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Tags! Tags! every where, and I am loving it. This time the girls have come up with new ideas which made me interested to pour in my own answers. I tried to gather all the Sugar and Spice from last year and allot of hopes for the coming year. Read More to Reveal More!!!

I am thankful to a fellow beauty blogger, who is more than a friend to me, Shehrzad from Pretty Peachy and Pink blog, for tagging me to answer some question in this "Great Expectations' Tag". I am sorry for not submitting my tag post on 7 deadly sin yet Sheharzad, I hope you understand, but here the questions are so yummy that I couldn't wait but do it as I am getting some ME time (yes I am not pre-occupied mentally and physically right now :p) and for this a special thanks goes to Hubby's boss, who have called a meeting now, and DORA who is keeping my girl busy:p So much Love to Shehrzad and all my tree-house girls and all readers out there. Here you go get a piece of my being and thought, hope you all like it.

  • I have this very bad habit of touching and squeezing (a sort of molesting) any occasional bump, zits, blackheads and pimples, well I only spare the white heads, as they start bleeding once punctured. I said sorry to myself allot of times but unable to help it. I don't know how but whenever a bump appears on my face, my hands get a magnetic attraction towards it :( I know its yukh, unhygienic etc BUT I CAN'T HELP IT :( After a little realization of perversity of my act I have placed a blackhead remover tool in my washroom, so I get rid of that alien off my face and then wash my face and apply toner to make it less worst. So now the procedure is less dirty *guilt-solace--a-sort-of*. I will try to take a proper care of my skin in the coming year so that these aliens don't appear on my face and I don't have to save the world from Martians :p (Sana I know you can relate :p) Plz girls don't hate me for this, its totally human to have atleast one BAD HABIT, ain't it? :p
  • Last Summers I fooled my self by skipping a proper face cleansing regimen and faced a harsh result of that. I used an expensive cleansing foam and believed it will cleanse my skin and I wont be needing any skin care. But as I have added foundations and primers etc into my makeup recently so my face need a proper care. I added one full regimen for Winters, which is helping allot, so in Summers I am going to add a good cleanser, Toner and Scrub that suites my skin type.
  • I was busy but however managed to this post in time and now I am glad that I did, as I can share the full post with you all. But still for some interest in this post I am posting few pictures too. I added allot of makeup into my stash last year from high-end to drugstore, from blushes to lipsticks and allot of nail polishes, have a detailed look HERE.


I am very bad at this, never made any goals. "meri hayat hey kya maen huu barg-e-awara, Urra key ley chalay jisko jidhar hawa chahay!" (translation is BORN-FREE). But lets try:
  • BEAUTY Goals: I will try to see more makeup tutorials, practice learned techniques ( apni skin ka kabarra karungi :p) and if I get some time and finances I will try to do a professional course IA (if not this year, but surely in my lifetime) 
  • BODY Goals: I will try to be regular with my morning exercise, which is kinda On n OFF, on for two days and off for five months:p and will try to add walk in my lifestyle, seems impossible with a toddler banging into my knees every step lolz
  • SOUL Goals: I am adding this on my own, but I felt this incomplete without it. I will In shaa Allah try to be regular with my prayers, take up some Quran classes or atleast recite one page per day along with translation.
  • Well this is the toughest one, no doesn't mean I have been perfect last year, but my limited budget made me only buy the well thought and useful products. But if I regret one thing then that would be; buying less shoes/footwear, yes due to my attention towards my clothing wardrobe and makeup, I totally neglected my shoe collection, and that I realized while shooting for my latest OOTD, when I had no shoe to wear with my suite :(
  • It will be mix as it was last year. I am that kinda person who only pick comfortable items from the on-trends. So I hope and wish that the fashion scene next year allows Long or medium shirts, with shalwar or any fitting leggings to go with. I can see a rush of Plazzos as well, with short shirts for sure. Neons are predicted to be out, but I am sure any thing noticeable like BIG colourful bags, statement jewelry or Bright pout will still remain IN somehow. Spikes must go!
  • Lots of Shoes, Low heels, flats, pumps= Comfortable please! (for me only)
  • Bright Lipsticks
  • Eye pencils and a black beauty to make all those wings and winks
  • Bold nail colours
  • Big earrings
  • Good collection of accessories like Tote bag, clutches, head gears
  • As a wife and home maker there are many small things which turned into happiest moments, as Mom I felt the happiest when one day, while playing, my baby started reciting Darood-e-Ibrahimi, I felt a proud Muslim Mother who is blessed. As a daughter I took my Mom to a long drive in rain first time in my life, I know she loves it, a secret promise kept. ALHAMDOLILLAH.
  • As a Beauty and Fashion blogger last year was very dynamic, high-Ups and quite low-Downs. I felt proud when my Blog acquired its own domain "". Another achievement was to make a small facebook group which is an interactive place where Pakistani bloggers share their love, likes, dislikes and much more with fun and joy. In this way I got to meet many beautiful people and I love them all. Snobs out plz! I felt trusted and honored every time any local or International company or brand trusted my blog. I am thankful to all these brands and companies, esp a heart felt thanks to DOVE for selecting me to try their Dove Hairfall therapy, I loved the big box with my name on it, review here. So Alhamdolillah I am blessed with many like minded people around me. Many lessons learned in a good and positive way.
  • As a blogger I took up a challenge last year when I realized that; when I am the one who is putting all the efforts up for my blog from picture taking, editing, publishing, promoting and all then why would some people dictate their rules to me, esp for my personal profile. I am not in a contract with any one, no one is paying me or even doing ANY good towards me or my blog, rather I was targeted in a very mean and low manner, so I took a plunge and totally acquired the tag of an INDEPENDENT BLOGGER. I faced many hardships and many BANS but when I know that no one has a right to approve me then how come any one... well that's a long story, which I almost forgot :p This was the challenge I faced, but with special help and guidance from ALLAH, my family and my blogger friends and most of all my readers love, I consider it over and OUT! My blogging was, is and will always be my passion, close to my heart, it was always for me, so no one matters at all.
  • Try to absorb as much as I can, no place for reactions please
  • Try to be a bit more determined and active in blogging and life
  • Try to mend my ways than changing any one else
  • Don't let any one hurt me ever IA
  • Give worth to only those who are worth it
  • Try to know my religion more
  • Never stop trying to be a good Mom, wife, daughter, beauty blogger and a Muslim.
For beauty, I will advice:
  • Keep smiling
  • Stay beautiful
  • Put more into your soul than on your face, it will make you glow naturally
  • Lead a simple life as it has less complexities
  • Eat healthy and never stop learning
  • Love your self, take care of yourself, pamper your self , as that is one being you have for this lifetime
  • Find innocence and happiness in life
For Life:
  • Only be afraid of ALLAH
  • Try to pray hard, and pray for good
  • Try to be a good human being and a Muslim yourself before calling any one else a kafir or jahil.
  • Never let any one take credit or charge of your efforts and life
  • Obey your parents, trust me they have lived a life more year than us and have more knowledge than us, trust them
  • Respect yourself, because if you don't then nobody will, GIRLS PLEASE REALIZE YOUR WORTH, if someone is there only to undress you then don't  ever expect them to cover you in a relation (sorry but its true)
  • Study Quran, know what Allah wants from you, although He doesn't need anything from us, but all He want is only our good
  • Never stop doing good as it was always between you and Allah, not people, but be careful of snakes and scorpions plz
  • Trust Allah, Love Allah as He is the only ONE who will be with you every time, trust me all relations and friendships are meant to fade away with time, love and respect people but never forget ALLAH's orders to please a mortal-being.
I may sound like a religious-scholar, but really being a mother of a daughter now my heart cries when I see our youth going astray, I pray to Allah to give hidayat to us all as only HE can give true hidayat. Every Religion preaches peace and self respect and total submission only to the Creator, I am sure all can relate.
I read it today so thought its worth sharing:
“For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
 For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
 For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
 For beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers through it once a day.
 For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.
  People, more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms.
 As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others.”
― Sam Levenson

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Hope you all like this post, I will try to work personally on all the advises I have written here IA.
Bless me with your comments!!!

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Stay blessed.
Remember me in your prayers.
Keep Sparkling!!!
Love & Respect.


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  1. What a beautiful post to read......Loved every line of this post......stay blessed.....xoxoxo....:)

  2. Thanks for tagging huda. Will try to answer asap :)

  3. It's great to know you even more... And I really really loved your answers. Great advices and love the "soul goals" that you have decided for yourself. InshAllah I'll also try to be regular with my prayers. May Allah help us all and give us all Hidayat .... Stay blessed girl....

  4. Amazing post, was good to know you a little more!

  5. Amazing post, was good to know you little more!

  6. great post dear.i really really love it.esp the part where you took your mom out for a sweeeet ^_^ great message dear <3 ahh i so know the low time because for standing up for you i was kicked out too :P but i am glad i am out :)

    1. U know I respect u and many others for that, <3 much love and thanks for being there :) Stay blessed

  7. Loved every bit of it, :)
    Get ready for a Boldie Type post ;)


  8. what a lovely post... gimme some time girl i am coming to you soon :)

  9. as expected , it was a juicy read x ;)

  10. loved reading your answers Huda...u r a beautiful soul i can make this out from your answer...bless u...will try to do this very soon! thanks so much dear!


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