Etude House Etoinette Brush Collection from W2Beauty

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Who doesn't love beautiful looking, fancy Makeup Brushes? I was unable to resist Etude House's Etoinette Brush Collection due to their princess like look. Was the treatment also princess like? Read More to Reveal More!!!

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Etude House Etoinette Brush Collection:

These brushes made out of fine goat hair come in a lovely lace pouch, helping you complete the exact kind of makeup you want.

  • Lip Gradation Tip: Apply a certain amount of lipstick onto brush and lightly dab onto inner lip area for rosy lips
  • Soft Touch Powder Brush: Pick a certain amount of powder on brush and sweep across face in a circular motion to express satin-covered, luxurious skin
  • Last Touch Fan Brush: Sweep across face after completing all the makeup. Cleans up unnecessary powder particles for a finer and smoother complexion

Etude House Etoinette Brush Collection from W2Beauty
Etude House Etoinette Brush Collection
Last Touch Fan Brush
Soft Touch Powder Brush
Lip Gradation Tip
Lip Gradation Tip
Loving the Fan Brush
Application with the Powder Brush

This is one beautiful addition to my stash. Such a luxurious looking brush pouch, covered with lace and locked with a button and final tie with a ribbon all in soft lilac shade. So princess like! The brushes in this collection are mainly to deal with final touches on the completion of makeup. I love Etoinette Brush Collection from Etude House. The brushes are made of goat-hair, except the Lip gradation tip, that's made up of some rubbery-plastic material. The hair are soft but the powder brush feels a bit harsh to my sensitive skin. I LOVE the Fan brush, I love using it clearing any fall outs off my face, and then I dab it in my favourite highlighter, the bronzer from TBS, and sweep over my face to get that healthy, soft and subtle glow. The powder brush is good too. Lip gradation tip is a unique tool for me, it can be used for application of liquid lip products and esp to have that ombre or rosy tinted lips, the on-trend these days. Over all its a Lovely Brush collection, upgrading the stash to the PRINCESS level. 


You can get Etude House Etoinette Brush Collection for $33.08 from here. Do visit their facebook page for further updates here.

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  1. The brushes are really cute hun.......and by the way loved your makeup too....:D everything is pinky pinky....:D

  2. Cute packaging and brushes xx

  3. super like the lip gradation brush! those brushes are treasure :D

  4. the brushes coz anything pinky and cutie catches my eye immediately :) And you looking great tooooo.. ^_^

  5. Lip gradient brush is cute one, specially <3

  6. wow so pretty :D
    loved your review :D
    keep it up :)

  7. Love the lace pouch, so princess like! Your makeup looks good too Huda.

    Zubia | The Bedside Dreams

  8. Aww these are soooo cute :) nice review

  9. Cuteeeeeee set i really like the color combination x

  10. these are very cute...Love the fan brush
    Great review..Following you

  11. wow so girly and cute.I really like these brushes


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