Dove Hair Fall Rescue Range Hair Therapy Review and two weeks usage Result

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You can't guess my happiness when the Dove Surprise BIG-BOX arrived in my mail. SMB was chosen to try their New Hair Fall Rescue Range from Dove Hair Therapy, a proud and honored moment. Now is the time to declare the results and experience of this two week Hair Fall Hair Therapy experience. To Reveal More Read More!!!
Dove Hair Therapy science breakthrough. The first range scientifically proven to repair the internal structure of the hair fibre. With patented Fiber Active Technology.
A full range of superior damage care solutions allowing women to experience the full beauty potential of their hair
New formulation with state of the art patented technology.
New fragrance.
New breakthrough post-wash formats.
The Big Box from Dove
Dove Hair Fall Rescue Range
That's my NAME!!! :)
Love From Dove!
Dove Hair Fall Rescue Range
Dove Hair Fall Rescue Range
Dove Hair Fall Rescue Range posing on my Rack!!!


Yes I have been facing Hair Fall problem, rather curse, for a long time. When I received Dove Hair Fall Rescue Range, I was more than happy. The Big surprise package consisted of Dove Shampoo, Conditioner, Repair Mask, Combing Serum and the new Intensive root treatment tonic from Dove Hair Fall Rescue Range.
I started using it from the very next day. In my first hair wash I just used the Shampoo and conditioner from Dove Hair Fall Rescue Range, and applied the Combing serum on dry hair. I felt good about my hair, this is the sign of proceeding with my hair care further. Next wash I skipped conditioner and used hair mask along the shampoo and the combing serum of-course, even greater feeling and look of my hair, and I could see less broken hair in my comb too. In the third wash I applied the Intensive Root Treatment after shampoo and conditioner from Dove Hair Fall Rescue Range. Well I was won over and impressed with results and the way my hair were behaving good. From day one till date I am using the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Range regularly, alternating the post wash products each time. Result will be declared below but before that let me review each product from Dove Hair Fall Rescue Range individually:

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo:

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo
Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo is a white, thick creamy shampoo with full-on lather. I love my shampoos very very foamy, otherwise I doubt their cleansing :p I have a shorter than Mid-length hair. I use it twice in each wash, a little quantity each time, not palm full. I can see a difference in my hair after using it, less hair fall and no dandruff, yes No Dandruff at all other wise in Winters my oily scalp gives me dandruff by default. So this shampoo actually works on the "root-causes" of hair fall. My hair are smooth and softer after each wash.
The Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo comes in a white, luminous kinda, Long bottle with a flip open cap. 
Price: Pkr 200/- and Quantity: 200 ml

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner:

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner
Personally I am not fond of conditioners A. they tend to make hair sticky B. and oily. But trust me I am using it regularly on alter Hair washes. As directed on the packaging, I don't apply it on my roots/scalp just on the length of my hair. Keep it for 2-4 minutes and rinse off. This makes the clean effect of shampooing more prominent. Hair feels hydrated and full of nourishment, which prevents breakage. No greasiness at all.
The Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner comes in a white, luminous kinda, plastic squeezable tube with a flip open cap.
Price: Pkr 225/- Quantity: 180 ml

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Repair Mask:

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Repair Mask
This is a creamy off-white mask, I use it once a week. The day I apply this repair mask I skip the conditioner, so my hair don't have too much of conditioning lolz. This is a smooth cream applies neatly and spread easily. It is also to be applied from middle to the end, avoid applying it to the scalp/root. After 3-5 minutes I rinse it off. There is some thing good about this mask as I am not noticing my routine split ends this month.
The Dove Hair Fall Rescue Repair Mask comes in a Big White tub, with twist open cap and a secure lid over the mouth of the tub.
Price: Pkr 550/- Quantity: 200 ml

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Combing Serum:
Dove Hair Fall Rescue Combing Serum 
Here again, personally I am not fond of Hair serums as A. they tend to make hair sticky B. and oily. And again I am proved wrong as this is not like any of the previous Hair serums or de-tanglers I have ever used. I tried in both dry and wet hair, work well in either way. A little quantity goes a long way. I take 1-2 drops of this transparent serum and work on from middle to the end of hair, avoiding roots, of-course. It helps in easy combing of hair. No greasiness at all, I even left it in my hair for two days, just for testing and my hair were okey. So this is a Winner too. As smooth hair means no more tangles and less hair breakage while combing.
The Dove Hair Fall Rescue Combing Serum comes in a small transparent bottle with a white dispenser with pump-head, and a transparent flip open cap. Its cute and small.
Price: Pkr 700/- Quantity: 40 ml

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Intensive Root Treatment Tonic:

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Intensive Root Treatment Tonic
This is the actual beauty of this whole Hair Fall Rescue range, I am glad that Dove thought about treating the root of Hair Fall damage. The tonic is in a cute little bottle with twist-break-open nozzle tip. I let my hair naturally dry, then dividing into sections apply it with its long nozzle direct into roots. Then massage with soft hands to spread evenly. This is non-sticky and non-greasy. I let this leave-in tonic in my hair till next wash, as it is supposed to be. I skip my serum the day I apply this, not for any specific reason, just for not over-doing it. It works at the root of problem as I am really happy to see less broken hair, like broken autumn leaves on my brush/comb.
The Dove Hair Fall Rescue Intensive Root Treatment Tonic comes in a little squeezable plastic bottles, with twist-break-open nozzle tip. A packet contains 7 of these beauties.
Price: Pkr 750/- Quantity: 7 ml in each bottle.

Result of two weeks Use of Dove Hair Fall Rescue Range:

The Dove Hair Fall Rescue Range is a WINNER provided a consistent and regular use of the whole range. I am glad that I got a chance to  use this range and had a wonderful result my hair are falling approx 80% less than what they were falling before using the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Range. Along with this outer aid to prevent Hair Fall help your hair to be strong  from inside too. Take healthy diet (Proteins, vitamins and allot of dry nuts!) increase the intake of water. Keep your hair clean. Avoid extra and un-necessary usage of heat styling.
I'd like to Thank Dove Pakistan for selecting and trusting Sparkling's Makeup Blog for this Two weeks trial and sending in a beautiful surprise ever, with my name printed on it. I am a Happy User and found nothing bad about the whole range.
For more info and details join Dove on facebook and visit their website.

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  1. This was such an exciting post! Congrats on receiving the hamper! :D I personally love Dove conditioner more than any other brand that I've come across till date. :) x

  2. root tonic...hmm interesting.....nice review

  3. beautiful post
    im surely gonna try this.

  4. Good and detailed review... argan oil really helped me a lot... or otherwise it is a good treatment

  5. Wow 80% is remarkable. Must get this soon

    1. Yes dear the use of the whole range shows positive and complete effectiveness. Thanks

  6. i like dove shampoo and conditioner but it causes hair thinning over a period of two to three months.Not a winner for me.

  7. I liked their soap ranges, and conditioner, but now will try the rescue one too :)

  8. Does the root tonic contain monodoxil?

  9. Lovely post. I have never used dove shampoo before...just love their soap. Would try it now. Love your post.

  10. From where can i get this intensive root hair bottles i didnt find anyone yet in islamabad


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