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Wednesday, July 03, 2013 Sparkling Palette Blog 23 Comments

Hey Sparkling's Makeup Followers and Friends!!!

I am really happy to share this news with you all that "Sparkling's Makeup Blog" now acquires its own space/domain in the world wide web:

On this Happiest occasion of my Beauty Blogging life I really wanna thank humbly to my LORD, ALLAH the ALMIGHTY, the Great and the Beneficent, for being there with me always when no one was there for me. I never knew what I could do or was able of, He not only guided me but also helped me through. Thank you Lord for all the blessings and love.
Then I would like to thank my Fans, Followers and Friends who liked my work appreciated me and encouraged me to excel as a Beauty Blogger. Trust  me when I say: "It won't have been possible without you all". My blogging friends are like a light in darkness to me they guided  me through, helped me and encouraged me to become what I am today. I know its not the end yet and never will be. I will always be a learner as now the beginner period is over :)
I wanna thank my small family of four people too. My little princess who knows nothing of Beauty Blogging yet but loves my makeup more than I do. Want to capture the clicks whenever I hold the camera and take the deadliest random pics ever...lolz. I love you my sweet heart and I am sorry that sometimes I have to ignore your important DORA painting frenzies for my own blogging passion but I try to catch up till the time you reach the tail of BOOTS. Can't explain how my daughter enlightens my life.
My hubby, who never liked it in start, still sometimes he gets annoyed. I know honey you can't share me with the internet/laptop/Blog/Facebook...lolz. I hope you understand (you better should :p) Beauty Blogging is my passion now. I try to manage our home, our baby and our relationship, thank you for supporting me with all. Thanks for buying me this domain too. It would never have been possible without you as all my money goes into buying makeup :p
My Mom the Simple yet Elegant Lady and My Bro who truly is a Young Lad.

I really wanna thank even those who tried to discourage me and even tried to make me leave Beauty Blogging, as if it was not for them I won't have had the courage to stand up for my Passion that is my BLOG. So thank you ladies you made me even stronger :)

I want to thank all the Companies/Brands/online stores for trusting my blog with PR.

Thank you Mahrukh Hayyat, Fakhra Rafique, Sana Malik, Sadee Butt, Sheherzad Dastan, Farah and all my blogging and Facebook friends. Sara Hassan for always inspiring me as the best Pakistani beauty blogger. Thanks to the Beauty bloggers like Shang Jay, Shinaya, Nayab Najam, Batul Fazal, Ayesha Ir, Marib Maqsood, Mahnoor Malik, Numra Anis, Anila Faruk, Shafaq Moeed, Zubia Rizvi, Cenam Iqbal, Kiran Imtiaz, Jadirah Sarmad, Atiya Abbas, Shaz Ali and all for inspiring me to work even harder with new ideas.
Thank you all, those who guided me through and through and even those who replied me with "Google it!".

This is dream that I never even thought of when I started Beauty Blogging back in November,2011.

Do like me on Facebook here & here. Twitter. Pinterest. Blog lovin.

Thank you all.
Stay Blessed.
Remember me in your prayers.

Love & Respect.


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  1. Your own domain! Wow girl you've done it! Congratulations and lots of success in the future too.

  2. hey know what you are amongst the few bloggers which are really an inspiration for me...i know you deal a family and i got so much courage to start blogging of you fellow bloggers.....

    1. That's great to hear, dear inspiring someone is a great satisfaction... I am inspired by u all:)

  3. congrats dear


  4. Treat yourself for this success of yours! :D May you flourish more and more! :) xo

  5. Aww thankyou for mentioning me! All the best for the future :)

  6. Yaay congrats on getting your own domain. I know it's an awesome feeling. :D xx

  7. congratulations xx :) way to go

  8. Congratulations for your new domain Huda! ^_^ God bless you!

  9. Congrats Huda! really happy for you and hope this day comes for me too :) xx


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