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Lately I have been quite indulged in Trendy Jewelry, I have been drooling over every Bib Necklace, Mix bangles, drop shaped pendants and triple rings. If you can relate to my situation you'd love this post. Have a look at the bundle of Jewelry including all latest Trendy Jewelry from Ethereal Collection.
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Trendy Jewelry from Ethereal Collection:

Nicely packed
Trendy Jewelry from Ethereal Collection
Sea Green Square Studs: Pkr 300
Sea Green Square Studs: Pkr 300 Details

Sea Green Square Studs:

These are so beautiful and many will mistake it with the real gold one, happened with me:) I love these esp the Lock style, this one has a clip-lock, so no hassle of putting the stopper. Price is very reasonable only Pkr 300/-

Strawberry Studded Ring: Pkr 400
Strawberry Studded Ring: Pkr 400 Details
Strawberry Studded Ring:

If you love BIG Rings then this one is for you. This is my first ever fruit ring :) I love it this look so delicious yet elegant with the red studs all over. With its oh-so-real-look this one looks the real strawberry and my baby really wanted to taste it :p Price: Pkr 400/-

Set of three Pearl Rings: Pkr 425

Set of three Pearl Rings: Pkr 425 Details
Set of three Pearl Rings:

This is a very unique style as the white pearls are studded into antique shaded rings. I love this Trio. These can be worn together or all alone, up to your choice. Price: Pkr 425/-

Interwoven 3 Bangles: Pkr 400
Interwoven 3 Bangles: Pkr 400 Details
Interwoven 3 Bangles:

Three different bangles of same antique shade interwoven together. One bangle is a braided chain, other one is a twisted one and the last one is flat in bronze shade. Can be paired with any casual outfit on-the-go. Price: Pkr 400/-

Leopard Print Mix Bangles: Pkr 500
Leopard Print Mix Bangles: Pkr 500 Details
Leopard Print Mix Bangles:

Trend has it to wear multi or mixed bangles, so this one is the winner of this on-trend. It has few silver coloured bangles of different shape and style and few golden ones. Two pearl bracelets of small and big size. The main beauty is the Leopard print pendant attached on a twisted bangle. This is a beauty for sure. can be paired up with any formal or casual outfit. Price: Pkr 500/-

Drop Shaped Pendant: Pkr 450
Drop Shaped Pendant: Pkr 450 Details
Drop Shaped Pendant:

This is an antique looking pendant with a modern look. the design is so classic and the modern elegance is added with the white heart of this Drop shaped pendant. It has a very long chain. Price: Pkr 450/-

Triple Chain Long Necklace: Pkr 500
Triple Chain Long Necklace: Pkr 500 Details
Triple Chain Long Necklace:

I wanted this trendy necklace since long. I love how the classic beauty of triple chained necklace is enhanced with the modern style by adding small different pendants to each chain. You can spot a golden butterfly-bow, white pearl drop and a golden cattle shape pendants in each chain. Two chains are small pearly beads and one is golden with knots. This can be paired up with any formal or casual dress to grace any occasion. Price: Pkr 500/-

Gold n Grey Bib Necklace: Pkr 700
Gold n Grey Bib Necklace: Pkr 700 Details
Gold n Grey Bib Necklace:

Trust me if I say: "This is the beauty of the whole lot!". We all know that Bib necklaces are so IN these days. I loved this one with its different combination of Gold n Grey. this one is in Big chunks stapled together. The Motif looks ancient African. I am looking for a mono-chrome dress to pair-up with this beauty. Can be worn to grace any occasion, best suite with a mono chrome dress. Price: Pkr 700/-

I love the whole collection of Trendy Jewelry from Ethereal Collection. If you also want to have Trendy Jewelry in reasonably affordable prices do visit there page.

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  1. Just love the collection... great great selection Huda:)

    Nida's Beauty Bag!!

  2. Wow! superb Jewelry i just love each and every pieces & want to grab all lol :P

    1. Yes the whole collection is tempting:) Thank you for stopping by:)

  3. you tempt me to buy all of them....lovely haul

    1. The feeling that "you tempted someone to have what u love" is so fulfilling, Hope you get it all very soon:) Thank u!

  4. wow lucky you.I love the green ear pieces and the bib necklace.Lovely Price is reasonable too.I will def check .thankyou for sharing <3

  5. Strawberry earrings are very cute !!

  6. Oh God i want that strawberry :P lovely haul drooling :O

  7. your jewellery is just superb dear! I loved the earrings & the strawberry ring... :)

  8. I love all of them <3 lovely haul :)

  9. Lovely picks, loving you jewels <3

  10. Great picks! I'm in love with the bib necklace its absolutely gorgeous:)


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