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It's never to early, or even not late, to start caring for ageing. The right Age suggested by dermatologist is 23-25. I got Pond's Age Miracle Facial foam and Night Cream, winning a competition. How was my experience? To Reveal More Read More!!!
Pond's Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Facial Foam:
A daily regenerating cleanser that helps fight the signs of ageing through gentle micro-exfoliation.
  • Micro-exfoliates aged skin to reveal new skin.
  • Cleanses thoroughly without leaving skin dry or flaky.
  • Reduces dullness.
  • Enhances overall skin radiance.
Pond's Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Facial Foam

This is a good really "foamy" facial foam. This is a plastic squeezable tube with a Red stylish twist-open cap. It has a creamy texture, translucent/shiny pink shade and allot of red beads in it. These are the Cell Regen enzymes, these burst against the skin, without being getting noticed, yes you don't experience mini blasts on your face. They just go poof!!! while the cleansing procedure. They are so light that they don't hurt, in-case if you have sensitive skin like me, but they scrub and exfoliate the skin gently. I love how foamy this facial foam is with a little quantity I get a good lather to cleanse my face. Well this won't take off any makeup, and it doesn't promise to. But due to its soothing and calming effect I preferred using it for Night time, beofre retiring to bed. It doesn't over dry skin so is suitable for all skin type. I like it so much. My skin feel smooth and fresh and may be this anti-stress effect will work against ageing signs. As I don't have any visible ageing signs yet, but yes it refreshes my dull skin. The packaging is so travel friendly can be taken any where. Suitable for all seasons
The Quality Assurance seal and price inscription makes it an authentic product from Pond's under Uniliver Pakistan limited. Price: Pkr 625/-

Pond's Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream:
POND'S Deep Action Night Cream is especially formulated to work at night when your cells' regeneration potential is at its peak. Its rich texture instantly melts into the heart of the skin to help accelerate the renewal process as you sleep. Wake up to skin that's smooth, silkier and luxuriously soft.
  • Expertly fights fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Helps visibly reduce the appearance of age spots.
  • Enhances overall skin radiance.
Pond's Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream

I'm sure if it was not a won prize, I won't have bought a night cream yet (I'm too young to take care of ageing... lolz). I love the packaging and most of all love the shape of the jar with its stylish tilted Red cap, like a hat on some gorgeous lady's head. The jar is made of glass, so yes I am so afraid of breaking it. The cap is only plastic, but so stylish. The jar has a plastic secure lid on it, white. The cream is all pinkish white. I loved how it sinks into skin. It was fabulous for use in Summers, I was amazed how matte it turns on skin, I was expecting it to be so greasy and oily as many night creams have a repute of. Well it worked great in Summers but this matte feature has removed it from my skin's night care regime in Winters as it is enhancing my dry patches, even with all those hydrating promises. So in Winters I am not using it for my driest of all skin, but if you have oily/normal skin it can be a good use in Winters too. I'll be using it again as it suite my combination skin well, without breaking or leaking out. It soothes skin and gives a good skin in morning, so may be it will be good to stop ageing vital signs *as my Summer experience*. I felt no Miracle or magic, may be I don't have strong skin ageing issues yet *touch-wood*. The packaging is not travel friendly. Suitable for Combination/oily/normal skin. I am not going to use it for Winters.
The Quality Assurance seal and price inscription makes it an authentic product from Pond's under Uniliver Pakistan limited. Price: Pkr 1225/-

For further details visit Pond's Pakistan Facebook page here.
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  1. Nyc review! i would love to buy for my mother <3

  2. ahh i m in the middle of reviewing it.Every word of yours is true.Average product but awesome review dear.I love the editing on photos.xoxoxo

  3. in my opinion if you are 25 years old you must start using anti aging cream.... and now about the product it is really not travel friendly such a heavy packaging... otherwise I really heard good words about this cream...

  4. Honest review Huda !!!!
    it works for some people but not for everyone I had serious breakouts after using it. reason is my overly sensitive skin.

  5. they look promising thank you for sharing

  6. 25 26 is the ryt age to start with anti -aging products especially for eye cream..
    My sis had this cream and i found it really thick to make my skin feel heavy...

  7. This looks great! The Loreal range is very greasy but Ponds always has nice creams.

  8. lovely product and review dear,,,,would definitely give it a try.


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