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Let me confess "All my life I wanted my hair long as Rapunzel" but could never even grow them longer than mid-length. BalMain Hair Complete Extension is like "Dream come true". To Reveal More Read More!!!
Balmain Hair Collection
Balmain Hair's experience in hair extensions development has resulted in several product lines suitable for any imaginable occasion.
Clip-in application
Clip-In Extensions makes it possible to apply the extension quick and easy. Clip-In Extensions can be worn at any moment of the day, it can be applied and taken out whenever you want. Application time, 30 seconds.
Complete Extension
The so called Complete Extension, a 60cm wide hair piece, that results in long voluminous hair in a twinkle. This extension is also available in lengths of 25 and 40cm.

Two Clip-in extensions set 60 cm
The guiding notes on the sheet
I must say that the packaging is just wow. The stylish, sturdy, silver-grey-ish cardboard box has a transparent plastic sheet window, showing the Hair Extensions. When the magnet locked lid is open, there are two plastic tray like sheets, each has one set of hair extensions bound around a ribbon with clip-ins. Each Hair extension is covered with black net. The Hair are weaved in a curvy lace which sets into original hair naturally. there are 3-4 strands of hair. Each extension has clip-in clips 4-6 attached to the ribbon with which hair strands are weave in. The quality is good, memory hair with same feel and quality as natural hair. Colour is "Chocolate Brown" and length is 60 cm.
Features of  BalMain Complete extension

Easy clip-in application "open, apply and close" 
Left: My original hair length Right: BalMain Complete Extensions 60 cm
Left: My original hair length Right: BalMain Complete Extensions 60 cm
Left: My original hair length Right: BalMain Complete Extensions 60 cm
Different styles; play n tie as your natural hair
My Dream of Long hair came true!!!
When brushing your hair it is always better to use a large soft bristle brush. The Balmain brush is recommended, as this will ensure the hair does not snag or catch your extensions or natural hair, as other types of brushes might.
 Using the recommended Balmain brush will leave the hair shiny and in optimum condition. We recommend that you begin brushing at the ends of the hair, then move up to mid length and finally brush the root area. At night time gently tie your hair back in a loose braid or twist; this will help prevent tangles or knots.
BalMain Brush for Hair Extension

I always wanted to have long Hair like Rapunzel, no! not to help a charming prince climb up and rescue me from witch's tower :p but I believe that long hair truly depicts femininity of a girl/women. Long hair have always been considered as the asset of a women. Yes being modern we ladies feel comfortable in short or Mid-Length hair. But that's a long debate I don't wanna start, I am just talking about me and my fancies. My hair being unruly like my life were never meant to grow long. But yes I always envied women in real and reel life with long hair. Don't to mention the embarrassment I faced on my BIG DAY when I had to wear a fake "joora" (hair-bun) to make me look a total eastern bride. When I spotted BalMain Hair, a Hair Extension brand from Paris, available on counters in Pakistan. I wondered that will it be an easy task (as I only could remember the attaching of single strands for permanent extensions done in Hair Salons). Nay! these are as easy as 1,2,3 yes trust me with clip-in clips its more than easy. Now I can wear the whole length hair extension in 60 cm easily at home, by myself. I am happy to have Long Hair without the hassle of growing them myself (Thanks to the one who grew them that long). I felt a "Complete Women" full-on feminine. These can be styled as per requirements. Can be curled and straightened, the guide has all the details of using heating-hair-gadgets with these extension. I love the natural streaks of these hair. As these are natural hair so they also need care and cleanliness like natural hair. BalMain and Keune  has the Hair-Care Range for Hair Extension. The ends of these extensions are not fine, a bit rough, but I wont trim these. I am thinking of applying serum and the Extension Shine Spray by BalMain to smooth it out. I am happy glad and "wish you could see my "Rainbow smile". They are easy to apply, with a little helping hand they will be neatly applied, but as I applied them myself, it was quite easy, only taking pictures of full length from back was an issue (till that time I didn't invent my stool stand for camera set on auto :p) I am planning to use them in my look so then I will surely share more beautiful pictures than these.
The brush is soft and handy, It combs the extension well but was a little hard on my natural hair so I preferred using my wooden comb to comb them (natural+extension) together.


Complete Extensions are for Pkr 11,250/- and the Brush comes free with it valued at Pkr 1,125/-. For further info and details check BalmainHair Pakistan on facebook or visit the website.

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  1. wow lovely post :) i am so loving suits you so well..and even inexpensive too

  2. Your looking lovely with long hair nice review. Xx

  3. amazingg.... i so wanna buy them ... :(

  4. wow, those hair look so natural against your own hair, love it!

  5. Nice review :) but m lookin to get atleast 120gm 60gm is quite thin in my opinion for curly hair peoples like me whose hair poof out after a while of streightning aswell !

    1. Dear its 60 "cm" not gm. These are heavy as you can see in pictures, gives fuller.look.

  6. Thats amazing love it i also wanna buy it :)

  7. Hi i was wondering where are they available also do they have shorter and cheaper ones and how the price vary . Thankyouu
    Love your blog


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