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Removing makeup must be part of you makeup ritual, esp the Eye Makeup. If you are looking for an OIL-FREE Eye Makeup Remover... I might have an answer for you. Does Essence Eye Makeup Remover really impressed me?
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Essence Eye Makeup Remover Oil Free

This is a cute transparent plastic bottle with twist open white cap on the long neck. Transparent bottle shows the pinkish liquid inside and also the smiling girl picture from the back, which I like allot. The Nozzle is reasonable in size and allows the required amount of liquid to flow out.
Net wt 125 ml and will survive fro 6 months

Essence Eye Makeup Remover Oil Free

Essence Eye Makeup Remover Oil Free
Essence Eye Makeup Remover Oil Free
Essence Eye Makeup Remover Oil Free
Essence Eye Makeup Remover Nozzle

I have always used Makeup cleansers, mostly oil based to remove eye makeup, but I am glad Essence came up with an oil-free Eye Makeup Remover. This one is pinkish in colour, so girlish and cute. Easy to use, as just apply to a cotton pad and gently wipe over closed eyelids. As it is oil-free the makeup can be applied over the eyes again as it leaves no oily residue. This one helps remove it all, but yes as it is oil-free it may not be that tough on Waterproof makeup and it doesn't even promise that. But I apply it twice to remove if any waterproof mascara or kajal/kohl is left in or around eyes. So if you are not into MUCH Waterproof makeup this is your pick. It has a flowery scent, but this one is very faded one. Avoid using it over any other area as once I just made my circle a little bigger and it touched my cheek's skin, and yes that got red, I have very sensitive skin,and my pores had a little itching, I am not sure what was the reason but it is very mild to eyes, yet avoid it getting IN to your eyes. That doesn't matter as it is meant for eyes so keep it as close to eyes as you can.

  • Needs an Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover
  • Loves the colour
  • It is mild
  • has a flowery scent, faded one
  • Need oil based remover for all that waterproof eye makeup



Available on all Essence counters nationwide for Pkr 450/-. For online availability you can check For more updates join Essence Pakistan on Facebook, HERE!!!

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