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Hey Nail Art Lovers!!!
"Nail Art is my NEW-est Passion" and I am all in all into it these days, my regular readers know that :p When Born Pretty Store sent me few Nail Art goodies to try and review I was more than happy. One of the goodies is the very basic Nail Art tool: 2 way wooden Dotting Pen Tool. My Nail Art collection was lacking one and I know how much I missed it, only after using it so here is my experience along with a pictorial.
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2 Way Wooden Dotting Pen Tool from Born Pretty Store:

100% new retail
Size: 13cm(length)

Package Contents:
1* 2 way Wooden Dotting Pen Tool Nail Art Manicure

1. One end with a larger ball and another end with a smaller one for various marbleizing work
2. Straight and angular dotting balls for all sort of working conditions
3. Ideal for the professional use
4. You can use this useful tool for creating a marbling design, blending colours, creating swirls and textured finishes. It can also be used for creating dots - of an even or decreasing size - and to pill dots into petal shapes when doing finely detailed flowers.

2 Way Wooden Dotting Pen Tool from Born Pretty Store
Large ball end
Small ball end

A dotting tool was missing in my Nail Art collection, when I got to try 2 Way Wooden Dotting Pen Tool from Born Pretty Store I was happy and excited. As this is the very BASIC tool for Nail Art but the base is very important as we all know. Many Nail Art designs can be created with this tool alone. You can add Large or small dots and even make flowers, or leopard print and many more. It totally depends on your skills and creativity what wonders you can do with this tool, alone or combining with other Nail Art tools and decorations:). I am loving this 2 way tool in very affordable price, do check the discount code in the side bar. I created five little "Mani-Painting" using this single tool, have a look and Bless me with you comments.

The tool and the palette
"Dot Dot Dot!" Nail Art:

Dot Dot dot! Nail Art
Dot Dot dot! Nail Art

Prepare the base:
I always wear my Crea-Nails to protect the mess around the nails and finger tips. Then apply transparent Base coat over all nails and add the base shade. Like always, I chose to do all five nails in different shades and style

Dotted Flowers:

On white base I added large neon pink dots and around it added many dots to give it a look of Dotted Flowers.
Dotted Flowers
 Leopard Print:
Ivory base, added Maroon elongated dots with large dotting ball, bordered them with black and then added yellow and orange spots with smaller dotting ball.
Leopard print
Dotted Moon:

On my Middle finger I added Pink base then added small dots of different shades on the side of tip giving it a moon curve.
Dotted Moon
Dots into Dots:

On my Ring finger I applied my turquoise nail color, then added white Bigger dots and finally added Blue dots into the White dots.
Dots into Dots
Polka Dots:

For my small finger I chose a yellow base colour and dots of green and orange to give it a total disco look.

Polka Dots

Here is the Final Look, Hope you like it! I used Nail Colours from my Sweet Touch Nail polishes and HSY from Luscious.
Five Mani-Painting Dot dot Dot!
The Thumb 
The Fingers

2 Way Wooden Dotting Pen Tool costs 0.99$. Do check Born Pretty Store website for free shipping worldwide. Use 10% discount code "LWJ61".  Join Born Pretty store's Facebook fan-page for more updates and latest Nail Art and beauty products.

Hope you like my Nail Art. Do share your views, comment, share, like, tweet, G+ and Pin IT.
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Are you crazy for Nail Art? I am truly deeply madly into Nail Art:) 

Stay blessed.
Remember me in your prayers.
Love & Respect.


NOTE: This is a PR post/product, my review and opinion is 100% honest with my readers. For details read MY BLOG POLICY.

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  1. Before even reading I could already tell that you are such an addict because you created multiple designs on the same hand in one go! :D
    The one on your thumb is my favourite! ;)
    It's always good to read about online shops on blogs because I wouldn't dare trust them otherwise.

  2. Lovely nail art, so girly and chic! <3

  3. wow cute .My fav design is the one on index finger.it looks like blooming dog flowers.Also on the ring finger i love your color scheme.Nice love all the design

  4. you are super good at nail art...dotting is superbbbb

  5. This is really cute, I like the half moon pink one:) Now you have mastered the sacred art of dotting :D

  6. this is so gorgeous i use tooth picks for dotting my nails


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