Clothing Shopping On-Budget, Makeup Haul ft. Benefit

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What else could be better than a SALE to buy branded clothing on-budget. Recently I purchased allot of Winter clothing and many more including a Benefit Cosmetics' set... Read More to Reveal More!!!
Clothing Shopping:

I had a Clothing shopping spree stretched from Lahore to Islamabad, all in affordable pricing, branded and un-branded. I was in my home town for holidays, and no other place can offer a good shopping comfort with good rates than Lahore. If you live in Lahore than you'll know that their is no other good place to buy Export quality branded/unbranded clothing than KAREEM BLOCK Market, its in Allama Iqbal town. Here you'll find export quality jeans, sweaters, jackets, cotton shirts and many more in very reasonable pricing, and if you know how to bargain then u can get best out of your trip here. The brands like Outfitters, Cross Roads, Break Out and many others have their Factory Outlet here, that means you can find many products from their last year stocks on prices as less as 60% off, Surprised? As I have no issue of wearing last years collection of any brand provided I am getting it on very affordable price so it's a win win situation for me. Few latest products are also found on 20-30% off. Well your choice to shop for trendy clothing and that too on-budget. One thing many of the unbranded products are like defected pieces here so DO CHECK WITH OPEN EYES. As the jeans I bought had the front button missing, well they attached it, but as I found that defect so they had to agree on my bargain price :p Key is to shop with open eyes and attentive senses and a calculative mind :) Well that's too much of talking, lets check what I bought and for how much:

Jeans and Printed Skinny Pants
After a long, rather really long time I bought a jeans and a printed Skinny pants. These are un-branded I got them for PKR 500/- each. See ain't that a great bargain :p

Kids Break Out Hoody Sweater
Break Out has an outlet in Kareem Block market too, and they were having 30% off on all their stuff, I guess mostly from last year. My Mama bought this little hoody-sweater for my baby for Pkr 1690/- Pkr 1183/-.

Ladies Shirt in Blue from Outfitters
I am not much into western dressing now, but sometimes I miss a loose comfortable sleeveless shirt, I spotted this Blue stylish shirt at Outfitters for 50% off so I just grabbed it :) Got it for Pkr 890/- Pkr 445/-. Apologies for it not being ironed properly, as I wont be ironing it at all :p lolz

Half sleeves Sweater from Cross Roads
Trust me I had no plan to buy a sweater for me but I ended up buying three as they were all on 60% off at Cross Roads :p One for my Brother as a birthday gift and one for my Husband as a Thanks, for letting me have few days off at my Mom's home ;) that's a good bribe na...? I bought this one as I loved the idea of half sleeves, atleast the design on my shirt's sleeves wont hide in the sleeves of sweaters. Fresh color, my favourite, nice design, Turtle neck and 60% off a win win for me. Got it for Pkr 2345/- Pkr 938/-.

Lilen suite from WARDA
Lilen suite from WARDA
We were visiting Fortress Stadium, you know for Sindbad play land and Hyperstar visit. My Mom wanted to buy a ready made suite for me as a gift, we searched until I spotted sale at Warda and I got this 3 pc suite in bright pink, almost fuchsia. It has an embroidered pattern on the neckline. The shawl is in bright orange shade the stuff is not that good but I like it, It has a plain pink fuchsia shalwar with it. We got it for 40% off Pkr 2995/- Pkr 1800/-. 

Pink Jeggings and White Plazzos
Blue Belt
Now lets get back to Islamabad I wanted a good legging or jeggings and a plain white plazzos to go with my shirts from Idea by Gulahmad, remember my last haul post? check here. In Islamabad high pricing is a big issue, well this justifies it's being the most expensive Capital cities of the world. I went to Centuarus Mall, up and down, searching for a good white Plazzo, all were out of stock on white plazzos and the rest of the filthy stuff was ranged from Pkr 1500-2500/-. Disappointed! I went to one of my trusted market, some what like Lahore's Kareem Block in Islamabad, F-10 Markaz near D-Watson. I found a beautiful pink Jeggings, to go with one of the beige shirt, for Pkr 300/- and the pure white plazzos in Jersey stuff for Pkr 350/- ONLY Surprised??? I needed a belt as my jeans size is 32 but thinking myself to be fat I bought it in size 34, so need a support to tie them around my waste without being falling loose, this cost me Pkr 150/-.

Cute Lovely containers
I spotted these containers at China Market in Lahore, bought them to ease out my stash. Small baskets are Pkr 30/- each and the bigger bucket was for Pkr 50/-.


You all must be amazed on my saving skills and being-on-budget finding the best-available-affordable-trendy-stuff-SKILL, right? I saved allot from the above clothing shopping and SPLURGED it all on the right thing, LOVE POTIONS set by BENEFIT, from Sephora via my trusted online store Shopaholic. I got if for Pkr 4500/- including shipping charges. I bought the Me Col Facial masks Pkr 60/- each and the Catrice Prime and Fine for Pkr 970/- from Lahore.
Note: If you want to buy Benefit Deluxe do visit this link: Here. Pakistan only.

Makeup haul ft, Benefit and Catrice
I really want to share this when packing my bags the most difficult part is to decide on makeup :p I took this all along me, I had few plans, but the Extreme chilled and foggy weather just didnt let me even move a bit else than all this shopping spree. So I hardly used few of this all, I know many can relate :p Have fun and keep loving me <3 and a Chocolate for you all Lovelies.

Makeup that traveled with me but HARDY used.
I love Mars... why women are from Venus 
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  1. what a lovely post to read. even though i got to lhr often, i dont have time to shop usually haha so i have to do all my shopping in isbd.

  2. Darrennn i love marssss 😄 lovely hhaul yummmy yummy you know i use to collect these kind of baskets aswell

  3. Great haullll... :) Love everything especially your linen shirt...and these baskets are sooo cuteee

  4. lots of makeup traveled wid you:p.....lovely post and glad you got so much in reasonable prices.....cheers

  5. love this post .. n oh I MISS LAHORE :(

  6. OmG! I love every single thing in your haul M.A <3

  7. OMg such a huge haul and awesome stuffs really

  8. wow nice haul :D
    i badly want to visit outfiters. :D

  9. Wow....nice picks....jeans for Rs 500...Here in Rawalpindi/Islamabad even non branded jeans cost 800 or 850.....:/ I hunted for cheap jeans every where but failed......:/


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