Funky Sponge Bob Nail Art ft. Water decals from Sigh Star

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I am bored of seeing ONLY Yellow "Sponge Bob Square Pants", so when I got these water decals for nail art from Sigh Star I wanted to add some colours to this cartoon character.Wanna see my "Funky" Sponge Bob Square Pants? To Reveal More Read More!!!

Unleash your inner artist with our new Nail Art Collection which allows you to create vivid effects and get detailed designs by brightening up your nails in just 3 simple minutes! Be the center of attention with these killers designs!
Water Decals from Sigh
Water Decals designs from Sigh

Sponge Bob character water decals
Required products
Sponge Bob Cartoon Water decals
I used these products:
  • Sponge Bob Cartoon Water Decals 
  • Top coat #1025 from Sweet Touch
  • Matte Yellow #1121 Sweet Touch
  • Rain Forest #1121 Sweet Touch
  • Pink #1130 Sweet Touch
  • Light Turquoise #1139 Sweet Touch
  • Ivory #1118 Sweet Touch
  • Scissors
  • Towel/Tissues
  • Water container

  1. Apply base coat, I use my top coat for this purpose
  2. Apply white base, as it gives a boost to neon nail shades
  3. Paint all nails in different neon and funky shades
  4. Wet the decal cut outs and apply them on nails, soak all water
  5. Seal with top coat
TADA!!! My daughter is loving my mani more than me:) Have a look:

Funky Sponge Bob Nail Art
Funky Sponge Bob Nail Art
Funky Sponge Bob Nail Art
Funky Sponge Bob Nail Art has very beautiful selection of water decals for a quick nail art do visit the site, and to get these Sponge Bob Water Decals for $2.35/- click HERE.

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