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I am on a strict makeup diet, I had to as every other new launch tempted me and I spent an amount of my savings on that so to SAVE my SAVINGS I imposed a spending ban on myself. But as a dieting/starving person enters his favourite restaurant then no one can stop him, NO ONE at all.What I had to satiate my makeup hunger? To Know More Read More!!!


Let me start the story how it all started. My favourite online store just4girls offered a week of free delivery on the minimum shopping of Pkr 1000, after launching two new brands. We all love them for being the only stockist of MUA in Pakistan  they are the only official dealers. I wanted to have Hello glow rose dust cleansing polish and Undress from MUA. To my sad most of the MUA items were out of stock, as usual, and the new arrivals were not even in the list. Well then I thought of purchasing few MUA items which if I like I will keep or will add for my giveaway. The total bill was Pkr 2000. Then I added Catrice infinite matte and smokey eye palette in Meet me at the bonfire. The representative Hifsa is very nice she added the rest of two items on phone call. My order was final on 8th of April, J4G team took time to arranging my order than I received a call on may be 14th April that my Catrice products are not in stock "but they were shown available on the site" "We are sorry for inconvenience", all she had to say :( Well nothing can be done it only saved my 2000 Pkr, I can buy that from a store in Islamabad having Catrice counter. They dispatched my order on 15th of April, with a confirmation email along with tracking number. Now the real story began... as my parcel was now in hand of the most in-efficient courier service BlueEx, the courier of Blue Air whose in-competent service took life of more than 250 people in Islamabad Crash back in year 2010. I waited for one day...two days... I panicked as it was the second time BlueEx was behaving like this.

My reasons for panic:

  • If you shop from J4G u must know they can delete your account if your parcel returns undelivered
  • Earlier in November, 2012 when I shopped through J4G the same courier service updated on there website that No one received the parcel and answered call so the parcel is back on way to Karachi, the very next day it reached Islamabad, I panicked contacted there offices in Karachi as no number of Islamabad was given on there site. I was not contacted, I was home all day, I was waiting, My cell phone was active and with me all the time. Well it reached me after such a hue and cry. So I was dealing with the same courier service this time:/
17th went, 18th went I was contacting J4G, the rep is so nice she was all the time helping but what to do with these thick heads "courier walas". Lets see there site updates on 17th and 18th it showed the same status "shipment out for delivery" and I actually received it on 19th, around 5 pm.

I have no complains from J4G and there customer service. All the fuss was created by this courier service.
Now let me share you there all the time changing statements.

17th April:
On website it was "Shipment Out for delivery", I waited all day but I received no call.

18th April:
I contacted there Karachi office, they told me they will look into the matter and will contact me back. I asked them to give me there Islamabad/Rawalpindi number, it was granted. I myself contacted the lady on the phone told me that, "your order is on way today, you will get it today, here is the number of the rider" o.0 Well I called the rider and he told me that he will come in the evening as he is waiting for the today's flight (that day). I was assured that I will get it by evening, so waited. In the evening the Karachi person called me and told me this new story: " You may get it today as yesterday you did not pick the call", o.0 "I din't pick what??? Sir no one called me" and I told him the Riders version of story for which he has no answer. Now I felt Alarmed and contacted J4G there customer service assured me for help. No one came and I didn't get my parcel.... the day ended waiting and more frustrated. I even decided not to receive the parcel even if J4G puts a BAN on me. I am not spending Pkr 2000 to face all that tension:(

19th April:
I called Hifsa at J4G and told her that dear ban me I am not going to recieve the parcel. She is so sweet to tell me that they won't ban me as they know I am a regular customer and they are having problem with BluEx, she told me to order nest time and pay earlier not to choose COD so my parcel can be sent through Leopard, that is one fast and active service in Pakistan my personal experience with them is really nice. But this time it was Free delivery and that they had to do through BluEx. Well I told her that if I wont get it by 12 pm I wont accept it sorry. I gave her Riders number, she emailed me that my parcel will be delivered today any time. Then the rider contacted me with a new story "we are short of riders so all load on me and I was on leave for two days..." ahan!!! "kahani me twist" I told him if he can come before 12 pm then okey or he can send back the parcel. He promised to be there by 2 pm. Well finally I got it after 3 pm that day. I was tired and even didn't want to open my package. But Makeup was in that so how could I stop the temptation. Story has not ended yet...mini heart attacks are on there way...lolz.
Picture abhi baqi hey mere Dost!!!
BluEx incompetent courier service

I opened the package and Dhrummmmm dhrumm dhrummm I was laid down. May be these issues sound petty to any one but here we are talking of a person who was already frustrated for three days (infact a full week) that is "ME".

First mini-Heart Attack: This in not the Hello Glow I ordered, I ordered pink with rose dust it is white... I was about to turn white my self :/
Second mini-Heart Attack: The packaging was way toooooooooooooooooooooooooo small than I expected I know this is trial pack but toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo small for Pkr 650 disappointed me. (mind it I was already so tortured that could not stand this I know many of you will say this is not an issue)

Solace: I called Hifsa at J4G immediately she was sorry for inconvenience and promised to get it changed with in two three days, well it was changed finally on 25th April after a week and I got my trial pack with diamante. Happily using it now.
2 mini heart attacks
Third mini-Heart Attack:
The essence Sun club oil control paper were also such a small packaging, all that 2x2.5 inches square for Pkr 350...:(

Solace: It has 50 papers well that will last long enough.

Fourth mini-Heart Attack:
The MUA blush which is 2.4 g is equal in size of the eyeshade which is only 2 g.

Solace: They both are such a lovely products that I fell in love and my heart ache was all gone away....
Size does MATTER!!!
Dears after so much of THE EXPERIENCE I am really exhausted and UNHAPPY. So there for I am not sharing the details of what I got but will review the products I loved and am using these days. I have no grudge against J4G they are still the best with all that MUA, but BluEx has to go.
May be few of you think that all this hue and cry is and was useless than I can only say stand in my shoes.... The ones who can feel or relate I am thankful for your love and support.

I will shop from J4G, next time for sure as they have MUA the most affordable brand with few miracle products. But next time I will pay earlier so my parcel can be send through TCS or Leopard courier.

Stay Blessed.
Remember me in your prayers.


Note: This is not a PR or paid post. I have nothing personal against any of the mentioned companies/brands, I just shared my 100% real experience. sorry if some one is hurt, you have a room to improve, my job is to share only the truth with my readers.

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  1. whew!! That was a series of heartattacks, I totally know how frustrating it is when the parcels don't arrive on time. I ordered last month from J4G when I visited Pak, my parcel was delivered in 6 days when it takes a max of 2 days to get a parcel from Khi to Pwr.. Hope J4G does something about it.

  2. Awwwwwwwww blue ex is such a pathetic company i dont understand why good online shops anyways i can understand how it feels when u r on no spend mode and spend some good amount and allasss in the end all went rong i am not a fan of MUA as i bought a big big order from the website and half of things were dried like liner mascarra but ll look fwd fr your review ;)

  3. i totally understand how you felt after a bad shopping experience. Have felt so many times. I have used these essence oil control papers and reviewed them as well on my blog. They didnt work for me at all. I prefer the palladio ones, they are unbeatable. Try those next time :)

  4. Aww I'm sad for your experience, happens sometimes. I'm curious about Sun Club oil control papers, review them soon please :) x

  5. Woah! Thank God that I live in Karachi and use CoD xD Will keep your experience in mind.

  6. It's really annoying when you don't get your package ! It's so exhausting and frustrating.

  7. ohhh really sad story :p
    Hope it will not happen with any one next time .!!

  8. it was sad story, unhappy for your bad experience

  9. I am really thankful to all of you lovely ladies who can relate to my experience and understand my pain and frustration, Love you all!!!

  10. Phew.... am just shocked to read all story, though my experience is very good with them, i dont know why they were failed to do so, may be it happened due to unavoidable circumstances in Karachi in those days, You know at that time whole khi was disturb due to blast etc. :(

  11. aww i can understand how does this feel

  12. Aww poor you, it sucks when this happens. This is why I prefer to do in-store shopping. Thanks for sharing, and next time lets not do COD!


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