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Thursday, June 20, 2013 Sparkling Palette Blog 10 Comments

Hey Nail Art Lovers!!!
I am so much into Nail Art, never knew that my passion for nail polishes will sprung up like this and all I want to Haul will be nail polishes. Let's have a look on my recent Hauls, PR, prizes and Surprises. To Reveal, Read More!!!


My Nail Art Box, no sweets :p
Nail Art box open
HAUL from Nail Art Collection:

Haul from Nail Art collection
I bought few Nail art essentials like stippling tape, diamante's, my favourite water dacels from Nail Art Collection an online store, the green glitter is a gift from the sweet owner of the store:)

Nail polish Hauls from Al-Fatah:

May Nail Polish Haul
Beautiful and Colorful
June purchase
In May I bought 7 colours from Sweet touch range: Pkr 135 each
In June I bought two from Sweet Touch range: Pkr 140 each

from Born Pretty Store
Luscious Designer Nail colors:

HSY and Fahad hussayn
HSY swatch
Luscious HSY is a giveaway prize I won from Pandora's Box and fahad Hussayn is a surprise gift from my friend Fakhra Rafique from Fakhra rafique Blog. Fakhra sent me five nail polishes. She is such a lovely lady I thank her for her generosity and choice of nail polishes. Have a look what she sent me, along with swatches!

Surprise gift from my lovely Fakhra
This is ALL...not enough though ...lolz... still craving for all those million Nail polishes out there :p

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Stay blessed.
Remember me in your prayers.
Love and Respect.


NOTE: This post may contain few PR products. This post is not a show-off by any mean this is just a way of sharing my love with my readers and friends. Love & Respect.

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  1. sweet touch is available in 100 rupees in anarkali lahore :) lovely haul

  2. Wow! amazing collection i want to grab them aaaaallll <3 it

  3. The nail polishes look beautiful ,es piecially the sweet touch ones are prefect for summer. Looking forwards to a NOTD.

  4. Great collection! You're making a good use of that gourmet box XD
    Luscious HSY nail polish suits you! ;) xo

  5. fabolous nail art kit dear

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  6. what a colorful post.i m glad u r enjoying your nail art the box of nail art.I use a shoe box hehe

  7. Great collection! So many pretty colours :)

  8. That is such a massive collection :)

  9. sweet touch has some great shades at affordable rates, thanks for sharing your collection:) xx

  10. what a colourful post hun keep it up!!!!


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