MUA Mosaic bronzer "Sun Kissed Glow"~ Review & Swatch

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Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
Wearing a bronze Look was quite in trend and if I say the trend still lives on, that won't be wrong! I selected MUA Mosaic bronzer "Sun Kissed Glow". Did it gave me that bronze look or not?
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MUA Mosaic bronzer "Sun Kissed Glow"

MUA Mosaic bronzer "Sun Kissed Glow"


MUA Mosaic bronzer "Sun Kissed Glow" Swatch


Last summer I had HAUL from Just4girls few things won my heart and few failed to impress me, well with this one??? I can say that this mosaic bronzer taught me the meaning of "Love/Hate relation". I know that we Asians esp in Pakistan do not need that SunKissed bronzing as we have enough Sun out there all the year to make us look bronzed (rather burned...lolz) but I believe that we need a good glow for that Tan or our golden complexions. That's our right and in trend too. Well I have a fair complexion and the idea of getting that bronzed look esp for day-time attracts me. As now highlighting with allot of shimmer is IN to attain that dewy glow but I must say bronzing still lives hand in hand with this latest trend. Where shimmer shines us at night Bronzing can make our Day!
This mosaic bronzer is a beauty at first look. the packaging is very sturdy and travel friendly. There are five tones of powder set in mosaic shape, three matte and two shimmers. When I applied it first it gave me an orang-ish pink shade which was a dislike for me at once. But I didn't leave using it so after few time it started giving me a decent brown look with that soft shimmer. This is how the Hate turned into Love. I am not a FAN of this product but when going out at day time I brush it on my cheeks to give them a decent colour, not loud and not too sweet as Pink. With its soft shimmer it may not serve as a good contouring partner, if you can pick the dark shade alone with a brush that may help. Fall-outs is an issue, but that issue is with almost every powder-y product. As its almost an year I am using it the product is decreasing in the pan, but uneven, yes all the different shades in mosaic stands in different heights. I will say that if you want an affordable bronzer for just an experience or love to wear decent shades for day-time or your work, Do Try It!
8.9g of the product will last you more than a year. But its surviving time is 12 months only :p I also have to rush up then.


  • you like the idea of mosaic
  • you want an affordable bronzer
  • you like the shade it delivers to the Asian skin
  • you like that soft bronzing glow
  • pocket friendly
  • travel friendly


  • you believe that Asian skin doesn't need bronzing
  • you do not like the fall-outs
  • you are into high-end brands


3.5/5. I have a Love/Hate kind of relation with this one.


I got it for Pkr 450/£2.50 from Check MUA website, they ship worldwide.

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Note: This is not a PR post/product. This is my own purchase.

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  1. I wish i could see the effect of it on your face. Nice review :)

  2. nice review! i have their bronzed perfection and I love it! xx

  3. I am a bronzer lover, and its in my stash, still unable to try this due to buzy schedule, :(

    Nice review :)

  4. This mosaic shape is looking very eye catching . Nice review xx

  5. The mosaic look is really pretty but I don't think this product is gonna be of much use for us pakistanis. Great Review! :)

    1. Well I agree to disagree :p Thanks for sharing ur view dear :)

  6. I have always loved the look of this mosaic bronzer.and would love to have it.I may want to try the bronzed look in the even bt for day time it might be too much for me.great the post.<3 stay blessed and keep posting.

  7. The shade is really pretty. :)

  8. This is the first time I've heard of MUA and it looks awesome.
    Boutique Bag Lady


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