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I am not into tag posts that much, but now this is my second tag post in a row, coz' I love the topics and unique questions, which doesn't only let other people to know you closer, but also give you an opportunity to take a deep look into yourself. So here we go my "Winter Tag". Read More to Reveal More!!!

I am really grateful to Fatema Sajwani from MSDesignerwear Blog for not only tagging me but actually starting this tag post in our blogging circle. I Love Winter seasons, can't enjoy them now the way I used to be but still the memories from past, the cozy winter warmth, at night sleeping with my NANO (granny) in her quilt and in the morning I was always found from my Nana abbu's (Grandpa) quilt :p, munching all the nuts while sitting in a quilt, with only light of a gas-heater and passing the time of load shedding. fighting with my young khala and Mamu (maternal uncle & aunt) when they tried to snatch my peeled dry nuts, and sometime I robbed them off theirs. Playing Luddo and indoor games. The sound of GARAM ANDAY! (hot boiled eggs) by a street vendor from the dark lonely winter streets, still thrills and chills me, and I always asked my Nano , "Amijan! iska koi ghar nahi, iski Maa kaha hey, yeh itni sardi me bahir kyu phir raha hey?" (Why is he in the streets at this hour of night when he should be at home?) Wearing a bundle of sweaters and playing in the foggy streets with neighbor kids. Loved the bike's chilled ride with my uncles, who used to hide and zip me in their warm jackets for extra safety lolz they never went out even to their friends without me so I was a must company with them, whatever the weather may lolz. My favourite street food used to be "Laddo pheeti walay" I loved them without chatni and radish garnishing. My Nano made us Gajraila, gajar ka halwa and many sweet delicacies. No soups or coffees at that time, these I started making later when I became addicted to them. uff! Winter reminds me of my chilled childhood, but still very cozy full of warmth of few loving people around me. My idea of Winter enjoyment was that of any young girl, sipping coffee and strolling out in a foggy evenings, or just sitting on the edge of roof top, wrapped in a warm shawl and watching the limitless skies, humming favourite tunes, some sad tunes. One more thing I loved doing but can't mention here :p Winter season is so close to my heart, can't enjoy it the way I used to but no complains at all, as I enjoyed them as a child, as a young girl and now as a Home maker I enjoy by making soups, sweets and coffee for my family. ALHAMDOLILLAH!
Enough of memory strolling for now, let me answer the Tag questions :)

  • I loved Maybelline ColorShow in "Midnight Taupe", its such a beautiful dark shade that I am more than in love it. Reviewed it here, Have a look:
    Maybelline "Midnight Taupe"
  • Infact I loved two products in this category Naked Lips,  non-petroleum lip balm, reviewed here, and Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in "Sorbet", reviewed here. Have a look:
    Naked Lips
    Revlon Lip Butter "Sorbet"
  • At I home I worn, rather worn out my own hand knitted sleeveless sweater. For outings, esp for the night escapades I love wearing my faux leather jacket, that too over my trusted hand knitted sleeveless sweater :p Have a Look:
    My lovely hand knitted sweater
    Faux Leather Jacket, yes I love munching roasted peanuts
  • My hand knitted mittens and many of my toes-socks (glad I had a new pair of socks for this picture :p) Have a look:
    Toes-socks and Mittens
  • Not specific, but I love the aroma of fresh Hot Steaming coffee. The warm fragrance of desi sweets like gajraila, kheer, gajjar ka halwa and baking cupcakes and pizzas in my kitchen.
  • Coffee! what else but I make it twice or thrice a month, as my partner in the crime is not much into coffee lolz. There was a time when all my cousins came to my home begging me to make them coffee, lolz. I love tea, but that I love in summer too. Kasmiri chae! Oh that makes me think that I didn't make it yet this season, added in today's menu. I am not sure does soup falls in this category lolz
  • Holiday or no holiday Disney Classics anytime plz...
    Love Disney Classics :)
  • Gajraila, gajjar ka halwa, Dry nuts, roasted peanuts, soups, baked food like pizza, cupcakes, all home made by me and myself :) I love cooking Chinese food in Winters as its easy full of warmth and colourful! better than our desi allu, gajjar, mattar ka salan :p OOps! how can I forget my most favourite winter food: Saag or makai ki roti wth allot of MAKHAN (butter) on it... yum yum yum!!!
  • I really want a warm over coat for Winters. These days I am in search for a good Summer foundation, lolz, early hunting is on!
  • No Holidays for me. Had some good plans for few off days I had in December but the severe weather of Lahore  froze them all :(
  1. Samra from Samra's Beauty Blog
  2. Sidrah from Beauteous Makeup Blog
  3. Seemi from Boldie Talks
  4. Anila Faruk from Anila Faruk Beauty Blog
  5. Numra Anis from Numra talks Makeup Blog

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  1. my answers are still pending:(

  2. Very interesting, The thing I love about winters is, that its Cold :) and i hate Mong Phali and chalghozay, I love wearing my Black Kokai Long coat, and colorful wraps and shawls, and really really miss my Long boots that i left in UK, my favorite nail color these days is a dull Orange shade, and I absolutely Luurrveee my Rouge Red lipstick, I am a pure Paindoo, so i dont drink coffee, it gives me palpitations, and I wear my signature Scent all year round, to know what it is........... wait for the earlier Tag post I am trying to write ..........

    E Hugs ..... ;)


  3. loved the post!
    will be doing more tags soon...and will obviously tag u in those too dear!

  4. Desi kudi !! Lovely post thanks for tagging honour to be on your blog :)

  5. Really cute story at the beginning :)

  6. Your childhood memories are so cute and lovely! :) Loved your answers! Family fun is the highlight of winters for me too. ;) Xx

  7. i love gajar ka halwa in winter yummmmm .. dont forget to check my fb page beautiblingz guyz there is a poll going on ...ur vote or comment will be appreciated :)

  8. wow.....loved to read this post...our likes are almost same but how can you forget to add biryani....its all time favourite dish during every season....xoxoxoxo.....:)

  9. such a nice warming post huda , love x

  10. Very interesting tag. I love Disney classics too. x

  11. ufff huda aap ney to Lahore k culture ka wo naqsha khaincha hai k mzza a gayya.Hugs to you for that.You are so talented with knitting needles masha Allah.and cooking too.Do share recipe of Kashmiri chai.Winters mai krna plzzzzzzz.After reading your post I can see that little huda curled under razai,the sensitive lil thing :) Your husband is a lucky man, masha Allah to be blessed with a talented and sensitive partner like you. <3 <3

  12. Thanks for the tag Huda ❤️
    You remind me my childhood....quilt,nuts,hugs from grani :( GOOD OLD DAYS.....!!! It was a lovely read and as we have so many things in common :) "Are you my lost sister Jo KUMBH k melay mein Kho gai thi 😉..." Hehe
    Stay blessed
    Much love xx

  13. Ahh such an interesting post after decade i am reading......all those pretty things we did in childhood and the brrrrrrrrrrrr thing is awesome~


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