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Every Makeup Look eventually is meant to define a Woman's beauty and feminism,  but I find something more and beyond it. The Makeup Look "QUEEN of Her CLAN!" is dedicated to the true spirit of "WOMANHOOD". To Reveal More Read More!!!
p.s this post is more than a makeup look only so plz read and feel it from heart, i'll be grateful!
"QUEEN of Her CLAN!" Ode to Womanhood:

"Woman" Hard to define. Men and Poets are trying hard since ages, but haven't reached any particular conclusion yet. To some she is a "Blissful Joy" and to some; just another "Beautiful Allurement of Nature". We met her in John Keats "La Bella Dame Sans Mercy" and also adored her in William Words Worth "innocent girls". Shakespeare adorned her with many roles from a strong decision maker Portia to a fairy tale struck Voila. They all have their own description of a "Woman" but as I said no one can conclude to one point as she has one heart but many faces, millions of emotions and trillions of moods. You'll never know! What she wants, what she thinks, what she desires and WHAT SHE CAN. I guess we, being one ourselves, know what a "woman" is but the vocabulary lacks. Let me try! I won't start with all those stereo-typical descriptions of her being a Mother, Daughter, Wife and Sister... yes she is all but from me a True Woman is "No Strings Attached". For me she is Born Free, Tribal in her spirit, Gypsy in her Soul,  Treason in her Body, Adventure of a Vagabond, Blessing of God.
She has been making News while creating History. She is Eve, Helen of Troy, Electra, Cleopatra, Queen Noor Jehan, Queen Elizabeth the First, Jhansi ki Rani, Marilyn Monroe, Lady Diana. Conquering the world with her Beauty and Power of Brain. 
She aspired deities yet conspired against Heavens.
She Loved Adam yet Trusted Satan.
She eloped on a Voyage and got an ancient city burned down with many warriors killed with naked swords.
She played with angels and allured Man.
She conquered the Heart of the Roman General who came to conquer her land.
She not only won the heart of a King but Ruled Sub-continent.
She was abused of being illegitimate yet she ruled the Rising Power as the First Legitimate Queen.
She was taught to be a good wife for any prince, but she did what the true prince of her time were unable to do.
She seduced the camera and ruled the hearts of Millions till date, with her femininity.
She, unfortunately, couldn't be the Queen but no one could stop her from being the "Queen of Hearts".
What to say more about these glories from History... and there are millions of them unsung Heroines...
She is surely more than that. More than what we can think or imagine. Let her be like that...
She completes Life, even the fairy tales are incomplete without her, as it is "Fairy" tales.
She loves, she does it from the heart, so does she hate. 
She loves her family, her children, her people and her MAN.
She Lusts for gold, even surpasses Love, but she Loves, when she truly does, she doesn't need anything at all.
She has the vigor of a tigress, she hunts like a Lioness still she is as fragile as a Butterfly. 
She is Moon, Sun and that sparkling Star which can set the whole world on Fire.
She is a Miracle, a struggle, a story, a challenge, a celebration and Sin.
She is Naked yet Elegant, she is Covered yet Seductive.
Her home is her Heaven, yet she has all the guts to rule the Hell.
She's sizzle, she's glam, she's glory, she's sparkle.
She smiles and may give you a deeper wound than a dagger does.
She cooks, she hooks.
She can MAKE and she may Destroy!
She has a Bright side and a Dark one too.
She can die for you and even may kill you, beware!!!
She reveals her heart and keep secrets.
She smokes, she inhales, she breathes and she smiles.
She want this and that and all and more!
She gives, love, thought, emotions and  all herself and more!
She is soft melody, a musical beat, song, harmony, up-beat and off-the-beat too. 
She is a poem, epic, ode, stanza, prose, novel, short story and a Drama too.
She is sweet, lovely, lovable, nice, cute and all that Good and sometime a little spiced up with all that Bad.
She prays silently and cries loudly.
Don't define her, don't divide her, don't defy her, don't just don't! Don't mess with her as she is Born to Rule. Let her be free to do whatever she wants- Let her Rule- for what she actually is born. Let her Rule as                                                       "Queen of Her Clan!" 
P.s: For me every True Women is a Queen of her Clan, all we need is to trust, respect and love ourselves.

Now the Makeup Look I tried to dedicate to every aspect of a True woman. To her million expressions, emotions, moods and shades. 
Ladies!!! I present to you "Queen of Her CLAN!!!
Queen of Her CLAN!
Her Vigor is her Power!
Don't Mess with her!
Her Wrath!!!
She knows how to Rule!
She may Die for you or even may Kill you!
Ready for Hunt!!!
Give her Right weapons and let her Rule
Smile is her most Powerful weapon
Her styles are surely Seductive
Gold Digger
Her Lust for Gold
Death... is a joke!
Her Smile may wound you deeper than a dagger
Her Eyes are dangerous than dagger
Her Bright and Dark side.
Her Expressions
Fearless Upside Down!
Her Simplicity, simply kills
Winner of the Seduction Game
She Knows!
Shush! She is a Secret
Happy Contended Blessed to be a Woman
Beware! She's Coming!!! To Rule....
Queen of Her Clan!
I am Really more than excited to send this precious post your way. I did it back in October but didn't want to fade away in the Halloween spirit, as 'just another look'. As it is more than a Makeup Look. For me it is my heart I am sharing with you all. Hope you like it, do let me know, I am anxiously waiting for your response. *fingers crossed* *heart pounding*

Bless me with your comments!!!

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What is a WOMAN to you?

Stay blessed.
Remember me in your prayers.
Keep Sparkling!!!
Love & Respect.

NOTE: This post may contain a PR post/product, my review and opinion is 100% honest with my readers. For details read the SMB POLICY HERE.
All expressed views are my own, influenced by non. Few negative things are shared just to describe True soul of Women, no dis-respect and insult is meant at all.

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  1. Aray wahhhhh .. Nice photographs the one where you nose poping out from sword whole is lil funny other thn nice post :))). Women power

  2. Brave.... look you created is nice...100 marks for lipstick and i am feeling happy to meet the queen

  3. daring post ahaan :)

    love it

  4. so so mesmerizing.....women truly is a mystery and hats off to you for doing this of the beautiful posts i ever came you so much

  5. stunning.... u did a great job and yes every women must love and res[ect herself...nice theme and nice look...*thumbs up*

  6. Great post, totally agree with you ! *thumbs up *

    P.S. Followed you on GFC, G+, Twitter, Facebook and also Bloglovin. xoxo
    facebook/smallnhot | twitter/mysarah159 | instagram (@mysarah159) | BlogLovin/smallnhot |

  7. I love the concept, woman so fierce!
    That dagger makes you look like a total badass, and I adore it! :)

  8. Gorgeous Look Huda...very bold :)

  9. Very unique and creative look BRAVO !!!!

  10. wow you nailed it lady.amazing is the word.Love the lip pout poses esp "lutt lag gai" wala :P
    Ahem arz kia hai:
    "Daman pe koi cheent na khunjjar pey koi daag,
    Tum qatal karo ho ya karamat karo ho"
    PS:fingers crossed i hope this gets published this time.Bismillah ki barkat

    1. Thank you my lovely Poetess!!! you made my day... Thank you for this deep perception of yours and all your love :)

  11. last thing...i love your description of woman and the phrases.Allah karey zour-e-qalam aur zada

  12. Wow huda you really out did your self. I can clearly see how much thought and hardwork you have put into this. Impressed !!!!

    1. Thank you dear for your kind words, I am glad you liked it.

  13. amzingg <3 loved it. keep doing posts like this. this post definetely shows ur efforts to capture every side of a woman

  14. Just simple super lovely, love your Her wrath one pic, its amazing without any doubt, the women power :)


  15. Okay, this post caught me by surprise!!! From the beautiful lines you wrote which truly represented the essence of womanhood to the amazing makeup and photos, this post is truly breath-taking. I cant imagine how much time and effort you put into this. Two thumbs up dear!

    1. Thank you so much, this post is so close to my heart, yes it has a long thought process behind, but all those wokeup nights n hours of standing for makeup n posing paid off when it is liked n felt. :)

  16. Amazing work, and beautiful words, I can see the passion hidden between the lines, the fierce, fearless, femme fetale, desperate to get out and scream her heart out,

    Well done girl, very well done,


    1. Yay exactly you got it right, this post is my style of screaming out from my own bounds ... Thank u.

    2. I don´t know why it doesn´t let me comment just make a reply so here it is :p. Love this look and the photos are great!! I love how they describe how she is and other aspects of her life. is great!! A new follower here.

      Kisses and thanks for passing by my blog!

  17. wow huda what a post. simply amazing.... what lipstick are you wearing?

    1. Thank you dear, the product details are mentioned in the very next post, link is with in this post too. :)

  18. unique work nice

  19. im speechless! great job done. really nice concept and yes its a daring post good, hattsoff to your guts and hard work


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