O.P.I SpiderMan Collection minis with Bright Diamante Nail Art~Review, Swatches and NOTD

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O.P.I's Spider Man collection minis set surely has some creepy names in it but the shades are so tempting and bright that a scared-being like me couldn't resist the collection and invited the "spider" and "lizard" into my stash, with a big smile on my face. I also created a Bright Diamante studded Nail Art using these shades, wanna have a look??? To Reveal More Read More!!!

O.P.I SpiderMan Collection minis set
Proof of authenticity

Just spotted the Lizard!, Number One Nemesis, Your Web or Mine?, Into the Night
Just spotted the Lizard!, Number One Nemesis , Your Web or Mine?, Into the Night

It has four bright minis, each bottle contains 3.75 ml.

  • Just Spotted the Lizard!: Be seen in this reptilian yellow green.
  • Number One Nemesis: Show your metal in the sparkling Nickel
  • Your Web or Mine?: The perfect pink for sticky situations.
  • Into The Night: This perfect midnight blue was made for prowling.


Beside being named with all creepy creatures, but that's what the SPIDERMAN franchise is all about, this collection has such a wonderful selection of bright shades that I lost my heart at once. Since long I wanted to acquire and own it, and now I do Own it. All the shades are beauty in their own but my most favourite is "Just spotted the Lizard!", oops I won't ever name it in front of my mom, lolz she will surely freak out :p I wonder that O.P.I HQ must have a special squad of creative people for naming the shades, in here all four names are so creative esp "Your Web or Mine?" how romantic, so is the shade. Let's review the four minis one by one:

  • Just Spotted the Lizard!: Don't freak with the name, the shade is an antique beauty. It is a duo chrome green with yellow hue all in gold metallic sheen.
  • Number One Nemesis: Hmm well this one is the average one, among all the brights it is the glitter boy. It's metallic grey quenched in silver glitter which give it a metallic look.
  • Your Web or Mine?: I love the name, then the Pink it is, so beautiful, so girly, so Romantic. Yes this is the metallic Pink so bright that you can't go wrong with it.
  • Into The Night: Dare to wear it, yes this is that bright blue, with a deep purple hue, which will make you stand out the crowd on any night-out.
The minis are quite enough for a user like me, at least one gets to try many shades from O.P.I, one of the world's best nail polish brands. Wear them alone or use in a Nail Art all upto you.


O.P.I SpiderMan collection minis are available for Pkr 1400/-. I bought mine from Daraz.pk. You may check for online availability in Pakistan at Just4Girls.pk or BeautyArena. Internationally available on ebay.com and Amazon.com.


Things required:

  • I chose three shades from the Spider man collection Just spotted the Lizard!,Your Web or Mine? and Into the Night
  • Crea-Nails
  • Silver diamante's, I bought mine from Nail Art collection for Pkr 50/-
  • Top Coat, I use Essence Gel Look Top Coat
  • French Manicure strips, got mine with Crea-Nails
  • Tweezers
  • News paper to save the table from mess

Wear the Crea-Nails, apply transparent base coat, I use my top coat for this purpose.

Apply the base colour. I applied Just Spotted Lizard on all except the ring finger where I applied the pink, Your Web or Mine? Let it dry completely.

Remove Crea-Nails. On completely dried base colour apply the french manicure strips in different or same shape you like, I chose to make it all different shapes/curves.

Apply the Brightest shade of all, Into the Night, on one side of the curve. Let it dry for a minute or so, not completely.

Remove the strips carefully, I was in a hurry so didn't wait for the base coat to dry so got these streak over my base coat. Well to hide streak I applied base colour again.

Apply transparent top coat on the area you want to place diamante, one nail at a time. Use a tweezers to hold and place them, this will require allot of patience, skill and nerves, as it was my first time too... lolz


P.S: I so regret working in hurry over not-completely-dried base colour and a thick top-coat which kinda ruined the final look with all these bubbles :( Hope you still like it, I will try to recreate this with better results soon.

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  1. Gorgeous shades love ur picks superb review <3 <3

  2. such a lovely mani..... girl u nailed it... :)

  3. ahh stunning job you did huda.....simply adorable your work is

  4. Great editing of photos
    Can you tell me from where you got the manicure strips

    1. Thanks, as editing gets most of time n hard work, I got mine mani strips with crea nails but u may check with any nail art store

  5. Just spotted a lizard is gorgeous...and I love the nail art :)

  6. Its Awesomeeeeee Huda... Luved it <3 <3 <3

  7. I am so impressed by you , you have a baby and still you re able to do such nice nail art . Bus g that is it , i have to stop being lazy , pick up my nail polishes and do some fab nail art :D . Thanks for the tutorial

    1. Thank u dear, I put up all this effort for u guys, if it was not for my lovely followers I won't have been here, its Ur love n encouragement which is making me do wonders. Thank u n would love to see Ur creation <3

  8. gorgeous shades and whats this name lizard yukkhhh the color is so awesome and the name is soo yukkhhii .. :D

  9. Thanks!!! Ya I understand, but this set is creepily beautiful Lolz :P

  10. haha they really do have weird names!
    Dutch Gurl

  11. It look nice but consistency feel little goppy

    1. Thanks, Dear I mentioned that all that bubbl-ish look is due to working on not-dried polish :p

  12. Just spotted the lizard is SO pretty!! Great job at the nail art :)

  13. Great work.I know you must have been doing it jaldi jaldi becasue of your baby.The strips works great I am getting em now


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