doin Good"


MUA Lip Boom "Doin Good" Swatches


Last summer I had HAUL from Just4girls few things won my heart and few failed to impress me, well with this one??? I had no mood of buying this frankly. When Just4girls had a 10% off offer on there first anniversary day I started placing order and before I could click DONE the MUA eye shadow primer went out of stock so added this instead. It was highly raved amongst the bloggers for being a 2in1 product. Actually it is a 4in1 product, yes this whole thing divides into 4 chunks, and that's a downer for me. These are the four parts of this product:

  1. The gloss bottle, it screws in the connector
  2. The connector, in which there is the wand of gloss on one side
  3. The lipstick it is just connected with a click/tick lock
  4. The lipstick swatch, this is the loose bottom, no screw and no proper click/tick
The product may be a good idea but the assembling and loose packaging is a BIG mess. Not travel friendly AT ALL. One thing which bothered me about this one was the strong scent, I guess its vanilla, but for me it was like the smell of a chocolate candy available in Pakistan with the name of "Forever". I didn't like it at all. Now lets review the main products, i.e gloss and lipstick. The gloss is all big chunks of glitter, which really are felt on your lips, not my choice. If you like big chunky gloss then this is for YOU! I only swatched it never used it. The lipstick is good, better than the MUA single lipsticks. It is Matte classic dull pink sort of shade, seems to have a little brownish undertones. I use it occasionally. Can you believe that I gave a way the gloss and now I only have the lipstick and the swatch bottom is resting in my little box of sample lipsticks. It is good that in the MUA single lipsticks they have added the swatch bottom with a screw lock, but here it is the "falling-bottom". Don't ask me about the sticky leftover from the tape with which they tried to place it all in one piece. Had to clean it with wet cloth. Well I am not happy with at all, although I tried hard to.


  • You like all in 1 type of products
  • you like big chunky glittery gloss
  • you like matte lipstick
  • you have no problem with the loose packaging


  • packaging divided into 4 seems a mess to you
  • not travel friendly
  • you do not like chunky gloss
  • you are not into matte Lipsticks


2.5/5. I am not much impressed :(


I got it for Pkr 500/£3.00 from Check MUA website, they ship worldwide.

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Note: This is not a PR post/product. This is my own purchase.

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  1. sad it disappoint you... i heard good words about this but i think i have to rethink

    1. I would say "dont even think"!!! lolz buy a good lipstick instaed:)

  2. i was planning to buy it ...but after reading your review,i am disappointed....

  3. such an honest review thanks girl :)

  4. I know, I had the same experience! The gloss is really too chunky and I hate feeling it on the lips. However, the lipstick is not bad. Great review!:) xx

  5. nice & honest review. i have checked mua's site and Pakistan is included in their list.

    1. Thanks for the update, actually the payment method has restirictions as far as I heard... but good if they ship directly:)

  6. nice shade, the gloss is too glitery :(

  7. You're right! This product could've been better!

    1. Thanks for agreeing honey, they must work on the packaging and the Glitter in the gloss:)


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