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A face wash which does it all! is all we want for Summer Time. As I start unveiling my Summer Love from the blog Series "Trusted for Sparkling summer" first have a look how I start from the skin cleansing. This year I chose "L'Oreal Hydra-Total 5 Facial Wash", it promises allot! wanna know does it deliver it all?? To Know More Read More!!!

L'Oreal Paris HYDRA-TOTAL 5 NORMAL Facial Wash:

L'Oreal Paris Hydra-Total 5 Facial Wash
The L'Oreal Skin Care Laboratories have developed HYDRA-TOTAL 5 NORMAL Facial Wash formulated for Normal and Combination skin.

Each day, it thoroughly cleanses your skin and eliminates impurities form deep within. Its soap-free formula is enriched with essential minerals to detoxify the skin and maintain its hydration.

Perfectly cleansed and balanced, your skin is clarified with an immediate fresh sensation and soft finish.

Soap Free

  1. Cleanses
  2. Refreshes
  3. Hydrates
  4. Softens
  5. Balance
Normal and Combination Skin

L'Oreal Paris Hydra-Total 5 Facial Wash
L'Oreal Paris Hydra-Total 5 Facial Wash
The Nozzle

It is a little wide squeezable transparent-plastic tube, which shows the greenish gel like liquid from inside it. It has a white coloured flip-open cap. The nozzle here is a little bigger too. The packaging is sturdy and looks refreshing in Summers with all its cucumber-like-shades.
Net wt: 150 ml and will survive for 12 Months (I will be sucking it up pretty soon though :p)

L'Oreal Paris Hydra-Total 5 Facial Wash

Last Summers I got my hands on "L'Oreal Paris Hydra Fresh foaming gel", although it was against my norms of buying too expensive face wash but I didn't regret for a single penny as "it truly Worth It!" I went to the market to get the same, but the sales girl had a newly launched product on L'Oreal Paris counter with the name of Hydra-Total 5. It really makes me happy to see a company excel in its own products and amazes the costumer with advance formulas for skin care specially. As a true Beauty Blogger I purchased it to get a chance to try a new product and review for my readers, I love you so much. Its been two weeks I am using this product and I must say I am won over. It promises to Cleanse, Refreshes, Hydrates, Softens and Balance... It does it all!!! I have a combination skin, with highly oily T-zone and barren dry patchy cheeks. After every wash I literally feels as if my skin is cleansed properly, a perfect blessing for a lazy person like me, the feeling of this greenish transparent gel is really refreshing, my cheeks doesn't get dried up or have tight feelings and shows that they are hydrated, over all my skin is soften up and finally I feel the balance maintained between the two poles of my face, Oily T-zone Vs Dry Cheeks. I am Sold!!! I have only reservations about two things one is that BIG Nozzle which makes it a leaky and totally a Non travel friendly packaging. The other one is a real worry for Makeup Lovers, I felt it does not cleanse makeup as good as the Hydra Fresh version used to do, for cleaning makeup during a wash, I love it that way, you will have to take a little more quantity or wash your face twice, depends.
Recommended: For best results use with the L'Oreal Paris Hydra-Total 5 gel cream for Normal and combination skin. It has a variant for Dry and sensitive skin in Pink coloured Tube.


  • you have Normal or combination skin
  • you are looking for a perfect Summer Time
  • you love products which delivers what they promise
  • easily available in the local market
  • with this you won't be needing any cleanser for daily use


  • seems pricey
  • not travel friendly packaging
  • you expect it to remove makeup in one wash


4/5. I wish it was travel friendly and cleansed the makeup in one wash. Totally recommended for the Summer skin.


It costs PKR 699/- I bought mine from Al-Fatah Islamabad's L'Oreal Paris counter. Available Nation wide. Do check your nearest super stores.
For details visit L'Oreal Paris Pakistan fan-page on Facebook  & website.

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  1. I have been looking for a holy grail face wash. This might do the trick for me as my skin is more combo than dry in summers! :) x

  2. Sounds pretty good.. i might give it a go :)

  3. was waiting for your review,it sounds like a must try xx

  4. Ahan, looks needs to try this one too ;)

  5. Thanks for sharing now i plan for buying ;)

  6. Thanks for sharing now i plan for buying ;)

  7. I wonder how it would work on acne prone skin like mine. Great review:) xx

  8. Sounds great for combination skin! :)

  9. it sounds like a great product! detailed review xx

  10. Dear Huda,
    I have wheatish brown skin.
    I'm using L'oreal perfect white
    day cream after cleansing & toning.
    But my face becomes very dark in the sun here in Kuwait where I he temperature is 45°c.
    Please advise how to stop darkening of my facial skin.

  11. Dear Huda,
    I have wheatish brown skin.
    I'm using L'oreal perfect white
    day cream after cleansing & toning.
    But my face becomes very dark in the sun here in Kuwait where I he temperature is 45°c.
    Please advise how to stop darkening of my facial skin.


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