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Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
I met a lady few months ago and am still enchanted by her wonders and skills. She never fails to snatch a WOW! out of my mouth. This is why I chose the inspiring Saman Ansari to be the first "Sparkling Celebrity" for she is truly a Media Darling. I had a long session questioning her about her passions, skills, future plans and Spring Summer Trends, 2013, (That will interest most of us). How I met her and how she surprises me every now and then? To Reveal More, Read More!!!
Beware: You can be enchanted too!!!

SAMAN ANSARI: My Impressions:

It was October, 2012, I registered for "Master Makeup Class by Saman Ansari", I didn't know her and hardly I knew that she is going to leave a deep impression of her persona on me. Being a naive makeup lover, I learned allot, from techniques to skills. Since day one this lady is giving me shocks of surprises, there is a series of surprises; she has a son (Silly me! I was thinking she is just a fresh graduate venturing the world of makeup :p), she is a passionate photographer, then came her Samaa TVC , well ok she is a radio jockey and Voice Over artist other than being a Makeup artist and a Model, she is a wedding designer, she is interested in education as well and what not (sorry if I missed mentioning anything). But what impresses me most about is her MOST POSITIVE status updates her energetic persona and her skills and traits like a Pro. It is the Ansari Family legacy which gives us such a Talented, Art lover, Education Motivator and Creative lady, not to forget Beautiful and Stunning too. Truly a "Media Darling!"

Lets meet Saman Ansari and get enchanted!


SMB: Who is Real Saman Ansari?

Saman Ansari: She is evolving every day yet remaining true to her heritage and virtues regardless of what part of the world she calls home

SMB: Your zodiac and date of birth?

Saman Ansari: I am an Aquarius and I was born on the First of Feb, 1974.

SMB: If you were not a makeup Artist what you wish you were?

Saman Ansari: Let’s see, a TV anchor, a radio presenter, a voice over artist, a photographer a wedding designer and a mother… oh wait, I am already those too :)

SMB: Saman the Makeup Artist or the Media person?

Saman Ansari: The Media personality- my makeup passion started when I began my career with TV two decades ago. I was fascinated by the impact of different lighting situations on how the makeup appeared, and thus I followed that infatuation and made it a passionate profession.

SMB: Dear you have so many attributes to your personality, from where you got your talents?

Saman Ansari: I am so blessed, my family has an overload of talent and the genes have been passed on to me through the generations. My Nana is a genius at the arts and sciences, still known as one of the best classical flute players in the sub continent. I got my love for painting from him which I implement as a makeup artist. My mother is a brilliant educator and an artist, so the genes for communicating and more artistic abilities came from her. My father is one of the founding members of PTV and my love for the camera, mike and being in front of a live audience was inherited from him. Last but most impactful, all those who told me “ could not do it” fueled my commitment to not only do it but to excel at it!

SMB: Which profession of yours out of Makeup Artist, photographer, Radio jockey, voice over artist and many more, you want to wear as in your identity?

Saman Ansari: They are all inter-related all a form of communication. Expressing or capturing beauty, impacting with voice or facial expressions. As a makeup artist I know what a photographer see’s through the lens, as a photographer I know how to make the makeup look incredible, Radio, VO’s and TV are all my way of communicating with the world.

SMB: How do you manage time between your professional commitments and personal life?

Saman Ansari: Allhamdullilah, it now seems quite do-able. So it was always challenging as I had to give up ‘me’ time for ‘my best’ time but with experience you learn how to prioritize and family is always going to be my top priority.

SMB: You are a mother of a handsome son, how motherhood changed you or not at-all?

Saman Ansari: Complete metamorphosis of me as a person! My darling son Aayaan has taught me what unconditional love is and that even in the ugliest situations how letting of pre-conceived notions can really help one to look at the scenario in an unbiased way- with the pure awe of a child!

SMB: M.A.C Pro artist, photographer, Radio jockey, and voice over artist, Model, Media person, we would love to know that “Jack of all trades and master of…….???

Saman Ansari: I am a MAC PRO artist which means that my work is acknowledged by MAC as a professional artist. While my title says ‘Master Makeup Artist’ I feel I am learning each day and that is what will one day make me a real maestro. If I believe I have mastered any of the things now, I will surely stagnate.

SMB:. Share your experience being a M.A.C Pro Makeup Artist? How it happened? Did they train you?

Saman Ansari: MAC did not train me, they only train some of their staff that works at their stores and counters. A MAC PRO Artist which is what I am is when MAC goes through your portfolio and determines your skill level. Few in the world have this title so I am very grateful. This happened in 1999 when I started offering my professional makeup services in the USA and since I was using MAC products I sent in my work and there it was! Every year after I would attend the MAC Master Classes to stay up to speed on their latest products and techniques.

SMB: Photography is a passion, time pass or a MUST?

Saman Ansari: A passion! And I specialize in mother and child photojournalism. That is my strength. Capturing candid moments of undeniable love that can only be seen in the interaction of a mother with her offspring.

SMB: How do you find the professional environment in Pakistan?

Saman Ansari: Is this a trick question? Let’s put it this way, there are all kinds of people every where in the world. I have worked in India, Pakistan, Canada all over the USA and now in the UAE. You can either ‘Do as the Romans do’ or you can adapt. Now adaptation does not mean letting go of what you believe in to get a job or role or title. It means learn about the work ethics and culture then see how you can approach it in a beneficial manner without sacrificing what you stand for.

SMB: Is women accepted to play all major and strong roles in our Media/Fashion Industry?

Saman Ansari: Now, absolutely. 20 some years ago when I entered this field, there were a lot of raised eyebrows and muddled whispers.

SMB: Any comment from a fan that made your day?

Saman Ansari: ‘Baji, you are the biggest inspiration for me. You are a true reflection of the girl next door who made it. I will always say duaa for you and your success as you have touched so many lives.’

SMB: You are a known face in social media; share your “I am your biggest fan” experience.

Saman Ansari: FM 100, year 1995 fan called to let me know he had become a father and his mom (the daadi) insisted that the baby girl be named ‘Saman Ansari’ so that she could be sweet in her words and demeanor!

SMB: Describe your inclination towards education, as you are one of the admin at a Kids school.

Saman Ansari: I am the director of events and activities at Bachpan which is a unique early years learning center and day care that I founded with my sister and my mother who has been an incredible educationist for over 35 years. As a student, the bar was always raised very high for me, I come from a family that is brimming with PHD’s my aunt was the first Pakistani to teach at the Harvard Business School, toppers and gold medalists you get the picture. I always did my best but till I was in B.Sc I never came first… And when I finally did come first and get a position in the University of Punjab and get my name on the Roll of Honor etc I realized that more than the courses, it was all my extra curricular activities that really made me challenge my abilities and carve out the Saman Ansari I am today. I did every thing from singing, to Naat Khuwani, debating to acting to fashion shows in college. Allhamdullilah I was best all rounder student and best English debater of my college for 4 consecutive years, and these titles are still yet to be taken by another.

SMB: With all that slim and trim physique we’d love to know the secret behind the Fit Saman?

Saman Ansari: Oh dear me, this is the one I was dreading. I was always petite and when I got pregnant with my son, I was a mere 105 lbs. Some how during pregnancy I felt that I would never ever get to eat again and I went on a bunging spree that made me gain 70 lbs in 9 months!!!!  Once he was born I was 20 lbs lighter but now came the challenge of losing the remaining 50. Lactation helped me loose another 10 lbs. I also developed an under-active thyroid which made my metabolism so slow that even water seemed to give me additional lbs… So I started working out at the gym and dancing at home (alone of course cause I really cant dance) and I cut back on processed foods and completely quit fast food, soda and desserts. It took 4 years to loose it all but that was the healthy way to do it. Today I am about 110 lbs which yoyos by +- 5 lbs going up when I get stressed cause I eat when I am stressed and goes down when I am uber happy. I still work out 4 days a week to keep the muscle tone and energy level up cause I do have very very long work days.

Photo Courtesy: The Studio Dubai
SMB: Name a person you can tag as you Muse and why?

Saman Ansari: Madhuri Dixit and Angelina Jolie. Both reflect the essence of a woman in two different manners and I look up to both of them. Madhuri for her unmatched grace, elegance and excellence at her passion of dance which is so evident in her body, eyes and smiles. And Angelina for being a UN ambassador with her heart and soul reflecting her love for the third world countries in all the adoptions she made. She has a wicked naughtiness in her eyes, yet her face reflects such soulfulness and this is not something you can fake. Recently her preventive surgery has raised my level of respect for her even higher as she is a symbol of sensuality and yet she made a wise decision and changed her future and that of her children for ever!

Madhuri, Saman's Muse in RED

SMB: Which trends are in for Spring Summer 2013? Any advice or suggestions.

Saman Ansari: Bright is so in but then so is smokey and so is flushed and glowing. It seems that we have been in this loop forever now, each time just a bit of change and the trend is back. Channel just did a fun look with thick black liner on the top lid in an exaggerated cat eye and bright cobalt blue on the lower lid which looked incredible!

SMB: Can anyone follow any on-trend blindly or there should be a self restriction for Do’s and Don'ts?

Saman Ansari: Red Flag goes up! Skin tone and features are what decide how a trend should be customized. Straight out of the magazine doesn't even look good on the models that feature it with out Photoshop ;) I am tanned so pastel colors look ashy on me, so for me a fresh nude look is deeper colors that are applied in a sheer manner. Similarly I have very large eyes so I can carry off crazy false eyelashes but some one with smaller eyes or droopy lids would make that feature not so pretty if they went with lush falsies.

SMB: The people, like me, with oily skin would love to know few Makeup tips to make it stay in the Summer-time.

Saman Ansari: Join the club, super oil field express is what I call my skin. Start with a soap free face wash, do not use oil removing products they make the skin believe its too dry and then it produces more oil than before. After the wash, gently pat dry and on moist skin use an oil free moisturizer to make sure you don’t get dry patches which is a common problem on oily skin. Then an oil free sunscreen, my favorite for that past 25 years has been F&L and  no it does not make you fair. After that apply powder based makeup, stay away from glossy lipsticks as they will bleed into the oil of the skin and get smudged. Every few hours pat your skin with and oil blotting sheet or brown paper (recycled brown tissues are my favorite). Avoid applying face powder on oily skin as it will just make it a yucky pasty mess. An most importantly stay hydrated with water, this is how Allhamdulliah I still do not look my age.

SMB: How essential do you think skin care is along with makeup?

Saman Ansari: Imperative! You cannot paint a masterpiece on a damaged canvas so instead of covering skin issues invest in correcting them. Then work on preventing them for the future and please please avoid using makeup that is so cheap its too good to be true because the quality of ingredients in them is not monitored and you may end up with irreversible skin damage.

Red She Said!
SMB: What are we going to have next… your future plans?

Saman Ansari: I would like to have a school of aesthetics for young girls where I can teach them not only how to carry themselves with elegance and grace but also that true beauty is skin deep and how they can channelize their inner strengths to appear beautiful on the outside! While I love doing makeup and can transform my look and enjoy it too, I am just as confident stepping outside in absolutely no makeup. Because while the print media and ‘glamour industry’ has chosen to create a ‘standard’ of what beauty is- the exquisite radiance of a pure soul is unmatched!

SMB: Saman you are blessed with an energetic personality and your positivity/optimism is much inspiring, from where all that peace and tranquility comes from?

Saman Ansari: My incredible family and my friends have impacted me with so much love, trust and belief! Also, if for one moment we stop whining about what all we don’t have and look around us, I know it sounds like a cliche but really that is moment when you get overwhelmed with gratitude as the creator has blessed us with so much that we take for granted. And as a public figure I would be dishonest to my role if I did not spread the goodness to those who may be struggling to find that inner-peace!

SMB: Who is your best friend Makeup, Camera or mike?

Saman Ansari: The Microphone- that moment of completely being on my own, in a sound proof studio and reaching out to millions with the meandering tones of my voice and fluttering blossoms of my words.

SMB: How many places in the world you have been and which city or specific place is your favourite and why?

Saman Ansari: I have been to India, Canada, the UK, Spain, The USA (pretty much all over) St Kitts and now the UAE and I would still only want to live in Islamabad because that is the city who made me who I am, that is my home!

SMB: You love to buy shoes, lipstick, chocolate or….?

Saman Ansari: Shoes in a heart beat and no less than 5 inch heels please.

SMB: Any advice to inspire my readers who are as energetic as you are.

Saman Ansari: Competition is what makes us better than we think we can be. So take it in the same light and do not get threatened or disheartened by it. Do not be afraid to share your skills and expertise because every cook has a different way of creating the same recipe, so no one can replace your signature! You are your own enemy when you doubt yourself, so keep that chin high and reach for the stars while keep a firm footing on the ground. With great success comes great responsibility so do not forget to be grateful and devoted to whatever field in life you are involved in.

SMB: Dearest Saman one cannot stop asking questions to you, as one need to learn allot from a dynamic person like you. So we won’t take much of your precious time, causing hindrance in all those upcoming picture shots you are going to post, so let’s have a QUICK FAVOURITES:

  • Song: 1990’s Said I loved you but I lied, 2000’s Kaho Eik Din, 2013 Lat Lag Gaee
  • Singer: Rihanna
  • Movie:Top Gun
  • Actor (Female): Madhuri Dixit
  • Actor (Male): Tom Cruise
  • Food: Brain Masala and Falsay
  • Beauty product: Lip pencil
  • Makeup Brand: MAC
  • Makeup Artist: Raquel Lacson from Vancouver Canada.
  • Perfume/Fragrance: The pure essence of Motia
Thank you Saman Ansari for your precious time you took out for Sparkling makeup Blog's Readers, followers and for me (your fan-i).

I hope my lovely readers had fun knowing all about Saman Ansari and her tips and tricks. Catch up with her on the social Media:
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NOTE: Photos courtesy Saman Ansari and The Studio Dubai.

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