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"In Summer Time skin also need moisturizing esp if its combination skin!". I never trusted this notion, but since last year I am following it religiously. This year I got my hands on L'Oreal Hydra Total 5 NORMAL Gel-Cream, from my "Trusted for Sparkling Summer!Blog Series. Is this the one for me and my Summer Love???
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L'Oreal Paris Hydra-Total 5 NORMAL ultra hydrating Gel-Cream:

  1. Hydrates all day
  2. Refreshes
  3. Illuminates
  4. Nourishes
  5. Tones
Normal and Combination skin.

L'Oreal Paris Hydra-Total 5 Gel-Cream
L'Oreal Paris Hydra-Total 5 Gel-Cream
L'Oreal Paris Hydra-Total 5 Gel-Cream out of box
L'Oreal Paris Hydra-Total 5 Gel-Cream~ Sealed

The packaging is really great, as L'Oreal Paris always have. This is in a Transparent Glass jar, with a white twist open cap. This comes with a seal, do not buy if the seal is broken :p The jar has an extra product safety lid inside the cap.
Net Wt. 50 ml and will survive for 12 Months.

L'Oreal Paris Hydra-Total 5 Gel-Cream
L'Oreal Paris Hydra-Total 5 Gel-Cream
L'Oreal Paris Hydra-Total 5 Gel-Cream ~ Price Tag

L'Oreal Paris Hydra-Total 5 Gel-Cream Swatch


Oily and combination skin also need moisturizing and that must be part of every one's skin care regime. Last year I tried L'Oreal Paris Aqua-Gel, will review that soon (pretty lazy), along with HydraFresh foaming gel of the same brand. Last month when I purchased the newly launched Hydra Total range face wash I decided to give this Gel-Cream a try, from the same range for Normal and Combination Skin. Glad! I am not wrong in this selection. This one IS Cream but a Gel based so gives a proper required hydration to my dried-dehydrated cheeks esp, even in this Monsoon heat. I apply it on my oily T-zone also but only if I am to stay at home. If I have to go out esp in Sun/day time, I skip its application on my T-zone or it really gets more sweaty and shiny. It gives a good moisture to my skin under the makeup but as it is really hot and sweaty Summers here in Pakistan, I skip its application on my oily T-zone under makeup, so the makeup does not start flowing, lolz...actually I sweat allot, and I wonder I still have dry patches... skin really behave weird once you are in motherhood. This Gel-Cream is a life saver for my makeup as it really hydrates the dry patches and I can achieve that flawless face easily. I am loving it, its not grease-y and stick-y at all. Its really light weight and easily absorbed. My skin feel shiny after few hours may be that's the "illuminating" part plus my sweat. The Total 5 promises (for hydration, toning, refreshing, illuminating and nourishing) are kept by this but keep a check on it if you have extra oily T-zone like mine. Its my Summer Love, for sure.
For best results use with L'Oreal Hydra Total 5 Facial Wash for Normal Combination Skin.

  • You have Combination or Normal skin
  • You are looking for a GEL based CREAM for face
  • You are looking for a summer moisturizing/hydrating Gel-Cream
  • You have dry patches on your face
  • You want a good moisturizing Gel-Cream for you Summer Face-Base

  • You have very oily skin
  • It seems pricey, but trust me "You're Worth it!!!"


4/5. A good Gel-Cream to try in Summers for Normal or combination skin minus the oily T-zone.


It costs PKR 699/- I bought mine from Al-Fatah Islamabad's L'Oreal Paris counter. Available Nation wide. Do check your nearest super stores.
For details visit L'Oreal Paris Pakistan fan-page on Facebook & website.

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  1. love the swatch photo.This gel is a must in my skin care nowadays.It does give me a little matte effect too.great post xoxo

  2. hope it will work for me as it worked for you nice review xx

  3. Seems a wow product and budget friendly too..

  4. i have used this cream as well....its so refreshing..and feels so good on skin.

  5. I have been using this since two years now ... Summmer or dry winter ... It is a life saver ... I have tzone with dry patches in cheeks... And it just tones over all... I apply powder around tzone area before makeup so that helps.
    But its totally non greasy which i love... Andddd it smells GREAT! My skin feel soft supple and smells good too! I lovvvvvve it 20 stars for this thing (i live in islamabad)


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