Hair Dye at Home with Garnier Color naturals Brownie Chocolate #4.15, Review, Before & After pictures

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Dying hair is all fun, although it is still not an easy task to convince mothers to allow, for many of us. I have had all those discussions when I was young and un-married, now I am married and have few grey hairs too, so didn't have to put much effort to fulfill my desire of having Chocolate for my Hair. Am I impressed with Garnier Color Naturals Brownie chocolate performance? To Reveal read More!!!

Garnier Color Naturals LUMINOUS BROWNS:

Nourishing permanent color cream with Olive Oil.

  • Intense, Shiny and Long Lasting Browns even on dark hair
  • 100% grey coverage

I had two colours to choose from this Luminous brown range "NOURISHING CHOCOLATE COLLECTION", Cinnamon Chocolate #5.25 and Brownie Chocolate #4.15. As the weather is still Hot an Humid and I'd be tying my hair more so I decided to go with Brownie chocolate, thanks for my friends suggestions too. Cinnamon will be my chocolate treat for Winters when I can let my hair loose to show off the colour. Let's see what happened next...

 Garnier Color naturals Brownie Chocolate #4.15
 Garnier Color naturals Brownie Chocolate #4.15
 Garnier Color naturals Brownie Chocolate #4.15

The packaging is really attractive, it has a full essential kit inside, sans the brush and bowl. The kit include one developer milk, one hair color cream, one After Dye Mask with Olive Oil, one step by step guide and  a pair of disposable gloves.
As the tinting brush is not part of the kit I bought it separately, I so wanted to have Garnier's green one but it was out of stock at the store so got the black one from Rivaj UK.Soon will buy brush and bowl of Garnier. I love Green!

The Kit
Tinting Brush

Like many of girls Hair-dyeing and hair colouring has always fancied me. After my University, and after a long discussion with my mom I once had streaking and once I had full hair dye, with cut down and highlights on the crown area, from a hair salon. So this is not the first time I had a Hair dye, but  yes it was the first time I had it on my own. Garnier Colour Naturals is not new to me either, I used it to dye my Mom's hair few months back, the complete experience is shared HERE!!!. I have always had a white/grey hair in my front puff since childhood, I kinda liked it always,it was not permanent some times it comes, grow, break and then gone forever, then sprout again. Now grey hair are more obvious I have approx 7-9 of them, well still countable (means situation under control:p). On Eid I wanted to dye my hair but was a little bit skeptical for the result, may be the shade won't suite or will be loud etc,so I cut all my 7-9 grey hair, I know that's silly. Once back for Eid festivities and activities, I had Hair-dye on my top priority list. As I told earlier this was my First Time to apply the dye on myself, but I was not nervous at all, as I trust Garnier and my skills:p Few things are to be taken care of before, between and after hair-dye time. So let's start with the 3 steps one be one.
It is as easy as 1,2,3... :)


Before hand preparations are very important, do take care of these all.
  • READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS from the step by step guide, it has all details in English and Urdu both
  • Read the ingredients, don't use if you are ellergic to any of these
  • Do a patch test to know your senstivity with any of its component, approx 48hrs before the real show
  • Hair must be  properly washed, clean and dried, no serum or leave in thingy
  • Wear an old shirt, as the dye may ruin the colour of the dress
  • Select a round close-neck shirt, or press in an old towel to secure your neck area
  • Keep a tissue box, towel or cotton wipes near you, so any excess on ear or face can be wiped off quickly
  • Keep little Hair-clips to help you divide and clip dyed hair
  • Choose a place with water supply, preferably bathroom, water basin/sink must be near

Once you are ready, let the show begin with fun!
  • Comb your hair, so no tangles
  • Divide the head in two sections clip all of the one side, and half of the other one,so now you have front section of one side
  • Put on your disposable gloves
  • Take a non-metal bowl/cup, I took disposable plastic glass, mix the milk developer with the colour cream, mix well
  • Now start applying in sections, every tinting brush was a pointed tail that helps in dividing hair sections, go around the whole head
  • Apply the left over mixture over your hair and tie a bun and clip it
  • For less grey hair take 25-30 minutes and for more than 70% grey hair time is 35-45 minutes, as I had only 7-9 hair I left it in my hair for 25 minutes only
  • Times UP! wet the hair and rub it, recommendation is to do this all head upside down in a sink so nothing drops on face or in eyes, it will lather like a shampoo
  • Rinse it off, completely, by putting your head under running water in the sink/basin, don't let the dye flow over your body or face
  • Wash till the water comes out clean
  • Apply the Olive Oil mask for two minutes and wash your hair once again
  • Use an old towel to dry your hair
  • Let the hair dry naturally,do not blow dry. why? details in next step:)
NOTE: I have described every thing in details to my best knowledge BUT DO READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS YOURSELF.
If this is also your first time, have some one to assist you by you side, esp for the back hair and cleaning ears etc. If you have no idea how to dye, I will recommend to take your Garnier Colour Naturals and ask a beauty-parlor/hair-salon girl to do it for you, that's easy as she will wash your hair and take care of all.


After Dye process is completed you can take few measures to prevent damages etc.
  • Do not blow dry, let the hair dry naturally, your hair have been treated with dye so be nice to them, this will surely lessen the risk of damage etc. When I had Hair-dye from Hair Salon, they usually use blow dry to style your hair soon after the dye is rinsed-off, that cause more hair fall and damage.
  • When you have next wash, oil your hair before that
  • Add a good after wash serum, or leave in conditioner in your hair care routine,preferably the one for coloured hair
  • Use a colour protecting Shampoo and conditioner onward
  • If you have to Heat Style your hair use good Heat/colour protecting sprays

Let the pictures do the talking:
Hair covered in dye
Color result
Grey hair result
Over all result
I must tell you that I was not expecting much as I have dark brown hair. But I am impressed with the results. My hair are now more shinier and yes they have a subtle chocolate tint, and the grey hair gone:) Got a chocolate shade for my hair without any cut down (bleaching of hair). Trust me the dye has improved the texture of my hair also. In the third picture you can see that grey, cut-short, hair, two are obvious in the "before" picture and in the"after" they both are tinted, it is only shining due to Sun-light.
I am Loving it and have my eyes on trying the other shade in Cinnamon Chocolate soon :)

  • Love dyeing your hair
  • Want to easily dye at home
  • This one is an affordable hair colour with best results in town
  • Like the chocolate shade range
  • This ones take care of hair between and after dye as well
  • It gives shine and soft texture to hair
  • Want a quick and easy solution for grey-hair
  • Looking for ammonia free hair dye
  • Like natural methods for hair tinting like henna etc
  • Love to have dye from Hair Salon only

Now chocolate treat for my tummy, Yummy!!!

4/5. For fun and colour this one is an awesome choice :)


The price mentioned on the pack is Pkr 349/-. Easily available nation wide. for further details and new offers check Facebook page of Garnier Pakistan.

Do read other Sparkling Posts on Garnier.

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Love & Respect.


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  1. thankyou so much for te step by step guide :) the color is a close match to your natural hair and looks amazing on you <3

  2. the shine is really visible. I didnt expect that so I guess Garnier is good

  3. Nice post, love your step by step instruction. :)

    Now come to the main point...

    It is Highly RECOMMENDED do NOT dye your hair if you have only 7-100 grey Hair, :) if you start dying your hair on regularly basis, you increased our grey hair quantity or start converting your hair from black to white. So better to avoid and bare and start loving your white hair :)

    1. Thank u dear.
      Now the main point was:
      I did not dye mainly to hide my 7-9 grey hair, they just gave me a valid reason to convince myself to have FUN :p :)
      But ur concern is highly appreciated:)

  4. It looks great! How is the colour lasting? =]

  5. It looks great! How is it lasting? =]

    1. Well Thank you, I don't have much grey hair, but yes after exact two months, I still can see the shade on the hair I applied it :)


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