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A good Makeup Remover is a must-have for a makeup lover. Eveline Cosmetics is a newly launched, Polish brand, in Pakistan, today's review is about my experience with it's Whitening Makeup Removing Lotion from White Prestige 4D range, Hit or Miss? Read More to Reveal More!!!
Eveline Cosmetics was established in 1983 and nowadays it is one of the major cosmetic producers in Poland. Our offer encompasses wide spectrum of products – from make-up to face and body care. For more then 29 years we have been selling our products in more then 70 countries all over the world. Many years of experience, high quality, reasonable prices and guaranteed effectiveness of our products have earned us the trust of our clients. We value innovation, good packaging design, balanced price-quality relationship and quick response to new trends – that is why we create cosmetics meeting the expectations and needs of our clients. Together we discover the secrets of natural beauty.

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY Lumiskin™4D White Complex Whitening Makeup Removing Lotion:

3 in 1 Formula:
  • Cleansing Milk
  • Tonic
  • Make-up Remover (removes even waterproof make-up) 
for all skin types, also sensitive

WHITE PRESTIGE 4D cosmetics series is the innovative treatment, acting in four dimensions: lightens epidermis, evens out skin tone and counteracts excessive pigmentation for up to 48h after application.

PURIFIES & LIGHTENS: Whitening Gentle Make-up Removing Lotion 3 in 1 combines the advantages of cleansing milk, tonic and make-up remover, extremely gently and effectively purifies facial skin and eyes area, thoroughly removes even waterproof make-up. The Lotion enriched with Lumiskin™ 4D White Complex regulates melanin production and helps eliminate excess of dead cells from skin surface, making it lighter and more brilliant. 

RESULTS: Skin is free from make-up and impurities, perfectly prepared for WHITE PRESTIGE 4D whitening treatment.

Lumiskin™ – restrains processes of melanin production responsible for discolorations, lightens and prevents formation of new spots. 

Hyaluronic acid – ensures ideal level of skin hydration, enhances skin resilience and firmness. 

Lemon extract – delicately lightens skin tone, tightens and reduces pores. Refreshes and invigorates skin. 

Silk extract – maximally smoothens skin, makes it soft and extremely resilient. 

Vitamin E – nourishes, regenerates, protects and smoothens epidermis.

Apply the lotion onto damp facial skin with moistened cotton pad, cleanse face and neck. For eyes make-up removal hold the moistened cotton pad for a while on closed eyelid, repeat until cotton pad is clean.
EVELINE Whitening Gentle Makeup Removing Lotion
EVELINE Whitening Gentle Makeup Removing Lotion

This is a long round-ish bottle, all white, with every needed info printed on it. User Friendly! it comes with a pump-dispenser head, that too with twist open/stop mechanism. The packaging is sturdy and I like it.
Net quantity: 245 ml/ 8.62 fl.oz.
Dermatologicallly Tested
Not Tested on Animals
EVELINE Whitening Gentle Makeup Removing Lotion
Pump-dispenser twist to open/stop mechanism

I have had no good history with makeup removers, either they break-me-out badly or doesn't work. So I was more than skeptical on trying this out. Now as I have used it for more than a month I am ready to give you a detailed review of my experience with this Whitening Makeup Remover. This is a white creamy, thick fluid, with a different and unusual faded fragrance like skincare medicines, its not that strong. The pump-dispenser with a twist to open/stop mechanism is very useful, it helps to pump out required product only. As it is a thick cream, so no mess and leakage at all. "Whitening" word made me wonder that may be it contains bleaching agents, like other whitening products, but it has "Lemon Extracts" in its ingredients for that whitening effect. I like the fact that it has mostly Natural ingredients in it. My complexion is fair-medium, so I didn't notice mush of whitening but yes brightening was there. Application is quite easy, I'd strongly suggest applying it on damp face as this is a thick cream and a little help from water will make it workable. I massage it on my face with help of my fingers and then wipe it off with a cotton-pad. For eyes I take a little product on the cotton pad directly and then put it on my eyes for few seconds, gently wipe off all the eye makeup too. It is good in removing water-proof makeup. But I apply it twice on my eyes to make sure there is not makeup left. After wiping it off and cleaning my face I can see my skin clean, smooth (as it has Vitamin E) and brightening. No sensitivity and no break outs for me. It claims to be a 3in1 product but I only use it, even as a cleanser, when I have to remove Makeup, it does tone skin as my skin feel fresh after using it, no greasy residues for this. Well for me its a keeper!

  • Remove makeup, even water-proof makeup
  • Brightens skin
  • No sensitivity and break-outs
  • Natural ingredients
  • No greasy residue
  • For all skin types
  • Can't cop with the faded fragrance

4/5. A good product indeed!


Available nationwide for PKR 580/-. For further detail visit Eveline Cosmetics Pakistan on Facebook and check the website

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