What's in my Travel makeup pouch? Travel Post loaded with scenic views from Northern Pakistan

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Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
Its May, and not so hot in Islamabad as it will be in the few next months, but still who would say NO to visit the beautiful Lush and cool places like "Galiyat" (the places with "gali", street, in there names) in Northern Areas of Pakistan. I won't! and few weeks back visited the "heaven on earth" like places. Of course my Makeup pouch was along, how could I miss that :p Thought to share the list of Makeup I took along and also to take you beauties on the visit along with me, although only through pictures :) So are you all beauties ready to know what is in my Travel Makeup  Pouch and to have a pictorial trip with me??? To Know More Read More!!!

My Travel Makeup Pouch: 

Stylo Makeup Pouch Open!
All Makeup beauties I trust for Travel
Product Details:

Most of these products are used in the Makeup Look I created recently, do check it HERE!!!

Makeup Pouch: I bought this from Stylo Shoes, for Pkr 550/- I loved the little silver butterflies hanging with the zipper. It has two compartments and have plenty of room for many essentials on the go! (see the picture and details to trust my words!!!)

  • Elisha Coy CC Cream, as a primer, I knew this all-in-one product will work good in the cold.
  • Color Studio Pro Luminous Foundation, only liquid works in the chilling cold weather.
  • MUA Eyeshadow Primer, a must so the eye-makeup stays during all that long travelling.
  • Essence Multi Action Mascara, I can't imagine travelling without a friendly mascara like this.
  • Luscious single eyeshade in Deep Forest, an eyeshadow which will suite the best for jungle tracking :p
  • MUA pearl eyeshadow #25, Lovely one you need to have something pink with you.
  • Maybelline Colossal Kajal, My love these days, eyeshadow or no eyeshadow it work equally good.
  • Rimmel eyebrow pencil, a must for me. 
  • Revlon eye pencil, "Brushed Pewter", my choice if I won't put any eye makeup.
  • Luscious Sparkling pencil in Metallic Purple, same reason as stated above.
  • Karaja Kohl pencil, I love using it as my black liner.
  • MUA mosaic bronzer in "Sun-Kissed", I don't wanna miss that sunkissed glow in the Sun while tracking.
  • Color Studio Pro Blush in "Pixie Pink", soft pink blush is always a love for already chilled struck cheeks.
(It is always most difficult to decide which of my lovelies to take along and which to leave back)
  • ELF Lipstick in "Seductive", a soft pink for travelling and to keep in my purse every time.
  • Luscious moisturizing Lipstick in "Haute Pink", for the evening-walk.
  • MUA Intense Lipgloss in "Quick Kiss", anytime :D
  • Color Studio pro Color Rush Lipstick in "Acapulco", for tracking time.
Skin Care:
  • Merle Norman Brilliant-C Cleanser, (sachet) best to remove all that makeup without leaking in my pouch.
  • Merle Norman Brilliant-C Serum, (sachet) best to get a glow on the skin along with moisturizer.
  • Merle Norman anti-Redness cream, (sachet) I used it when suddenly my skin faced the Sun, on the way back home and I had a sun-burn redness, it really calmed my skin.
  • Johnson's Baby skin care wipes, for me and my baby, serves two beauties on the go! :p A must.

Baby wipes, makeup removing wipes, makeup cleanser
Baby wipes for double duties of two beauties:)
Travel Pakistan:

Let me take you all to a pictorial trip of few areas of Beautiful Northern Areas of My Beloved Pakistan. Are you ready to breath in the fragrance of freshly rain-washed pine trees and to click and save the scenic beauty into your eyes? YES! Then what are we waiting for Let's GO!!!

Note: The picture are a selection, its in the series from the start of the journey till the end.

A pair of beautiful Peacocks welcomed us

I had to stop to capture this, dried up leaves still so beautiful

Wooden Lantern in the Sun (its electric though :p)

The turn which left the Sun behind

Frozen Springs in May...wow

Ice Burg!!! lolz

You can imagine the Chill

Alive spring and the snow

The Clouds ruling the Mountain top

A view from our room

Generous V.I.P gesture from the HOST

Tracking & the Pine Cone

Hello Sun from the long trees' branches

This Tree has a Story to tell!

A lush green land full of Butterflies- A thousand butterflies!

Butterfly! Don't Fly!

Can you spot Mushkpuri?- far far away

Can you spot the Lady-Bug?

A blossoming tree & the change in the sky

I love those tin-roofs- Sat in the Sun

Capturing Shadows and Light

Here come the clouds

Here Goes the Sun- Peace & serenity at Dusk!!!

I have special love for autumn-struck trees

View from our room-window

Dhonga Gali Track

Under the LONG pine trees

The Valley- shape of Bowl, named Dhonga(bowl in urdu)

The Famous Haunted Tree of Dhonga Gali Track

A Cafe with mounted tourism pictures

Monkeys sitting as if Lions...lolz

After few minutes our car was surrounded by BA! BA!

Back on Express Highway

BBye Mountains welcome Sun

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Do You have any summer vacations plan? OR recently have you been to any Tourist place? Share your experience!

Stay Blessed.
Remember me in your prayers.

Love & Respect!


Note: This a personal post all the pictures are close to me and my family so refrain from copying... My humble request.
This post may contain few PR products.

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  1. Ufff lovely! This is my favourite post on your blog so far :D Wonderful makeup goodies to travel with and amazing clicks of beautiful places. x

  2. I love Maybelline Colossal Kajal too :) Its my HG product.. Nice post huda!

  3. Wow, love the pictures, No doubt Pakistan is full of Nature beauty.

    I am amazed u have picked a v small makeup bag for travelling :P lolzz

    Love your post, its really beautiful :) thanks for sharing such beautiful pics

    1. lolz that was a difficult part if it was in my hands I could have taken a full suite case.... :p
      Thank you darling!!! <3

  4. loved the monkey picture =p
    good post

  5. Wow beautiful post. How beautiful our country is. Love every single picture

    1. Thank you dear for your kind words ...means allot!!!

  6. Lovely clicks.Sheer poetry. After the hot weather here in Islamabad this post was really refreshing. Please please take me with you on your next trip ;)

    1. Sure!!! I would love the company of beauty loving people like you. Thank you for your appreciation <3

  7. wow Beautiful click <3 Beauty of nature :)

  8. No Doubt Pakistan is really beautiful

  9. woowww lovelyyyy pics ... just luv your photography.. awEsome post..
    And yess the makeup pouch is soo cute <3

  10. such a lovely post. makes me want to travel to Pakistan <3

    1. True, Pakistan is such a beautiful country with all seasons of Miracles... do plan a trip:)

  11. wowww love this post + pics :)

  12. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! It looks a lot like Northern Oregon here in the states, minus the monkeys! Thanks for sharing your travel makeup bag, too! So much fun. Glad you enjoyed your journey! :)

    1. O really That's good to know!!! Thank You for liking my Travel post :)

  13. OMG pics are soooo coooolllll


  14. what a lovely post... each photo reminds me my old lovely days.... U really had great fun... let more such post come... :) amazing sort of happiness

  15. Lovely Pics :) and yes your travel makeup bag is small, but yet it contains all important products :)
    I can imagine, we girls can even take entire suit case to the trip with no hassel :P Hehheh :)

  16. Wawoooo wawooo love all pics <3
    realy owsammmm <3
    I love your this post, specially your cute travel makeup pouch <3

  17. Cute make-up bag!
    Becky xo

  18. Your choice of travel makeup is great! But the photos you took, simply breath-taking!!!

  19. You have some great stuff in your makeup bag. All those landscape pictures are beautiful 💕


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