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Whenever I thought of mineral makeup only Loose-Minerals came into my mind until I spotted "Naked Minerals" which has a good range of mineral makeup ALL-PRESSED Pressed-Minerals. Is it more than only being mess free??? To Reveal More Read More!!!


PRESSED MINERALS: Unlike conventional “loose” minerals, Naked Minerals® are pressed-for-no-mess, so the minerals stay on your skin, not on your clothes, counter, or floor.
Our Pledge to you....

-To deliver high-quality products and formulas to the Naked Minerals line that have no synthetic chemicals, parabens, talc, and FD@C or D&C colorants.

- To firmly uphold our belief that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it.

- To fully adhere to governmental guidelines as an FDA Certified Laboratory.

Rest assured that when you use Naked Minerals®, you are using the most natural make-up available.
We are beyond excited to introduce you to Naked Minerals®.

Makeup designed with you in mind. Our goal was to create the ultimate mineral makeup ... and we did it!

NAKED Minerals® is the culmination of that goal and combines all the qualities we know you want in a mineral makeup:

PRESSED MINERALS: Unlike traditional “loose” minerals, Naked Minerals® are naturally pressed in a convenient go-anywhere compact, so there is NO MESS on your clothing, counter, or floor.

FAST and Easy Application: Just cover, mist, and go (jars, caps, and brush taps are now a thing of the past).

PLEDGE OF PURITY: Naked Minerals® products are all natural with no harmful ingredients added. The entire Naked Minerals® line doesn’t just look good on your skin, it has ingredients that are good for your skin. The result is Healthy Beauty… and we have our exclusive manufacturer’s guarantee to prove it.

COMPLETE COVERAGE WITH WEIGHTLESS FINISH: Creates flawless-looking skin that “Feels like your wearing nothing at all.”

A SOLUTION FOR REAL WOMEN with REAL SKIN CONDITIONS (red, blotchy, blemished etc): No super models necessary… we strive to create a makeup line that’s ideal for common conditions that real women face every day.

IDEAL SHADES for ALL AGES and ALL RACES: Beauty ranges from the young to young at heart, and the fairest to deepest complexion. Everyone is included in the Naked Mineral revolution. Including MEN.

AFFORDABLE and HIGH QUALITY: Naked Minerals® goes on your skin, not all over your clothes and bathroom. Furthermore, our products are highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way, creating a lot more bang for your buck.

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If you’re not 100% Satisfied just send it back. We are confident you will love the way you look and more importantly the way you feel with Naked Minerals®. Please write to tell us your personal experience. It is always great getting feedback from you. We know you’ll be amazed by what Naked Minerals® can do for you, so go ahead… get Naked!


With our Blush, Highlighter, and Lips package you can get just the right color for a fresh springtime look!

Your Collection comes with:

Color Wash Mineral Blush
Universal Luminous Mineral Highlighter
Naked Minerals Lipstick, and
Sparkle Lip Glaze
Choose your color of Blush and Lipstick:
Blush shade for selection: a) Pink-a-boo , b) Just Peachy , c) Sassy
Lipsticks shade for selection: a) Stunning (universal Mauve)


This collection has a Highlighter (Universal), Sparkle Lip Glaze, for blush I selected "Pink-a-boo" and for lipstick "Stunning". the packaging for the blush and highlighter is superb and can be compared to any high-end brand. The are made of transparent sturdy plastic, the flip-open lid is clear from which the products can be seen easily. The Lip Glaze is a long transparent bottle in plastic with doe-foot applicator. The lipstick is also plastic, looks very cute with its all transparent cap, but the lipstick can become a little or more shaky in hot climate like ours, so I have to use it carefully. The rest I am loving the packaging and quantity:)

Naked Minerals Blush in Pink-a-boo
Naked Minerals Luminous Mineral Highlighter Universal
Naked Minerals Lipstick in "Stunning"
Naked Minerals Sparkle Lip Glaze

LtoR: Blush Pink-a-boo, Universal highlighter, Stunning Lipstick, Sparkle lip glaze


This is my first experience with Mineral Makeup, as being a shaky-hand I don't like "loose" Minerals, when I saw these one in "Pressed-Minerals" I so much wanted to try these. This set "Fresh Face for Spring" has all major products from Naked Minerals product list, one gets to try the highlighter, blush, lipstick and lip glaze all at same time. So major applause for creating this set collection of all makeup essentials these days. You can get all these product individually in you cart too. Let me review them one by one:
  • Blush in Pink-a-boo: I already have a good collection of Peach blushes so my Natural pick was this soft looking shade of Pink. I am glad this is very soft shade which gives an innocent blush. As this is mineral makeup the shade is build after a while getting the warmth from the skin, the first time I applied I was unable to see any colour on my cheeks, I brushed hard and then when the colour did show up it was very strong. So next time I kept light-hand and the result showed up was awesome.
  • Luminous Mineral Highlighter Universal: This is my first pressed highlighter, the way I like it totally-mess-free. It give a subtle glow infused of golden and silver shimmer. This can be used on eyes, cheeks and body too:) Used in a Makeup Look here.
  • Lipstick in Stunning: The description of this shade says its a Universal Mauve but it give a metallic Pink finish. The first thing I noticed after application was a cool peppermint sensation along with the taste of oils, but after a while the oily feel went away only left was cool peppermint. May be the oily feel is due to all essential oils used in the ingredients. One thing is a relieve it is "Lead Free". I love the sheen finish it give but yes the shaky part of it is a little worry-some. Its may be due to the Hot weather in our part of the world that when I applied it carefree it tilted from the bottom, now I apply it without twist-opening it much.
  • Sparkle Lip Glaze: This is a transparent full of shimmer gloss. Can be topped on any lipstick or just applied on bare lips to make them Sparkle and dazzle:)

A special coupon code for my Followers: use coupon code NM15 good for 15% off of 1 order. It is an incentive for 1st time buyers and can be used only once. It excludes S&H fees and cannot be combined with other discounts, but may be applied to products that are ‘Special Price’. Additional promos and health & beauty tips can be found on our facebook page: Naked Minerals and Twitter @NakedMinerals.

  • You like the mess-free idea of Pressed-Minerals
  • You like Mineral Makeup
  • You like the collection of this set
  • You love your Loose.Minerals
  • Availability in your local market is an issue
  • You think its pricey



It is available for $80.80 now the Special Price is $ 49.95 from the Naked minerals' website. For promos and health & beauty tips can be found on our facebook page: Naked Minerals and Twitter @NakedMinerals.

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