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In Summer Time one need to smell good and Winters one has to smell equally good; hence proved smelling good is IN all seasons:) Here is how I am smelling these days...Wonderful!!!... with my trio deodorants from OLOR new launched brand in Pakistan market racks. To Reveal More Read More!!!
OLOR 24hrs Active Deodorant:

OLOR Deodarants
OLOR Deodarants

This brand offer "Ultimate freshness" and yes it does gives ultimate freshness. These deodorants come with press spritz head and metallic/tin curvy body, which is kinda stylish and easy to hold. The caps are tinted plastic of respective bottle shades. On spraying these one feels an instant sensation of chill, which I love in Summers esp. The staying power is also good as I need to spray again after 3-4 hours, but yes need to do that after 1 hour if I am out in Sun, but no problem you can toss it in the purse to use whenever you need to feel great confident. I recommend these beauties which are easily available in Pakistan market racks with an affordable prize tag of Pkr 195/-
Describing a fragrance is a difficult task but let me try my skills on that:

Olor Adventurous Aqua:

Olor Adventurous Aqua
The Green Bottle has clearly printed on it "JASMINE & MUSK. So yes this is a sweet fragrance with a twist to it. Over all fragrance has something like aqua in it, a deep note of some sea weed I guess. This one is good I love spraying it at night time.

Olor Lovely Lavender:

Olor Lovely Lavender
The Blueish Lilac Bottle has clearly printed on it "ROSE & AMBER". So its also sweet with that distinct fragrance from woods. This is great for both day and evening times. If you love Lavender fragrances then this is going to accompany you places.

Olor Passionate Pink:

Olor Passionate Pink
The Pinky Pink bottle has clearly printed on it "LILY & ROSE". This is all sweet but much refreshing with all those Roses and lily flower scents infused to make you smell flowery-good. Its all sweet and innocent. I'd prefer smelling so sweet at day time.

You can choose any one of your choice I am loving all three but yes my heart goes for Lovely Lavender:)

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