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In a situation where the Lady of the House is not in a mood to cook and Man is not in a mood to drive, there  is only one solution "Food". Read More to Reveal More!!!
Food Order food online from the best restaurants on Foodpanda

Are you feeling hungry? Then foodpanda is the right address for you, offering you a long list of the best restaurants. Order delicious Pizza, sandwiches or burgers online- right to your home or office, in the four main cities of Pakistan: Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Karachi.
In the mood for Pizza, burgers or Chinese? Great cuisines are available when ordering food online with foodpanda that will satisfy any visiting customer. Order your favorite meals online such as the tasty double decker burger, chicken tandoori, grilled chicken breast sandwich or daily changing dishes such as BBQ, tandoor or delicious cheesecake for dessert. Your order will be delivered straight to your home or your office for lunch break or dinner. Even when on the run, the Foodpanda smartphone app, available for iOS and Android, allows you to order food online anytime from anywhere. Whichever food you currently desire, we have the largest selection of restaurants for you to choose from, right here on Foodpanda!
The process of ordering food online is very simple, fast, convenient and straightforward. On the homepage you can start your order by entering your city and area, which leads you to the next page listing the number of total restaurants near you. Next, you can either select the restaurant you want or further filter your result by all available cuisines (Pizza, Chinese, Asian, Sandwiches, etc.) by selecting from the list on the left hand side of the page and all the restaurants that offer your desired cuisine will be shown. Up from this selection point on, you have the chance of looking though the list of restaurants you like and their menus, picking your favorite food including appetizers, main dishes, desserts and drinks. After completing your order and checking-out, your request will immediately be transferred to the restaurant. Your order will be prepared and delivered straight to your home, office or current location. Order food online with foodpanda now and enjoy a great dining experience!


A perfect Sunday evening, dinner time was approaching, the ideas of different cuisines and styles of cooking pouring in the drooling mind from a hungry stomach, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Continental and, and, and.... the names of yummy restaurants in the locality popping up in the mind. But I was not in a mood to even step in the kitchen, I tried to convince Mr. Hubby: "let's go out", but he had his own reasons as mine... he didn't want to drive at all. We avoid dinning out as our toddler really don't let us look a civilized family at all, you know its normal with kids :) so no complains. A great idea sparked in my mind, even my hubby could hear the electrified sound, bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! "Let's try!" the very next moment we were searching, a food ordering service for home delivery, rather a making-it-all-easy-website, which is dealing in the main cities like Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi and Lahore. The procedure of ordering was more easy than editing the screen shots and pictures. It is safe too as you only pay "Cash on Delivery" when the food is delivered at your door-step. Deciding on the yummy food from a different restaurant's menu card and a variety of cuisines available, took us more time than the delivery time of the food. Let me guide you through the easy procedure of ordering via

After opening the site, select your city and your area, it will help the site to give you the list of the restaurants which delivers to your area:
Select your city and location
A list of restaurant will appear, you may select one or more than one restaurants, go through their menu. You can even shortlist the restaurants regarding the cuisine you are interested in from the side bar on the left side.
Select Restaurant and cuisine
Thanks to my Tree-House friends, I was already drooling for the Cave Restaurant and Cafe. The mentioned restaurant has a variety of cuisines on its menu card, from Italian pasta's to Thai sizzlers (I was already drooling). Yet the decision was hard, I wanted to try every thing, from each category ofcourse :p My hubby had Prawns on his mind ( I don't cook prawns at home so had to allow this liberty to him :p) So we had a Thai dish, Sea-food (Chinese), a Burger (for the sake of fries for our Baby!) and Italian Pasta.
Select Restaurant and Menu
We picked:
  1. Chilli Garlic Prawns with Rice
  2. Thai Chicken Cashew Nut
  3. Penne Primavera
  4. Flame Thrower Burger
Wanted to add more but, we had only two empty stomachs to fill lolz.

Chilli Garlic Prawns with Rice
Penne Primavera
Thai Chicken Cashew Nuts
Flame Thrower Burger
After finalizing our order we proceeded to check out, from a little window which all the time showed us our bill. Few restaurants offer free delivery on a minimum amount of order, Cave charges PKR 100, for delivery. We were asked for our details etc.
Fill in your details
Payment option is Cash on Delivery, Safe and reliable. Total amount was shown and we placed order.
Payment is Cash on Delivery
The order was placed and we were told to receive a confirmation via SMS and email. Yes we did receive both within next five minute.

Order is a success :)
The restaurant gave us estimated time of 1 hour for delivery, and we started waiting with excitement of a hungry Lion... and Lioness ofcourse. Our order was placed at 7.09 pm and we received the call from the rider at our gate at 8.02 pm, quite in time :) Food Panda's work finished here, and they did it the best way. Now the food came in and placed on the table. The food was all fresh, different aromas were fuming out of the two big white plastic bags, including my most disliked one of prawns :p Some of the cream sauce from the Penne Primavera was spilled in the packet. I was not expecting such a fragile packaging as it also made the food a little cold. I think Cave Restaurant must work on this. Now let me Drool you over some food from my Dinning Table last night :)
Peeping from the plastic bag
Every single item packed separately
The food
yum yum yum
From this angle too
Penne Primavera
Thai Chicken Cashew nut
Garlic Bread, as side order
Flame Thrower Burger- Beef
Chilli Garlic Prawns
Thai Salad & Coleslaw
Well food came in less than 60 minutes and was finished in even less time :p
We enjoyed our food and yes I am a fan of the taste of fresh and well-cooked food from the Cave restaurant and Cafe! and more than I am a fan of Food Panda as it was the first time we ever had food delivered at our place, but it was very easy, safe and quick. With so many option on board you can choose from a variety of cuisines and can order from more than one restaurant and all that only by using one single site that is

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  1. Wow the food looks soooo yumm <3
    N this is such a easy way to order for lazy ppl like me :D

  2. so yummy and delicious post....soon am gona give it a shot.....

  3. yum yum yum.....mouth watering post.....xoxoxo....:D

  4. All that food! <33 We use food panda to order lunch at uni some times! :P Once there were some promotional coupons that said you'd win an ipod when you order using the code on it, we did, and the web showed that we had won, but the delivery guy said it was just a gimmick! That was disappointing! :/ :D

  5. The food seems yummm... you made me hungary... ;) I tried Food Panda a few weeks ago and like the service.. Great post :)


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