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Thursday, January 16, 2014 Sparkling Palette Blog 6 Comments

Winters already here and ruling our region with all its Glory and Fury as well. With Winters come an emphasis on skin care, so SMB has decided to share with you all its trusted and tried remedies and products to cop up with this skin drying weather in "Winter Care Series". Read More to Reveal More!!!

The freezing temperatures are quite disturbing this time, but still Winters are lovable for all those family time s, sipping soups, coffees and munching on all those dry nuts. I am a Summer child so naturally tends to like Winters more, but due to many factors I can not stand the extreme weathers either it be Summers or Winters. Well nothing can be done for these so its better to accept the reality and work on the issues which needs much attention :) POSITIVISM RULES!!! lolz
Winters brings in all the delights like yummy Oranges of all type, soups, boiled eggs, hot desserts like Gajjar ka Halwa (carrot sweet), Gajraila ( carrot sweet made in milk), allot of dry nuts and fruits, mugs full of steaming coffee and cozy evenings spent hiding in the quilts or warming up in front of heaters and much more. Along comes the skin drying issues like chipping lips, cracking heels, drying and dull skin of hands and body and much more. This all is to be taken good care of otherwise the situation can become worst. So every one just stock up moisturizers, lotion, Vaselines, lip balms etc along with warm clothing. I have decided to share my Skin care routine with you of this year along with product reviews, DIY remedies, tips and tricks and Winter Outfit posts (shush!!! two of them:p). All you have to do is to sip on your favourite hot drinks and keep your eyes on all the upcoming posts on Sparkling's Makeup Blog #SMB under the label of "Winter Care".

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  1. Yayyy... all the best... I am sure it'd be great.. Wil be waiting for your tips :)

  2. Great idea .. will be waiting for your posts :)

  3. Gajjar ka halwa! <3 Well,you may share some fall food recipes too! ;) xx

  4. waiting, waiting and only waiting for the share them soon....cant wait hun.....xoxoxoxo....:D

  5. good luck dear.Waiting for the posts to come up <3


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