Freeman Facial Anti Stress Mask Dead Sea Minerals~ Review & Swatches

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 Sparkling Palette Blog 11 Comments

I started sharing my Trusted for Summer Products in a blog series, HERE, I really loved and sucked Freeman Facial Anti-Stress Mask this Summer, wanna know why? To reveal More read More!!!

Freeman Facial Anti Stress Mask Dead Sea Minerals
Freeman Facial Anti Stress Mask Dead Sea Minerals
Freeman Facial Anti Stress Mask Dead Sea Minerals
Freeman Facial Anti Stress Swatch

The first thing that caught my attention was the colour of the packaging and then the name having "Dead Sea Minerals" I knew I wanted this, so I got it, and its not at all heavy on pocket. For reference I have combination skin. I became a fan from the very first use. It says it purifies and clear pores, well yes it purifies and gives a smooth and clean feeling to the face. After cleansing, scrubbing and removing black heads I apply it all over my face. I avoid applying facial masks on my neck, as a mom I'm on constant move even in my facial time, so I don't want the mask to dry and leaves lines all around my neck. But you can apply if you are sure you can lay down until it dries :p. i like its strong fragrance, its smells like a sea-weed, its relaxing. The color of facial mask is Aqua, that I love too, a total sea mineral's feel. It dries in reasonable time, can be removed easily with damp facial puff or wet cotton pads. I can see my skin radiant after being washed all blue. During the mask application I observed that its drying and the area on pores have wet dots, as if the pores are omitting oil, I observed it on my T-zone esp Nose. That means it works good by sucking out the oil in the pores and clean them. It can be a bit drying if you have dry skin or patches, well that can be taken care of with moisturizing after the washing the mask. I am happy with the results. I have no personal experience but after comparing few reviews and my experience I can say (not claim) that it is a good, cheap and easily available dupe of Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque.
Well this absolutely is my "Summer Love".
  • Affordable
  • Easily available
  • Delivers what promise
  • Soothing fragrance
  • Love Facials at home
  • You are into high-end skin care brands
  • Don't like the fragrance in your facial mask

4.5/5. Do try this if you want an affordable anti-stress experience.


Available on all cosmetics store having Freeman on their shelves, nationwide, for PKR 295/-.I bought mine from Alfatah, Islamabad. Check Just4girls for online availability.

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  1. I got it this month and my interest was same like u..dead sea minerals sounds so unique to me...
    but since weather is changing it dries my skin :S
    I really hope it works in summers

    1. Yah dear it can be drying, its best for Summers, I am still using it even with my drying skin along with cleanser and toner for dry skin so the whole facial; routine balances out, will share soon in a post:) <3 Thanks

  2. i will try it in summers.Great review.What a funky color it has ^_^

  3. Haven't tried it yet but I'm afraid it will dry my skin! :(

  4. I loved it all through summers too but putting it away now as I have dry/combo skin and no amount of moisturiser helps once the damage is done! :P Also, I agree, I did notice it sucking oil out of pores, the fragrance is too light for me though. :) x

  5. i think i should go for this in summer because in winter my skin is very dry thanks for sharing

  6. great review, would love to try

  7. Sounds interesting. Will surely give it a try


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