Why this KOLAPURI Di?~ Kolapuri Chappal Review

Thursday, April 18, 2013 Sparkling Palette Blog 11 Comments

Hey Kolapuri Chappal users!!!
I am one of those who craves for a good chappal/open sandals/flip-flops when the Summer hits the town. My all time favourite has to be Traditional Kolapuri, I try to get one every Summers. I can write a long epic poem in love of these. Why??? To Know More Read More!!!

Kolapuri Chappal:
Kolapuri Chappal
Kolapuri Chappal
MY STORY (Love story):

Since I got sense of wearing accessories esp footwear according to the seasons, (and finally got rid of wearing pump's like a pink-ribbon-ponied-girl), I have been loving chappals for Summers and what else could be a good choice in Pakistan or India better than a Kolapuri Chappal? We all love these traditional flip-flops. It is available in a traditional simple version in different shades of leather. In market one can also see different embroidered and full of beads version too in different colours. When I went to buy these, I so wanted to have the dull golden one, unfortunately it was damaged piece. So I chose this second option which is multi colour and will suite with all my Summers Apparel. These are not only very traditional yet trendy but also very affordable. Easily available in all common markets across Pakistan, esp Lahore and Karachi. I got mine for Pkr 300/-, (after bargain) from Moon Market, Allama Iqbal Town. You can check for these in Liberty and Anarkali bazaar too. ECS and Stylo has Kolapuri too, they are too pricey as in the price of one kolapuri from these shoe brand one can have two unbranded ones. So why to pay heavy price for just a Kolapuri? The rest is your choice. Easy to wear and carry anywhere; shopping,college, University, Office and just a walk.
I am loving these UN-BRANDED and humming "Why this KOLAPURI, KOLAPURI di???"""

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Do You love a traditional Kolapuri Chappal for Summers?

Stay blessed.
Remember me in your prayers.


Note: This is not a PR post/product. This is my own purchase.

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  1. i love kolapurris, theyre all i wear during the summers.

  2. I like your funny post subject:)

  3. im a kolapuri fan! Anarkali has the cheapest rates and the best variety! X

  4. i am loving kolapuris and khussas these days <3

    1. Yup dear they are just a fun in Summers undoubtedly every one loves them:)

  5. They look so good when worn !

  6. Kulapuri can match with almost every dress n looks great with all girls xx

  7. Those are really beautiful! :)


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