November Haul ft. Urban Decay, The Body Shop, L.A Girl, WetnWild & Winter Skin Care

Monday, November 25, 2013 Sparkling Palette Blog 24 Comments

I love reading and doing Haul Posts, yes I do! So without any delay, let the show begin and have a look on my Collective Haul :) To Reveal More Read More!!!
Winter Skin care and beauty items
Winters here and this is the time to stock up all the moisturizing products. No need to mention my driest of all skin, so let's see what I got from Al-Fatah along with in my monthly grocery cart:
  • Johnson's Baby Lotion- Milk (for my baby): Pkr 185/-
  • Olay Beauty Fluids: Pkr 390/-
  • Eveline Olive Hand cream: Pkr 210/-
  • Sasso Olive Oil: Pkr 299/-
  • Radox Bath Therapy Moisture Lotion: Pkr 245/-
  • Sweet Touch top coat: Pkr 140/-
  • Golden Rose Lipstick #109: Pkr 295/-
Waxing products stock
Aham! aham! don't take any wrong idea of me being a "hair-ball-monster" by seeing so many waxing products in my haul...lolz. This was just a stocking-up month. As I have to travel so I needed my stock of ready to use wax strips from Nair, and that Nair facial wax strips are the first time in my beauty Haram for trial, will review these soon. Here's the prices:
  • Lubna's Wonder Wax: Pkr 78/-
  • Tenderness Hair Depilatory Wax: Pkr 135/-
  • Nair body wax strips: Pkr 285/-
  • Nair facial wax strips: Pkr 225/-
The Body Shop Sale picks
No! I absolutely had no plan of purchasing TBS this season, at all, but then they had a full 25% off Sale and I got carried away. Although I wanted to pick many products but I tried to stick with my long wanted wishlist for Winter skin care. The Musk and Foundation were tempting but thanks to my minimal savings I chose wisely and picked up the right things only :) I so wanted to have the TBS moisturizers for face but was confused between there Vitamin E range and Aloe-Vera range so dropped it and picked up two random picks :p Here's the list with Sale price:
  • Shea Body Scrub: Pkr 1590> 1192
  • Cocoa Body Butter: Pk 1790> 1343
  • Round Facial Brush: Pkr 490> 368
  • Eye Mask Blue: Pkr 690> 518

Concealer and Lipstick
As my Mua brush on concealer ended, reviewed here, and I felt a big missing in my stash esp for Makeup Looks. I opted to try L.A Girl Pro Concealer this time and the recent swatch search left me tempting for this WetnWild lipstick :p I bought these through an online store, my trusted, Shopaholic. Here's the details:

  • L.A Girl Pro Conceal "Natural": Pkr 490/-
  • WetnWild Mega Last Lipstick "Rose Bud": Pkr 485/-
Urban Decay My First
Well this one is a surprise and came quite un-unexpectedly. A Family relative is in Town, she surely doesn't know about my Makeup Passion at all. When we went to meet her she liked my lipstick allot and took out this Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks tester/sample card and handed it to me. Yay! you can imagine the dancing beauty blogger inside me :D So this makes it "MY FIRST URBAN DECAY". I will share the details along with swatches soon.

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  1. wow... it is so amazing buddy.... not fair in term of UD.. anyway i will wait for the post enjoy the amazing picks... sasoo olive oil is also on my list too

    1. lolz dear you have full Naked palette I only just got the lipstick samples, and u know what it has that shade which you wanna buy :p lolz

  2. UD is wow....
    Share share share :)

    Great haul <3

  3. ah ma zzzzing....loving body shop and of course lucky girl got UD.......enjoy in good health

  4. I love your haul!! You got some awesome picks Huda

  5. plz jaldi jaldi se review WnW lippy n concealer ... m abt to order in a day or two :/

  6. You got yourself Santa's sack full of present =p great haul <3

    1. This is the most lovely and sweet comment I have ever got on my haul post thanks Baby!!!

  7. wow lucky you.So much good stuff.I am drooling.Bs ab yeh post dekho aur shopping sey baaz a jao :P

    1. "Somebody STOP ME!!!" from shopping lolz... :) Thanks dear

  8. Awesome picks huda and congrts for your urban decay starting ! Review tbs stuff and enjoy the goodies .

  9. I didnt get anything from the body shop sale, ,y sister did though. Great haul!

  10. Very nice haul.Looking forward to the reviews:-)

  11. Waiting for your awesome reviews!! :) x

  12. Your haul is so tempting! I love masks <3 looking forward for the review of concealed and wnw lipstick :)

  13. Great picks Huda, wise shopping! :) x

  14. Nice pick ups, and UD surprize is alla ;)

  15. Great haul post! TBS eye mask looks good! :)


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