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Wednesday, September 04, 2013 Sparkling Palette Blog 7 Comments

Dear Sparkling's makeup Blog Readers, Followers and Friends,
Few recent incidents have made me to write this post, I will try my level best that my message is conveyed in a good way and decent manner. Trust me I never wanted to share this but now its out of my control.

Let me start with: Beauty Blogging is enjoyed as a hobby, rather more than a hobby, it's Passion we all Beauty Bloggers share worldwide. Most of the beauty bloggers are blogging independently or may be affiliated with some, brand, company or magazine, same goes for Fashion and Lifestyle bloggers. I saw all bloggers enjoying whatever they blog about sharing their happiness and even sadness all type of experiences and reviews with their readers, followers and Friends. So this is a PASSION we share through our own blogs, which are totally our own commodities and properties (for easy language). We love and treat our blogs as our child, Right??? Yes we all do love our babies:)

Why I started Blogging: Okey I got familiar with blogging in my University days and I made a personal blog for sharing my travel, life and current affairs, as that time I was working with Media as part time and then after Uni, for Full-time. Then I got married and baby bump, C-section and my life was all between changing Nappies and home chores. May God bless my hubby who brought in Internet for my time pass. I won a competition of makeup from "Luscious Cosmetics", from their page I got introduced to few Beauty bloggers' pages. This was my first intro with blogging that is all related to beauty, reviews etc... So I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I created a blog and then started blogging, like a beginner I was naive and didn't even know how to insert image in the post...lolz (as I never inserted images in my personal blog), that's true. But with trial and error I did the beginning things. Initially I didn't ask any blogger for help as I thought " May be the people related to beauty, in any way, won't help" well I was wrong. Even the best bloggers guided me well and I made few friends too. Beauty Blogging not only provide me with a space to live my own life out of my dull routine but ALSO GAVE A NEW MEANING TO MY LIFE, I STARTED LIVING AGAIN, doing makeup again, smiling again and living again.

We all bloggers know that publishing a post is not an easy task like 1,2,3. We buy products, take pictures, swatches, use them, edit picture, write the content edit it and yes then publish and promote it, this all is done by all bloggers them selves, no agency is involved, if you have some one to help you with editing you are the lucky Girl!!! Right!!! I am not bragging just wanna share the whole effort each blogger puts in. Still we all love blogging for our readers.

WELL ALL SAID, now I will come to the point. Let me assert things, I want to, be cleared in points:
  • I am an independent Beauty, Fashion and lifestyle blogger
  • By no mean I am under any paid/non-paid contract with any company, brand, group, community or PR Agency, yet
  • I am affiliate with few companies and brands, but have no fix pay, but a certain commission is promised as per company rule
  • My Blog is a PR friendly blog, and companies/online stores send PR samples for review purpose directly or through PR agencies, which I review for my readers with 100% honesty, at the end of the post the status of PR sample is clearly mentioned
  • I respect all the companies/online stores who trusted me with PR and collaborations for giveaways
  • My blog now has its own registered domain on the World wide web:, that shows my commitment to my blog and work
  • I blog fro my own passion, my own satisfaction and yes for my readers and followers
  • My blog represent the best of my self and also the best of my country
  • I never copied content or did any un-ethical act through my blog or blog's Fan-page, if a web image is used it is always clearly mentioned,source is always mentioned
  • My Facebook personal profile is THE PERSONAL space, which reflects the real person, but yes as a beauty blogger the decorum is maintained there, but as it is the personal domain so no one has a RIGHT to question that and I guess Facebook privacy rules safe-guard them
  • As a person I avoid being rude and ridiculous, try to be good and nice, guiding and helping as far as I can, if I am busy with my Non-blogger life than I won't be able to help, but my friends know me as a good person. Nature wise I am simple and humble,God fearing person, yes but when it is the matter of Right and wrong I never get scared of pointing the bad things out... can even fight for my Right and that's right to do so...isn't it.
I am not sure about any other country, even in India I see many Blogging groups all independent, without any strict rules to follow where all bloggers share their work and follow each other. In Pakistan we have a community, which is always asserted as the "ONLY OFFICIAL GROUP for PAKISTANI BEAUTY BLOGGERS".Well I left that group due to Non-Blogger-friendly rules and more of personal authority asserting acts. Few days back I got to know they BANNED me, on asking the reason I was told "They have many complains against me and I made fun of the fellow blogger" of which I am not given any proof of and not even was told prior adding my name into the list. Well When I am not in contract with them and not even part of them so HOW COME THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO PUT MY BLOG's NAME IN THEIR BANNED LIST, and that too without any prior notice to me and without any proof. I am a Pakistani Blogger but that does not make me their property at all, I AM  AN INDEPENDENT PAKISTANI BEAUTY BLOGGER. I asked them politely to remove my name from their list as I didn't do anything which is un-ethical by any means as for me the repute of my Blog and my Country is first priority. But no reply yet.This seems to be an effort for only defaming my internationally acclaimed blog. Trust me its not only me but many other whom they are "kicking out" for petty and personal issues, as they take pride in saying "If we can hand-pick people we can also kick them out".

My Demand: I only want my name to be deleted from the Banned list:
  • My Blog's name shall be removed from their blog
  • They have no RIGHT to approve or BAN any independent blog
  • I was never in contract or any deal with them which I violated and they can defame my Blog's name
  • They are not a transparent body
  • They do not represent Pakistan Beauty Blogging Truly, and I am saying all this cause I have proofs and all, but I just wanna safe the face of Pakistan's Beauty Bloggers 
This all seems to be only an effort to defame my blog which is unbearable for me as our blog is like our children, and no one wants any one to disgrace their child and that too for no reason or a petty one.
Their attitude reminds me of the FABLE of Wolf and Lamb, where the Wolf gives useless reasons just to eat the lamb and it finally does eat it.

Trust me I never wanted to post this or even share my Worst Experience with that so-called OFFICIAL Community but I am forced too. I know I will be targeted and all but let the world see and decide what is Right and what is Wrong. I don't have anything personal against them but yes they are really getting personal here.
As an Independent Beauty Blogger I have Right to save the name of my blog and also to do what ever is possible in my capacity.
I know my Baby Girl will also become a beauty blogger and I don't want her to face the same obstacles I am facing as an Independent Beauty Blogger, where some one wants to assert their authority over my efforts an work and try to defame me for their own play.

In the LAST I would like to quote a line of AYAT form our Holy Book Quran (Quranic verse):


I have Faith on my Lord THE ALMIGHTY ALLAH, with a clear conscience that my blog or my facebook fanpage never mis-represented Pakistan and all my efforts are honest, loyal and true to my blog and my Country. I will keep on blogging and follow my Passion as "it was never for them" it was for my inner being.
I have faith in my ALLAH and support of my family and friends.

May ALLAH bless and help us all. (Ameen)
Love & Respect.
Remember me in your prayers.

Do share your say on this I am looking forward to your support.


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  1. Very Nice Post Huda (y)
    I totaly agree wid u!
    ur blogs name should b deleted from that list.

  2. wohooo ... what a well written post

  3. great post dear...good explanations
    happy day

  4. great post.I hope they do remove your blog name from their blog.

  5. Great post Huda i agree with you your blog's name should be deleted from that list

  6. Great work:-) they dont hv the right to ban anyone.they arent there to judge us and post their personal issues as a reason to ban others.this should stop coz everyone one is noticing their rude and biased behaviour

  7. :o Really ... I dont understand this and dont even see any reason for banning you :O
    and There is a blogger who misbehaved with me and talked badly about my parents and i took the screenshots and directly posted them on my Page .. and there were bloggers telling me to take that screenshot off and they didnt ben her ...


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