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Big Circle lens is always a good idea to enhance your eyes, if you have small eyes or some-what hooded eyes like mine. I am a Leo so chose to have the Brown Barbie Leopard Lens from to boost my Lioness vigor and also to enhance my eyes. Did the Brown Leopard Lens worked on my Brown eyes??? 
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Big Eyes Circle Lenses I Big Eye Color Contacts

Big eye circle lenses and big eye contact lenses come in various colors, patterns and designs. From natural big eye circle lenses to circle lenses based on fiction character you may alter the way your eyes look according to your own style and taste. Below is the breakdown of our big eye circle lenses according to water content, color, diameter, designs and brands. Cheap Toric contact lenses are also available in stunning designs.

Though big eye circle lenses do not need any prescription they are available in prescription too. Big eye lensesdo not only cover the iris of the eye but the outer limbal ring extends a bit more making eyes look bigger and adorable. Traditionally circle lenses are same in size as of the size of human eye that is 14mm; but big eye circle lenses that are15-16mm are now high in demand. Some big eye lenses are not more than 14mm diameter but appear to make your eyes amplified. Such circle lenses have a solid outer limbal ring that creates big eye effect. These are often regarded as “Natural Big Eye Circle Lenses”. Other than natural big eye circle lenses; there are extra big eye circle lenses that boast a diameter of 16+mm. These extra big eye circle lenses are ultimate favorites of Kawaii, Gyarus and Ulzaangs.
I stumbled upon uniqso's circle lens library and i found an article worth sharing. If you are new to circle lenses and they are a bit uncomfortable then find out how you can deal with uncomfortable circle lenses


The kit
The Lovely Box from all sides
Barbie Leopard Brown Lens
Barbie Leopard Brown Lens


My Left Eye without a Lens
My Left Eye With Lens
Closer Look
The Gaze of a True Leo!!!
Right Eye

I love coloured lens allot. Had one three tone in grey when I was in University, but with my busy routine now I was just skipping on these. When I got to try Big Circle Lens from the Barbie Leopard range of I chose the colour Brown, which truly depicts Leopard print although they have other beautiful shades too, i.e. green, blue, violet and grey. I was a bit skeptical that MAY BE these brown lens wont make any difference when worn over my already Brown Cornea. But I was proved wrong and I am glad. The Lens gives an enhancement to my eyes and the Leopard print merges so well with in my eyes' cornea that it seems I have a natural Leopard printed eyes. I am really happy that it gives my BIG Barbie eyes look, including my favourite leopard print but still look NATURAL. You can see the pictures above The Difference is Clear!!!Trust me when I say "NO SENSITIVITY AT ALL". All you have to do is to keep them clean and apply them with washed hands. The beauty of it all is the cute box it comes in I really love the lens boxes of Uniqso they are cute, mine one has four teddy bears from different fields, Love it!!!
These Lenses are used in a makeup look "Queen of Her CLAN!" here.
  • You Love wearing contact lens
  • You like Leopard printed lens
  • You want to create a BIG look for your eyes
  • You don't wear lens
  • I don't find any other reason fro leaving this beauty than the above one


5/5. Its a winner for me and I will surely try some more from


Available on HERE!!! for $16.90. They ship world wide for more updates and promotions join them on Facebook HERE!!!

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  1. just a quest ... if it will cover our outer part also, wont we have a risk of damaging that outer part also.

    i was a big lenses junkie. used to wore matching lenses with dress color. have had various eye breaking experiences as well ... :P

    but then i got my laser done and i no more wear lenses... but these are just so beautiful that am gonna order something in gray :D

    nice review and ur eyes looking wonderful

    1. Dear with proper care the risk factor can be minimized, I wear these occasionally so haven't experienced any sensitivity yet:) Yes do try these are super cute.
      thank you!

    2. Oh as long as you are following proper wear and care of circle lenses you might not notice any infections. On the other hand if you still find your contacts uncomfortable; you may treat your eyes by dealing with your uncomfortable lenses

    3. Oh if you follow proper wear and care while wearing circle lenses; your eyes wont get infections however if still you feel discomfort then it is high time you find out why your circle lenses are uncomfortable

      How to deal with uncomfortable circle lenses

  2. Wow, looks great!

  3. These lenses look so amazing on you.I am thinking about getting them :)

  4. like the impression it is giving to eyes ....

  5. so it
    happy day

  6. wow i love circle lenses .. and these are amazing i ll try other color from same series.just got mine today from another store.

  7. These look so unique and cool! :D Love that you chose these particular ones to match ur zodiac! :) x

  8. these are so cute..i wanna get them in green now! :)

    1. green is also my favorite color specially cs it looks awesome on brown eyes. try it; and shar your review ^_^


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