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Hey Nail Art Lovers!!!
I am not sure how and why but recently my heart is inclined towards Nail Art and painting my nails and many new nail colours etc rather every thing related to Nails is attracting me I am afraid that I may end up doing a massive Few days back I asked my family to "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" (only for one hour) at Al-Fatah, Centaurus Mall, Islamabad, so I can relax my tense nerves by doing Makeup's window shopping. On my top list was to check all the latest Nail colours and everything related to nail. I went in sober and came out with my five nails FUNK n'  PUNK. To Know More Read More!!!

Nail Art Treat Time:

Let me first share with you my testing of different Nial paints and Crackle nail paints on my five fingers. Have a Look!!!
index finger: Black crackle over Neon by Essence
On my Index finger firstly I applied a Neon Lime green shade from Essence, I don't exactly remember the name, its price was Pkr 220/-. Then when I was on Color Studio Pro's counter the sales girl chose to apply the black crackle nail colour over this and here is the result. I totally loved it although never thought of even trying a neon but I will definitely buy it along with the black crackle nail color by CSP. Pkr 350/-.

Middle finger: Muse and Ring finger: Sage
On my middle finger is MUSE from Luscious designer nail colour range, I must say I am impressed by this. I like it over DENIM by CSP. The quality is good this is one coat and on the third day after applying it is still on my nails with just faded around the tips. I am going to get. Pkr 295/- limited edition.
On my ring finger it is SAGE by CSP. Good Green with a hint of shimmer. May be will get it but not soon. Only for Pkr 250/-.

Small finger: Python crackle over Sublime & Thumb: White crackleover essence blue
On my small finger I applied SUBLIME from Luscious designer nail colour range,(Pkr 295) it was a good pastel shade will get it as I loved how it paired with the top coat named PYTHON by BOURJOIS Paris. I love these snakey crackelessssss...ssssssssss..sssssssssss...sssssssssssssss!!! The price was Pkr720/- expensive than the price on some online stores.
On my  thumb the base coat is of essence 3in 1 nail colour inn blue, I am not sure about the name but it is a very beautiful electric blue. I loved it simply loved it although the other paired shade was just blue gel with shimmer but I am going to get it sooner or later. It was for Pkr 430/-. Look how beautifully it paired up with white nail crackles from CSP, Pkr 350/-.
I enjoyed applying these colour giving me colourful ideas to quench my craving for Nail Art. Hope you also have got few ideas???
In the end I was feeling like this:
web image describing my situation :p
I always do a detailed, if get time, window shopping try testers, shades and swatches and then I decide what to by and what not. On my some other visit I do the purchase, (visit can be on the very next day too). With Nail colours I am very touchy, My NAIL-COLOUR-OLOGY can be read here.


It is very difficult do DETAILED shopping or Window shopping with a naughty baby and a bored husband around. I wanted to try many things, wanted to take a detailed look at each counter as since my Favourite Al-Fatah has opened at Centaurus Mall I didn't get enough time for a detailed visit. It was always like I was running form one corner to another and in such a rush who gets satisfied??? NOT ME!!! I humbly requested (not to mention the melo-drama earlier the request) to give me some time alone at Al-Fatah cosmetics section so I can just have some relaxation, cosmetics/retail therapy. My wish was granted only for one hour. Sorry didn't take pictures as if I would have started photography my precious one hour won't have been that fun for me.
I had "Nail-Colours on my MIND!!!". First I jumped to Essence counter wow what nail colours they have in reasonable price along with many cosmetics, I am already their fan. Will surely buy more of there stuff. Unfortunately they don't have Catrice counter there. I swatched two nail colours from Luscious designer nail colour range. Bourjois counter seemed tempted I swatched Python Top coat and then swatched Bourjois 123 perfect foundation in shade 53 and 51, according to the sales girl Mona, who was very nice, this foundation is for mature ladies (it is what she was taught in training), shade 51 suited me. Then I tested Garnier BB cream, I am sure I will get one for me soon. I swatched Luscious eye shadow palettes wow what beauties they are.The divine Natural has very very light shades, I will get some other palette for me when I will shop. I tried the recent craze "Apocalips" I liked Luna and Nova. Didn't swatched any lipstick this time although I wanted to, but the clock was ticking. Maham, another sales girl gave me briefing about hair care product for frizzy hair and heat protection she recommended Kuene De-Frizz serum and you know how much it cost Pkr 795/- yes recently one of my fellow blogger bought it for 1495/- see how good prices Al-Fatah have. L'Oreal Paris's Hydra Fresh foaming gel which I bought for pkr 699/- last year is only for Pkr 450/-. D-Watson and Shaheen is going to get hard time now in Islamabad.
I loved even the single moment of my FAMILY FREE ONE HOUR. Don't ask how was my family when we met up on decided point after the deadline....lolz

Soon I amgoing to buy these:

  • Kuene De-Frizz Serum for Hair
  • Essence Neon lime green shade
  • Luscious Muse and Sublime
  • Csp crackle in black and white
  • Few other beauties from Essence
My wishlist for later definitely has:
  • Bourjois Python Top Coat
  • Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation
  • Apocalips Luna.... may be
Let's see what I can get, for that you will have to wait till my next cosmetics Haul post. I assure that soon a Nail colour haul post is coming your way...lolz just can't get enough of it.

Hope you like my post. Do comment, like, tweet, share, G+ and Pin it.

Stay Blessed.
Remember me in your prayers.


Note: Not a PR product/post.

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  1. all mani's look great!! happy for you that you had a nice trip! xx

  2. nice that you enjoyes you one hour :-) i love the post it is very intereting.I dont know y the girl said that 123 perfect is for mature ladies coz i sure know that with aging comes dryness and one can not use a matte formula of base.

    1. who believed its still on my Wishlist :p Thanks!!!

  3. I want the Bourjois Python Top Coat!! <3

  4. The python top coat just looks heavenly! <3

  5. Glad your this TRIP, Bourjois Python Top Coat is Wow, but truly i wont spent such money on only for Nail top coat :P, Dont u think Luna is quite lite why dont u try some other na

    1. All other shades are pretty bold Luna will suite me...but I am not suer If I get on withthis Apocalips craze :p its for 975...too much for gloss as I am a lipstick sucker, officially...lolz

  6. That was a super fun post, tough very different from usual reviews or tutorials but I enjoyed reading it. :) xx

  7. I love al fateh lets get together now .The food court is waiting for us :)

  8. lovely haul and so cute mani girl.. best of luck with your all items on wish list....

    1. I wish it was HAUL dear...but it just increased my wishlist...hope to get all soon and one by one IA..Love to u

  9. Oh that sounds like a fun day out, too bad we don't have catrice in lahore and islamabad. I'd love to try some of their products:) xx

    1. Saira I saw Catrice at F-6 Shaheen...yes may be they have it will confirm:)

    2. catrice is also available at hayees F-7.

    3. Bourjois top coat is very nice. by the way I bought Bourjois 123 perfect from Al-Fatah, Centaurus mall for rs. 2,200 and and when I checked the price at d-watson blue area they were selling it for rs. 2,050. and if you are nc-20 in mac do check shade 52 also.

  10. Really enjoyed reading this post! :D Sounds fun! xx


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