Wanna buy Big Eye Circle lens? Uniqso.com is your answer~ Store review

Thursday, June 13, 2013 Sparkling Palette Blog 2 Comments

Hey Lens Lovers!!!
If you are interested in wearing lens then I am glad to introduce to you an online store Uniqso.com which have the best range of circle lens in great range of designs and colours so you have a variety to chose from for your style. To Know More Read More!!!


Uniqso is an online store which sells the big eye circle lenses. The have a wide range of variety to choose from different categories here. To know more about Big Eye Circle Lenses check "About circle lenses" or "Glossary of circle lenses". Shopping from this site is an easy task and their customer service is great and helpful. Do visit them if you are planning to buy Big eye Circle lenses.

 I am a fan of Circle lenses, naturally I have dark-brown (Asian) eyes, but I love to wear lenses to change my style on different occasions. My favourite shades are grey, blue and hazel brown The beauty of the lens is to make your eye look Big as I have medium small hooded eyes, I want lenses which can make my eye more visible. I selected Uniqso.com to shop lenses and I am very excited, hope to receive them soon. I must tell you that it was a real difficult task to select from that wide range. I ordered lenses from Barbie range as this has been reviewed as real eye brighteners. Trust me shopping from this site is very easy and there customer service is very efficient and helpful.
Can you guess what I must have ordered??? Keep guessing until I wait for my parcel then I will reveal my choice. Hope to get it soon:)
hint: It is one of my favourite colours and the design is close to my zodiac sign Leo.

Stay blessed.
Remember me in your prayers.


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