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After my Grand EIDI HAUL, I was "officially" not in need of anything plus I had a big dent in my wallet. BUT...yes but... who can control the temptations of a makeup addict like me??? I had few purchases in chunks, which I am going to share in this post. Wanna see my Grand Haul for September which made it a complete "Wallet-Suicide"??? To Reveal More Read More!!!

On a bright shiny day I went to the D.Watson, Islamabad, cosmetics floor and jumped onto many makeup display counters, swatching and inquiring about prices. Trust me I was not in a mood to buy ANYTHING, just to know the shades of Maybelline's new Colour Sensational Vivid esp the "Shocking Coral". These swatches are a proof of my innocence:
Swatches for color selection
I lost my heart to Maybelline Vivid "Shocking Coral", but decided not to buy in haste. As I was about to leave my heart was crying that I didn't buy "a single thing", so to make my heart feel happy I took few Essence goodies... lolz. Only 3D Eyeshadow (I bought from Medi plus F-6) was on my wishlist the other two are random picks, as I loved the small pouch and wanted to try their lip pencils. Have a look what I got from Essence display counter:

Essence Haul
  • Essence Nail art/polish pouch = Pkr 150/-
  • Essence 3D Eyeshadow in Irresistible Caramel Cream = Pkr 490/-
  • Essence Lip pencil in Satin Mauve = Pkr 180/-
I came back but lost my heart on the Maybelline counter. All the time tried to hush!!! my heart but the pain was becoming unbearable. I looked up at my wallet and sigh!!! I said "sorry" and went to Shaheens at F-6, Islamabad. The price of Maybelline Vivid lipstick vary almost every where, online these are for Pkr 825/-, at D.Watson they are for Pkr 900, at Al-Fatah for Pkr 895/-. First I decided to get them online, but then I though that if I am not going to buy any imported cosmetics alone then what is need of paying courier and all that wait hassle. Decided to check at Shaheens, they have few shades for 895/- and few for 825/-, luckily "Shocking Coral" was for 825/- so picked it up along with my long awaited "MNY ColorShow by Colorama in Midnight Taupe". Have a look of my new lovelies:

Maybelline Haul
Maybelline Haul
  • MNY Colorsensational Vivid "Shocking Coral" = Pkr 825/-
  • MNY Color Show "Midnight Taupe" = Pkr 350/-

Yes September also has a special celebration, it's the month for my Husband's Birthday. I prepared a lunch for Two and half :p my Hubby's Favourite"Home made Pizza" and my first time "Chocolate Brownie cupcakes", for which I copied the recipe of a fello blogger friend Amna Ahsan, they tasted yummy but as I baked them directly in cupcake liners they are a little geometrical in shape, lolz I won't call them shapeless. I ordered a present for him through How can it be possible that I don't pick anything for myself while shopping from I picked a flip-flop from sale and back-in-stock OPI Sweet Things, finally got my hands on these lovely hand lotions:) Here is a collage of the birthday lunch and my picks from, Have a LOOK:

Table for "Two and a half"
Haul from

  • Fuchsia Flip-flops on Sale = Pkr 175/-
  • O.P.I Sweet Things = Pkr 990/-
  • Fashion Cafe Mix Cotton Shirt = won't mention price as its a gift :) 

Winters Coming Baby!!! yes I can smell the chill in the air and my skin is also behaving as a bad-boy... lolz I am doing all to take care but yes proper cleansing routine is missing, so all I needed was an oil-based cleanser, a mild-est of the mild scrub, toner and facial puff. Due to my unplanned purchases based on temptations my wallet already committed suicide, so I seek the help of my hubby convincing him that I need all these to make me look fresh otherwise I will rot...lolz. I have Combination skin which tends to dryness in Winters therefor I picked the Cleanser and Toner for dry and sensitive skin, I knew in the changing weather these days it may not suite me but an oil-free scrub will combat that. Have a LOOK:

Skin care Haul
  • Nivea Soothing Toner = Pkr 550/-
  • Facial puff = Pkr 50/-
  • Nivea Cleansing Milk = Pkr 500/-
  • St. Ives Green Tea Scrub = Pkr 390/-
Below are my essential items I need for body cleansing and well being, this all comes along the grocery so NO BILL...lolz. Nair is definitely a company which is winning my heart for hair-removing needs, will review soon.

Monthly essentials and DORA
I know this is all but "not enough". I will shop once again when my wallet lives up soon now I want it to R.I.P for few days after the recent "Wallet-Suicide". I will pass the rest of the days singing...

"Wake me up... when September ends!!!"

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So did you ever experience a WALLET-SUICIDE??? 

Stay blessed.
Remember me in your prayers.
Keep Sparkling!!!
Love & Respect.


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  1. Superb haul huda ! Nyc post <3 <3 <3 it

  2. stop sharing this ...lolz...i am out of money these days and you are tempting me seriously....

    1. lolz... so cute.. I can understand but I am Majboor :p

  3. I am also trying to snub my heart for going after the vivids but i guess i'd soon losse the battle. I just got myself a gold ring today so probably next month I wont be shopping much :'( loved the OPI set. Great haul

    1. Yes MNY vivid's make you loose the battle as I lost it... totally!!!
      Thanks for stopping by:)

  4. Cooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllll :P

  5. Thank you sharing this post.
    You really got great things and ohh
    I've tried the St Ives green tea scrub and I love it. :)
    I'm thinking of making a review on it.
    You just got a new follower.
    I will appreaciate it a lot if you would want to support me back by following me on bloglovin and on google.
    Thank you so much and have a great day.
    Sincerely Renny

    1. Thanks for stopping by and following will surely visit you space soon :)

  6. Lovely haul. I love reading haul posts. I think shocking coral is a lovely shade and I am planning to buy it soon. And yes price for MNY lipsticks vary a lot!

  7. this is so cooolllll ..... and great haul <3 want u to review OPI as i want to buy it :)

  8. Its not a suicide , its a murder lolz :P

    Superb haul <3

  9. wow my heart and eyes are so much fascinated by your haul.....amazing....

  10. Nice picks Huda and don't worry about ur wallet it will be fine soon ;), love Nair wax strips and using them for years now.

    1. IA ameen, as I don't see Eid.ul.fitar in near thanks for wishing

  11. OMG ur hauls.. plz tell me huda from where u got this rings set

    1. Thank u, dear these are actually two sets one is from forever21 I bought through dhanak and the twisted wire One is sent by Ethereal collection, u can check details in label 'jewelry items.

  12. Loved the things you bought...wallet suicide...yes it is....but its worth it

  13. dekho bhai neccasities mai to kharcha ho ga hi na :P love everything you bought.No need to feel guilty.You bought amazing items.Do share experience on green tea scrub.I think dry skin might not like it in your sandals.Super cute ^_^

  14. Loved the stuff....yess it is a wallet suicide...but its worth it... :)

  15. Whoa!! HUGE! :D Hope you enjoy everything! :) x
    p.s: thumbs up for pizza! xP

  16. Amazing haul loved your choice :D and iam to scared to also have my wallet suicide too :(

  17. This is a Huge, super buttery , creamy, yummy Hauls <3

  18. Loved this post, hmm I wonder what your baby ate on hubbys birthday, probably just the cupcakes? :)

  19. Omg looks like u had so much fun :) love the essence eyeshadow


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