Pro Powder Puff Water-Drop Sponge Make-Up Flawless Foundation Makeup from Born Pretty Store

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Do you love using Tear Drop shape sponges for foundation applications? Here is an affordable and cute option from Born pretty store. To Reveal More Read More!!!

Pro Powder Puff Water-Drop Sponge Make-Up Flawless Foundation Makeup :

Material: Sponge
Weight: 5g
Color: Ship by random
Brand New & High quality.
Give you a flawless foundation application every single time.
No streaks and no areas with too much makeup or too little.
Make up Blender Sponge , apply it like a Pro
If used daily, we recommend washing your sponge once a week with a mild cleanser.
Baby shampoo or any low sudsing soap will work. Rinse well and air dry.

Pro Powder Puff Water-Drop Sponge Make-Up Flawless Foundation Makeup

I feel comfortable in applying foundation with my fingers or my trusted Sigma brush. So technically this is my first experience with a sponge or a powder puff as they named it. I used it wet with liquid foundation and stick foundation and dry with my setting powders. When wet it does not change its form that much, just a little, and become a little fluffy. After drying it with towel it doesn't leak water as normally such tear drop puffs do. I use it with tapping movement, not rubbing, a little round movement for a good blend. It give a streak-less base. The Bigger end is best of larger parts of face and the pointed tip helps with smaller areas. The best part is that its the easiest to clean yes, I wash it off with my mild shampoo after every use and no foundation stain remains on it at all. It is affordable in price. I noticed a little roughness starting to appear on its surface after a little usage of 4-5 times, yes the sponge has started tearing, well that's the sad part. Over all its a good option for starters like me to test our techniques with sponge tear drops shaped powder puffs.

I know you all must be wondering that: " Why I haven't yet declared it as a dupe for the infamous Beauty blender?" So here are the reasons:
  1. I haven't yet used Beauty blender or even touched it, so I personally think its not appropriate to call it a dupe until I have used Beauty Blender myself. So I am not gonna fool my readers with what I am not sure of myself.
  2. This is made up of Sponge and BB has different refined material used for it, as far as I have read
  3. The sellers also do not claim it to be a BB, they named it a powder puff
  4. This doesn't change form and shape as BB does, as far as I saw the videos
  5. This cleans a way much easier than the so-called dupes are blamed for
  6. The same "Tear Drop" shape does not qualify any sponge to be called a dupe

Used in a Makeup Look HERE!!!
Available on Born Pretty Store for $2.30 HERE!!!

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  1. i have also never used any beauty blenders.... i think they are very pricey especially when I am happy with my fingers or stippling brush :D

  2. thanks for review .. I think it is safe and better to use a sponge for 4,5 times if they are affordable .. because every sponge , applicator has a life and after which it starts to tear/wear off !!

  3. i saw this before on born pretty thanks check me out


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