OPI Sweet Things Avojuice Skin Flavour Pack

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In winters hands need some extra care. Would you like to shake hands when your hands are not ready for it, as they are dry and chill struck? NO WAY! SMB has a sweet solution for you, OPI Sweet Things a pack of six juicy hand lotions... Read More to Reveal More!!!

Sweet Things Avojuice 6-pack from OPI includes six Avojuice. Avojuice Mango Juicie, Avojuice Jasmine Juicie, Avojuice Coconut Melon Juicie, Avojuice Cran & Berry Juice, Avojuice Vanilla Snowflake Juice and Avojuice Peppermint Shimmer Juice. Avojuice hand & body lotions are incredibly fragrant and moisturising, you almost want to eat this irresistible creams! It contains grapefruit extract, vitamin C, moisturising avocado and aloe vera extract. You get a healthy, fresh, feminine scent and lovely soft skin! 6 x 30ml.
OPI Sweet Things Avojuice Skin Flavour Pack
OPI Sweet Things Avojuice Skin Flavour Pack
6 small beauties
OPI Sweet Things Avojuice Skin Flavour Pack
OPI Sweet Things Avojuice Skin Flavour Pack

This beauty skipped-away under my nose once while shopping online. I was sad but I waited and waited untill it was again in stock and I didn't miss it this time, added it in my cart and shopped away. I knew its the best product not to be missed at all. A beautiful quality pack of six OPI Avojuice skin quenchers. One gets a luxurious chance of trying six hand & body lotions from OPI, what else one wants. The six fragrances are as their name depicts Mango, Jasmine, Coconut & Melon, Cran & Berry, Vanilla Snowflakes and Peppermint Shimmer. All have their respective fragrances as their name depicts, only the Peppermint shimmer has Shimmer in it as it's name suggests, I use it only on evening occasions so my hand have that extra shimmery glow, along with a refreshing fragrance of peppermint. All are good moisturizing, hydrating and makes your hand smells good too. They are meant for body too, but a miser like me only dab a little on my neck just to smell fresh. These are travel friendly you can toss any of your favourites in your purse and use whenever you need. My personal favourites are Mango, Jasmine, Cran & Berry and Peppermint Shimmer. I used all except Coconut & melon, I don't like coconut fragrance at all, cannot stand it, gifted it to my Mom, who loves it. Recently she shared a joke with me, as she teaches to small kids so when the first time she wore it in her class, a young student came to her and told her very secretly: "Madam some one is munching Coconut cookies in your class" lolz. See the fragrances justifies there juicy names. I do not find anything bad about these cuties just one point that I am really afraid of finishing them soon and they are no more available in the market now. So I am enjoying Winter special care for my hands with all the fruity and juicy fragrances, Thanks OPI!!!

  • A great product for hand care
  • Tempted on juicy flavoured hand lotions
  • Love the idea of quality pack (6 in one)
  • Not available in the market

5/5. What else this beauty deserves?


I bought mine for Pkr 990/- from Daraz.pk, luckily it was available then and now I am not sure it will be available any where, as it's out of stock even on Amazon. For further details join OPI Pakistan Facebook page here.

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  1. Nyc review! looks tempted Thanks for sharing :) <3

  2. They all sound amazing, like colorful fruity tropical cocktails :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  3. These sound greatttt.. Yeah and the quality pack is so affordable.. I'd love to see how peppermint shimmer actually looks... Nice review :)

  4. i have that purple one n it smells soo yummm , nice review dear :)

  5. I'm so lazy when it comes to hand lotions and cream :D Nice review! xoxo..

  6. this is so lovely and tempted too <3

  7. Yum yum yum.....even the names are amazing......:D

  8. I have been hearing so many good thing about these lil wonders. Thanks for your word Huda xx

  9. we share the same favorites ^_^ great review.I am glad you found them

  10. mouth watering :D hand n feet lotions are an essential for me! this looks so convenient and cute!

  11. Wow... they look Yummm and Great for Winters!

    Love XoxoX


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